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January 02, 2015


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My long-term goal is to pursue my postgraduate study in order to get a Master's degree from a well-known university. In this regard, I'd like to do it as soon as possible. I know it takes a great deal of patience and luck after filling in the online application. Also, I need to be ready for this target beforehand by getting a higher score of IELTS. Anyway, I'm quite sure that doing the Master will help me broaden my horizons in terms of my academic field, and it'll give me the opportunity to work as a researcher later on.

Ali M

-My main goal is to assign as a doctor in Australia, and I do my best to achieve this goal.

-In regard to how long it may take, I can say that it depends on how prepared I am. The most important factor is the my language proficiency and my ability to communicate with others. This means that I require a high score in my IELTS test at the first place. After having this score it takes between 3 to 5 years to be registered as a MD in Australia, based on the kind of specialty, my progress and how good I pass other two exams.

-Along with the prove of Language proficiency, there are also some clinical skills and abilities that I need to have for practice as a physician in Australia. During these 3 to 5 years other exams may be needed in order to assess those skills, before I would be officially registered there and be eligible for independent practice.

- This is extremely important to me reaching this aim, because I devoted a big part of my life to be where I am now. This took me about 8 years of studying and more than 10 years practice in this field. I can say this is the only thing that I am really good at it, and I am pretty sure I will attain this goal.

nice question

Happy new year to you too! :)

the most important goal that i want to achieve is to get phd in banking science

as long as i hope to achieve this goal as soon as possible by hard working and applying my self to skills development

there are many things that i need to reach my goal . firstly i have to improve my english skills especially in ielts and gmat . secondly, i must keep update in finance news around the world and banking researches by scholars .finally , 5 years of exams may be needed in order to assess those skills, before I would be officially a doctor in banking science

I'm quite sure that reaching this aim by doing the Master and phd full time courses will help me to broaden my horizons in my academic field, and it'll give me the opportunity to work as a researcher later on.

This year is very important for me, as I have started my final year of medical studies, and shall be becoming a doctor by the end of this year, which is one of the most important goals of my life. It is a year of more hard-work and devotion for me, and I have become more serious towards my studies. The achievement of this goal is the first step toward my ultimate goal, which is to serve humanity; to do something to make this earth a better place to live on.

Hi Simon,just want to say thank you. Finally, I got desired IELTS results with the help of your website.

My utmost wish is to see myself among the top Pharmacists of Britain & in order to fulfill that dream, the goal is to get admission in the course named OSPAP which is the preliminary step towards my aim.
i have to go through many tracks before reaching the final destination & i m pretty hopeful to achieve those requirements in near future. Although the steps are hard but i m looking forward to them. So it may take a few months.The admission requirements are numerous including the top most "language proficiency certificate" visa procedures & much more on the list.
i need to chase my goal as early as possible because i have been striving for it since last year & now i m tired so need to attain that level immediately.
my dreams & ultimate destination means a lot to me . i have struggled hard to reach that position in my country & now focusing to make my name in another country so my AIM has special place in my life, in fact its like a driving force for me towards the success.

My goal is becoming a successful businesswomen. I would like to open my own company doing business about export and import session. Particularly, I would like to use my chinese and english languge skill to deal with other companies.
I think I will achieve my goal in the next 5 years if it's possible.
First of all, I have to get a high score from IELTS exam in order to apply scolarship of China government to study master degree of international business. Secondly when I have a great knowledge for doing business, I can start my own business that will be supported by family in the first session. After that when my company get much more profit, I can own company by myself.
This goal is very important to me, because it is my dream and I will do my best to make my dream come true and make my parent proud of me.

Thanks for sharing guys. I'll use some of your sentences in next week's lesson.

Congratulations Jasmine!

Hiii .. simon sir , I have a stammering problem for speaking , also in my national language . So my question is 1) cn I loose my band for fluency ???
2) what should I do before exam ???

