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January 17, 2015


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thank you so much Simon. I do care about this.

i usually do this thing in my essay which is really similar to your ideas Simon. !!!

"if you write a mix of short and long sentences, you'll probably fulfill the 'wide range of structures' requirement without realising it."

ak. can you post a topic essay for each week? . then we can focus on it and write about it. thank you and have a nice day.

Dong Nguyen

While I generally agree with this, it is important to have some degree of subordination in writing. However, we want some complex writing but not 'complicated' writing. 'Complex' structures are actually easy to do - as soon as you use words like 'although' 'when' 'if' or 'which' for example, this is by definition, 'complex'.

My advice: have only two or three 'complex' structures that you aim to use in every essay if possible, so you learn to use them accurately, and for the rest of the essay keep it clear and simple. That way you 'force' the examiner to tick both the accuracy and the variety requirements.

Hi Simon,

That is an excellent tip which I already have been dealing with how to explain it. I always say the way in which teach is great. Instead of making students with some difficult rules you try to make students get the point.


hi simon

thanks for your great job.last few days I learned a lot from your discussions.however would you mind to discuss "Fatherhood ought to be emphasized as much as motherhood. The idea that women are solely responsible for deciding whether or not to have babies leads on to the idea that they are also responsible for bringing the children up."
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

and to improve writing skills and ideas what materials should I use?


Hi simon, there was a question in today's listening. Can you please help us?
Telephone conversation about to rent an apartment
A: what date you can move on??
B: as early as possible
A: this is october. So I will put down 1st of november.
Question is: date......( number or a word only)
Answer will be 1st or 1st November????

Hi everyone,

My writing task 2 in today' s test is:
Fewer people choose to walk these days although walking is healthy. Why people walk less? How can you change this?

Writing task1 is :
Four pie charts regarding clothing import to USA and Japan in 1995 and 2000.

Speaking part two is:
Describe a thing that you going to buy in the future ( what is it? What does it look like? How long you are going to use?....)

Thank you very much for your precious advice. This tip is definitely what I am looking for. Since, I always try to use complicated sentences to get high score but I always fail to get it. Now, just combine bwt short and long sentence is enough. Wish all the best to you.

I personally think native English phrases are more important than complex sentences in terms of aiming a higher score, providing you do not use the same sentence structure throughout your writing. I always go through Simon's eBook where it is full of native phrases and ideas before my tests. It also helps with my speaking test because topics are exchangeable between writing and speaking. Unfortunately, I could not brainstorm the advantages of advertisements mentioned in Simon's eBook during my speaking test yesterday because I was totally worn out at the end of the test.

Well, in deed, just as Simon mentioned in this lesson for Grammar Advice, it may be time-consuming and you can be at risk of writing incorrect sentences if you focus too much on the "wide range" of structures or the complex structures, I mean. In fact, yesterday I also took the IELTS test, and in Writing section, I was just be able to think about writing both short and long sentences in combination with some clear connectives. That means I focused most on ideas and coherence - cohesion. Thanks to Simon's lessons, I somehow managed to write completely both tasks yesterday without so much difficulty in worrying about the structures or something related to grammar like that. This helped me to ensure that the errors in my sentences were minor, or nonexistent. I hope that my writing won't cause troubles for the examiner when checking the organisation and mistakes in my essay.

About Speaking, hi Jing, I just want to say that if I were you, I would be panic when talking about advertisements even it is one of the major topics in Simon's e-book! So, I hope your results will be okay! Well, in my part 2, I had to describe something I borrowed from my friend or family, and in part 3 it was about Borrowing things and Asking something back; hence, it was quite strange to me. But since there were no perfect answers as Simon has mentioned, so I tried to speak while adding examples and experiences, which helped me to extent my answers for longer. However, Speaking is always the skill that I have little confidence so it is so easy to be nervous and panic. Hopefully that the result won't be too bad ...

By the way, thank all you guys here for sharing information about your recent test days!! Wish you guys a nice weekend and a good start of the upcoming week!!
Finally, thank you Simon for your daily lessons! I have received many helpful advices from your website as well as your video lessons. Hope that everything will turn out to be okay! When I get the result at the end of this month, I will definitely share it here!!
Looking forward to your next lessons.

Health experts claim that walking is one of the best ways to keep good health,but less and less people walking in daily life.What are the reason and how to encourage people to walk more?

Over the recent years many study has shown that walking often is one of the best things which people could do to improve their health,however, nowadays people walk less than ever before.This essay will look at some reasons of decrease in walking habits among people and will suggest some measures how to stimulate people to walk more.

On one hand,the main reason why people walking less could be linked to the human's dependency on rapidly resources such as cars.In the last two decades the world has seen an enormous development in the car industry.The advancement of the car industry has changed the way people live and walk.Furthermore,many countries are a car countries,because walking has come to be widely viewed as a slow,tiresome,old-fashioned way to get around.For example,people now drive to work,drive to the grocery store,drive children to school instead of walking by foot.They seem to be dependent on the car and do not have time for a walk.

On the other hand,people could be stimulate to walk on several ways.Firstly,councils need to provide safe and accessible pedestrian facilities to accommodate all pedestrians,including those with mobility difficulties.Because,people need to feel that walking is a safe and pleasant way to get from home to shop,from work to shop or from cinema to home.If walking feel like a dangerous activity,as they very often do now,no one want to walk.
Secondly,every parents should be role models and encourage children for walking.For example,if parents go to walk every day,their children are sure to follow parents.Something as simple as a walk in the morning oe evening is enough to impact a children or push them to stay active and walk.

In conclusion,while many health professionals argue that the best way for living healthy life is walking more often,however,I think that less and less people choose to walk as their daily facility and I also think that governments as well as parents could encourage and promote walking.

If someone could check my essay i would be very grateful for that:)

Hi Uma, I had the same question. And I wrote a general introduction then my 1st paragraph I wrote 3 reasons why people walk less nowadays by using firstly, secondly and finally. Then the second paragraph I wrote the remedies to encourage people to walk. That also suggested 3 measures using firstly secondly and finally. Then a short conclusion. Lets see how it worked out.

@ns I did not take exam yet,I just practice. I will take it in March.

Hi Dao Quang Duc,

Thank you. I hope you will get the score you want too.

thank you simon

17 Jan, Sydney, Wriring task 2.
Some people think that the amount of noise that people make have to be controlled strictly.Others say that people are free to make as much noise as they want.Discuss.

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