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January 30, 2015


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Hey, I have difficulties with the recent question Describe a beautiful or handsome person you've met, as I never judge people by appearence but by their personal qualities. Someone give me some ideas please!
Don't like to lie actually too, agree with Simon that is not so easy and it may give bad feelings.

Hi Ann,

I don't think you should meet Brad Pitt in order to answer this question. You can talk about a member of your family, relatives. I think IELTS takers should direct the question towards those questions which already know their answer. Examiners don't exam our honesty or how smart our answers are, as long as you cover the question is enough.
Regarding your ideas that you don't judge people by their appearance, you can tell this to the examiner that you consider someone who behaves well handsome.

I am going to talk about a project that I worked on when I was a teenager. It was a scientific project about healthy food, especially "BIO" products. However, I had a real difficulties because of the lack of articles, researches and resources about this subject in 1998. But the great thing was the feeling when the project was ended and my teacher was proud of me.

During my college days i worked as a developer in this project named called postal email services.In this project we have 8 members.each member has different positions.My role was send emails to one location to another.we did this project in a given time.IT was wonder full experience to work with all my friends this was my first live project.I had a wonderful experience similarly where we get the office environment.Some times i faced difficulties to do the project at that time my tutors were very helpful.

i would like to talk about a project which was about organizing an event for Diabetes day. we were five members. the duties evenly distributed on members. my role was to build up a model shows the disease's risk factors. i was very hard but interesting at the same time specially the working with other team member, our leader was very cooperative and encouraging which gives us a motivation till the end of the project.

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If you want practice with me,please add me.
Tnx so much simon

I am going to talk about one of the most influential activities in my life .this was when I had been chosen to be a member of organising committee of conference held by the hospital in collaboration with International society. My role was to communicate with the speakers all over the world by different means such as emails, cellphones, etc, and answer their questions , receive their articles.at the beginning it was so hard for me but after a while I start to adapt and manage By the good cooperation of the team members and excellent leadership. It was a very successful event, all participants appreciated my effort

Is there any other way to start your speaking besides "I am going to talk about" lol It is a silly question sorry !!

I finished a project named XSW, It is a research project about high-performance computing in biology field. During the 2013 summer vacation, I worked with my partner, a post-graduated student in my laboratory, we implement a new algorithm on a new hardware architecture. It is not a easy job for us, we took about 2 months to do it. Finally, we implement it successfully, we published a paper in that field in April 2014.

Hi Ann,

As ++ielts has suggested..1- we can steer our conversation to the questions that we can talk about more confidently.

2- the question u have asked: for e.g , we could talk more about that person's personality , the way he/ she talks or carries him/herself, his/ hers great attitude , politeness, then something about the dress code- simplicity, glamorous, fashionable etc etc

We can certainly mention features like " a soft gentle smile XX has" , but I think it won't be a good idea to describe his/ hers appearance or attributes more poetically ( lols). It may sound a bit SENSATIONAL, and we may end up in a funny situation especially if we ran out of vocabulary or ideas to go along with that theme ( lolzz again). This is how I think about it, and of course this is not an expert ( examiner's) opinion.

++IELTS++, Atif
Thank you guys, I'm done today. Got the question I hadn't prepared, went blank at first, then shifted it all to my professional field, where I'm confident. The examiner seemed very pleased with me. Will see!

Good luck, Ann !

I've also faced with this kind of question in my previous speaking test... I also had to make up a story and i found it difficult to say lie simultaneously as I also had to consider about the appropriate vocabularies for my answer..

Let's try to adapt with any environment!

I would like to talk about the project "charity day" when I was a pupil.
When I was a pupil at primary school, this project is very common action of my generation. It's a team job, so my team included 5 members.
Our mission's collecting the clothes, book and paper or even money to help other disabled people.
The mission was quite touch, so we had to make it public to searching for the help of other local communities.
So for three days, we had managed to receive money and other donated things and support it for miserable young children.
We saw this project as one of the first step to make the life better at that time. Until now it I still feel satisfy with some kinds of actions like this.

Thank you for reading my comments!
Your sincerely

Though I am now just a freshman,I had a teamwork experience lately.Our college held the chorus contest in order to improve our relationship with each other.We practiced it diligently so that we could get ahead of the curve and win the prize.The common goal really did make us know each other well ; besides,there was much laughter in the class when we were singing.The atmosphere united us all together;somehow,I felt like each of us was a warrior secretly having a plan to launch a war and attack our enemies.
Unfortunately,we failed because of the pianist missing notes and becoming nervous.The tempo isn't on the right pace. However,instead of blaming on her,we eased her up since she was already deeply self-blamed.Finally,what we care most is not the prize,but the tightness of our heart with each other and the unforgettable experience in our first college year.

i got this question recently on the ielts but i focused on the person's inner beauty and i explained that is it okay? and will it affect my grade????? please help

hey simon,
that you so much for your lessons was they are really very helpful for student who are going to write ielts.
and i would just like to ask one question, as i have done my speaking test today, i didn't do good in the starting stage and from 2 minutes question i have done well. i am so worried about this speaking test, will it be a problem in that marking.
and i have seen he is writing while he is asking questions he wrote
2.80, 5.42, 6.42, 12.80
i didn't get what does it mean? are they going to give the average mark to my speaking test?
please help me in this

I just lied in my part two ielts just now.The question is about an important talk with a person.What happen if i got caught lying to the examiner?

Hi Simon! Thanks for helping me out, but I'm confused if it is okay to mention an obvious, blatant, clear as day type of lie. Like, ie. There are dragons from where I come or I saw dragon bones at the local museum? Or that I'm 10 feet tall... something like that?

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