Sir plz help me I took a date 31st january nw what should I do ??

Well,when I think about my goal nothing but getting in to my profession comes always very first. I have been trying to become a registered nurse in UK since the day I landed here. But, due to the language exam,which is still holding me back from my goal I still only be a carer. I hope I will be able to achieve my dream goal soon as I have taken some good decisions to practice very well and to write exams more often until I reach my goal. And I am hoping this year will bring me success in my career. To become a registered nurse is very important for my life because I have spent over 4 years continuously only for my studies and I always wanted to be a nurse from my childhood onwards. My parents spent an enormous amount of money out from their low wage income to support me. Hence I always think it is very essential for me to achieve my goal and I am always praying for it.


You should speak to your test centre administrator about your stammering problem before your test. Go to the centre to speak to them as soon as you can. Then the issue can be taken into account by the examiner.

if some one looking for practice speaking please feel free to contact with me on Skype
I hope I can hunt 7 each section
thanks simon

On 4th January 2015, My friend gave the ielts speaking exam at New Delhi India.
Cue Card--

The place you have visited for a short of while but you want to visit it again.

Some other questions that How often the guests are visiting your home how you mange them?

I will also give the exam on 6th January 2015 So can any one tell me the asked questions before it?

Plz sir help me in speaking becz saturday is my exam

Sir, i want to get 7 band in speaking plz you give me any advice abot w,r,l,s please sir


im also pharmacist strughling to get registration in britain .

you can add me at skype ..
my i.d is


My goal in life is to have a fullfilling job as a registered nurse here in the USA. Though I know that the economy here is under retrogression I'm not losing hope and I want to attain this goal as soon as possible. But before that I need to pass this English Proficiency test in order to get a visa screen certificate which is needed in visa application, secondly, I need to renew my licenses like basic life support, advanced cardiac life support and professional license to be able to get an employer that is willing to sponsor my permanent residency visa. Lastly, I need to review my knowledge and skill in providing safe nursing care because it's been 2 years already since I quit my nursing job. Its very important for me to attain this goal because I have a son who is growing so fast with a growing expenses. I also have a family in my own country that needs financial help and i want to support them.

I need 7 band, what should have to do get 7 band? Give some tips for same

My main goal to get a postdoc position in USA. In this regard, I have to get a high impact factor paper and a good english skills to order to get the job. I think I can learn a lot of things from my research in USA. Especially, my children can live in condition life.

An aim in life makes your life interesting and challenging too and in my life the aim to go overseas never let me sleep.

I have a strong intuition that i will be able to make this dream true by the end of this year because it is the procedure of around 4-6 months.

well, there are various ways and requirements to migrate foreign.However, I would prefer going there on the basis of my professional experience and capability. it is known as work visa in my country and i need to get my profile ready enclosing my educational credentials with experience proof and it might include my financial details too.Thus IT sounds a bit time consuming or herculean task.

Going oversea can completely transform my life. i feel it can prove a milestone in my professional life and add a new amazing chapter in my life.Thus, This aim is quite important for me.

My goal in this year is to be got an working holiday visa from Australia.If I am succeed to apply this visa, I will stay in Australia for at least one year to start my international business career.
This kind of work permit will probably open for apply on-line on the first of July,when I suppose to engage.
There were not so many paper works need to prepare, but every material need me pay attention to,such as IELTS score and proof of income.The Australia immigration apartment need the visa holder have a prime English speaking ability to find a job.For the proof of income,they want to make sure that visitors like us,carry enough money to pay the basic life cost in their country.To submit those materials,I study English and do part-time jobs at whole of the spring this year.

My goal is to go back in our country for good and will have a business.
I hope that I could be able to do this as soon as possible.
Being a Domestic Helper in a foreign country is a hard task with the fact that I have finished my degree. I have to ate my pride from the place that I've been. I have to be blind and deaf from mocking me behind. And worst is when you are unfortunately hired by a heartless employer. But then, in order fo me to fulfill this goal, "PATIENCE" is my best Armor.
My goal is very important for me because I really like to help the people around me who are unemployed and to to be with my family always.

