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January 23, 2015


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I wanted to say thank you as I got L8.5 R9 W8.5 and S8 overall of 8.5 in Australia. I only studied your weblog a bit + some other videos on Youtube.


@ Pantheia
Wooooww, congratulations..Perfect results friend...

Thanks teacher,
Simple but comprehensive answers...

That is so great, Pantheia! Congratulations on your perfect score!!
Especially in Reading and Writing :D Thank you for sharing the result!!

thank you Simon. Have a nice day.

Hi simon,

I want to thank you for your great work and guidance to students like me. this was my sixth attempt. I scored L 7.5 R 7.0 W 7.0 S 7.0
overall 7.0, and my test center was Perth.

All the credit goes to you Simon...
Thank you once again... for motivating students like me not to give up....


Thank you for this

Hello Pantheia,
Congratulations on scoring a "dream score". An incredible job out there. I think everyone would be thinking how you did this and which attempt was this one. May be you can share your strategies and what you learned from your previous attempts, in case you had. It will be helpful to everyone following this commendable blog. Your suggestions are likely to make differences to everyone's effort and results. Congratulations once again.

Congratulations, how can i reach this level ? my dream and future paused because of this exam . if some one can help this is my Skype : wallada.wallada

I always enjoy reading your answers. I thought it's only me who forgets :)

Hi Hemalatha,
Unbelievable, sixth attempt ???!!!! Congratulation! I have experienced twice exams, the third exam is going next week.
You inspired me so much. Thank you ^^ and good luck for me. My aim is 7.0 overall =.= I did 6.5 overall last time. So difficult for me >"<

Hi pantheia,- Id like to ask you some questions regarding ielts preparation. If you dont mind i put my email here to contact me.


Wow..Pantheia..such an extraordinary score...you must put a lot of effort in it..congratulations.
Rome can never be built in one day..I believe preparing IELTS is a long journey...
BTW,this lesson is exactly the questions I came across last time..

Woww Pantheia
wonderful score.I have given IELTS thrice n got 8 in all except speaking.Now I have to give IELTS again..But can't muster courage to appear again.Whenevr I try to sit for Speaking practice i jst feel like runnin away.I am a teacher by profession and want to work in australia..Need 8 in speaking..wud b grt if u can share r experience..

Please help me simon I gave the exam of ielts three time but I got the scores l4.5 r5 w5 s4 overall 4.5 but want to 5.5 each module please give me suggestions this problem

Hi Simon, i wonder if it's mandatory to have some structures of an introduction and 2 bodies, or we can write another way too... ANd do we need a striking point as usual? If yes, where should it be?

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