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January 11, 2015


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All that advice are about Writing. My main problem is reading. Im doing well at Academic but not at GT IELTS. Im wondering what is my problem and how to overcome this.

I believe the best approach is:
Think twice and say nothing!!

Ali M

anyone here ? who know the answers of last exam 10th jan in india

i strongly agree with you. Simon. the reason is that the time is limited so students do not have enough time to brainstorm before writing.

Dong Nguyen

I do feel sorry about my writing task 2
Sometimes their topic is about something, i do not familiar with,such as classic music.
I really do not know how to make a point with sth I do not know.

I also think that a lot of candidates misinterpret the question in task 2 - they answer what they think the question is asking without fully understanding the actual prompt. It is always worthwhile to spend a little time making sure you understand the question before you start brainstorming.

Hi Simon,
I have a problem in number of words usually being less than 250 words. Can you help me??

Hey Simon, what about the anwers for such questions? where we cand them? thank you

Hi Simon,

Thanks you for your free posts that are very helpful. I would like to ask how writing task 2 differs in general and academic writing? Can I use academic question while preparing for that part?

Dear Simon and friends,
thanks a lot for this very uesful website, this is exactly my case i did IELTS test twice just because of lower score in writing. my problem is that i hate writing , my question is how do you think i can improve my skills in developing my ideas? and if i depend on Simon's ebook will be enough?

thank you

Hi Simon,

I'm wondering if you could write an essay about the question below (I got this from Cambridge I test 4)

"The idea of having a single career is becoming an old fashioned one. the new fashion mil be to have several careers or ways of earning money and further education will be something that continues throughout life."


I have 3 questions!
1) How is the total score in writting calculated for both Task1 and Task2?
2) Can you get half scores (5.5, 6.5,7,5) in one of th four criteria (Task Response, Coherence and Cohesion, Lexical resource and Grammatical Range and Accuracy) or you get only whole marks?
3) If you average 6.25 or 6.75 what is your final score?
For example

Task Achievement 7
Coherence & Cohesion 6
Vocabulary 6
Grammar 6

Average = 6.25

Thank you!

Personally i don't believe to british council honesty. I was preparing for academic test, but i took general, because academic was not needed. So test after test i was improving my english language skills and my average results were 7 - 8 in academic reading. When i finally came to exam i was surprised that reading test was so simple! However my exam score was only 6 in general!!! This is totally bullshit, and i'm quite sure, that bc are cheater and liers. Nobody is controlling what they are doing.

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