Hi! Can you help me how to improve my grammar. I'm still having a problem in my speaking. I know it won't be easy. I want the 6.5 over all band.

Hi Sir Simon. ! Could you please give me a score for my grammar here? Thank you

Brief Introduction: It is undoubtedly true that people need to make a future aim in order to succeed in life.
What is the aim: From my childhood, I always wanted to be an engineer. That is why I have graduated in Electrical engineering. But, I need to get an international degree on my engineering field what I am thinking to get from Australia. Hence, I would like to pursue Masters and PhD afterward there.
When: Well, Initially I have completed some steps to make my dream come true. The one important thing remaining is my IELTS score which is why I am here today. I guess, after getting my IELTS score I will go there within few months. Therefore, I nowadays I am working against the clock
What needed: As I was saying , I have to show them a good IELTS score and good academic result to get admitted at any prominent university in Australia.
Why Important:As I mentioned previously, Its my dream to achieve a recognition as an Engineer, and going to Australia will help me to reach my goal.

I set out this year's resolutions. They include getting even a higher band in IELTS exam, the remaining task that I've been planned is to apply for a promotion at my current job or find another more decent job in case my promotion will not being approved. In particular, I steadily stick to my plan as follow : For the first mission, as an experienced student in IELTS exam, I'm now more confident about the next exam. Every week days, I divide this studying task into many sub-tasks like monday for reading, tuesday for listening and respectively the rest spreading for other days of the week. So that Im pretty sure that with this progress, I certainly will get a higher band by the end of this year. And the second mission will be a bit harder, it requires a certain skill to ask for an income adjustment. It also needs a clear plan whether how I give nice speech to my director or by write her an email. But I strongly believe during the past two year of hard-working along with tirelessly efforts, it gotta be solved. However, I also have a plan B. I think everyone deserved a better life with endless self-improvement. In case of my company can not meet my needs because of company's financial problem or other reasons, perhaps I will find another employment to economically improve my life. With my two growing-up daughters and one of them is ready to attend school, it takes much more expenses to cover.Above are my plan for this year.

My goal is the study master programme in Germany .I’d like to achieve it next year .there are many thing that I need to achieve .Firstly ,I need to get high score in ielts exam to be able to apply for well-known university and also waiting admission letter of university to get study visa from German embassy .visa usually take some time to get ..I would like to study abroad in Germany as it’s perfect country for study ,work and living there .i think my career prospect would be good and all my dreams would come true if I traveled there .

Everyone in this life has an aim. Without a real aim, we can lose an important outgoing that makes our life challenge.
Personally, I have a lot of aims, If you ask me about my professional aim, I will tell you, without any reflexion : I want to be a good sales manager during this year, actually I work in a company selling medical equipments, I can't ignore that is very difficult to adapt my strategy to a field like that because it requires a lot of knowledges about anatomy physiology and also pathology. But I believe that difficult doesn't mean impossible, I have to work hard with a clear plan to achieve my goal.

Hello sir i want to talk with in English because I give exams of ielts to 30may in 2O15 please sir help me to improve my English

helo sir in this topic cn i speak about fashion designer or beautician...like i want to become famous fashion designer is it ok because m little bit confuse cn u tell me plz

Some of my friends wanted to become engineer, doctor or dentist but my golden aim in life is to make my parents feel proud of me,To make my nation feel proud of me, To make my religion feel proud of me.
This is meaning of true life to sacrifice your self for those whom u love the most.
Always remember the happiness you get by your proud parents is the best goal you can achieve.

Hello How can i get 8 Bands in IELTS. My exam is on 15 sep .. Can u plz me

Very useful if you have any what's app group for preparing kindly add my number 7639026458

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