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January 31, 2015


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well. i think sentence two is much more better than sentence one. because it is simple but the structure is better.for me i prefer using sentence two.

Dong Nguyen

I can completely understand the reason behind this wackiness.
I'm afraid one day I'll be doing the same. Thanks to our "dear, sweet Ielts."

Hi guys,
I m new at here. Can any one send some materials of ielts
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Where you from, Aysha?
What materials do you want?
Also your e-mail is needed.

Hi sergei,
I am looking for some practice tests you can massage me on whatsapp
I m from india

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Dear Simon,

Is it impossible to get band 7 in speaking if I have not answered questions fully in part 3 despite very good performance in the other two parts? Thank you

I am very disappointed with my test result. I have got band 7 in writing and speaking for my last 3 attempts one year ago (with 7.5 once). Now I got 6.5 despite one year hard work on English.

I feel taking IELTS test is like buying a lottery, and the chance of winning is very small and randomized. I totally lose confidence in learning English and feel angry with the test. Does the test really reflect the real level of English? I think the test is very much topic dependent? I wonder if anyone has the same feeling as me?

Jing - I'm sure there must be many candidates who feel like this, and I am certainly one of them. It is very much a hit -and-miss affair.

It vey much depends on our performance on " the day" , which of course includes the topics we get , the examiner we face.

I believe, Luck Factor really really plays its part. When we will be Lucky enough we will surely be able to prepare and then perform at our best in all 4s.

Atif, thank you for your kind words and empathy.

Thanks for appreciating JING , we all "the Ielts victims " can understand each other's situation very well. can't we?

Well, Simon Sir, thanks for your kind reminders. I hope that should help the ppl who are going astray and FOCUSING ON SHOWCASING the vocabulary. Sir, I've noticed that some of them have become quite adamant about it, although they know that it may sound unnatural, artificial, and when they communicate with native friends they raise their concerns too.
I hope they won't be heading for the CRASH again.
We all must heed this advice...oooooops ;)

Thank you very very much for your great reminders which are always useful for your students Sir !

I'm very much disappointed to know your sorrow.Hope you would overcome it and again pay attention to your regular study.

plz help me !!!

What does OUT OF mean?
because of / no more available

out of danger = no more danger/ because of danger

Afrin, thank you for your kind words.

Atif, you have really good vocabulary. My memory fails me all the time.

Thank you once again, JING !

Jesse... because of OR no more available ( depletion of something ) . It depends on the context.
Out of danger sounds to me as no more danger or away from the danger.

Hi jing,
Don't be disheartened. I also took ielts 4 times and my speaking results vary each time 8 ,7 ,7 ,6.5.So don't worry just keep trying. My weakness is writing.
Keep it up.

Dear Simon,
I got result recently. I got 7.5 in all components apart from speaking where i scored 7. Overall band I achieved is 7.5. I really want to thank you for your work available online. It has helped myself to understand the necessary skills to get higher band. I'm so much happy that I finally achieved a success in IELTS. Guys out there I agree this exam is not something you really enjoy doing it. It does require bit of hard work and patience. One must master the skills to get higher band in all components. Don't lose hope. You will clear it.

I always scored less in reading, however, this time I followed few reading tips available on this website, has helped me to get 7.5. Also, Simon's writing tasks certainly helped me to get to know how to score more without wasting time in writing about unnecessary ideas.Good luck everyone..

Hi Alp,

It's great to know that you have got Band 7.5. Could you please share the techniques that you tried for all the parts of Ielts. I am having my exam on 28th Feb and I'm a bit weak in spakign and writing.

I'm new to this website and been following the posts by simon for the past 1 week.

Your help will be valued a lot.
My Mail id is rnaveenbe@gmail.com

Hi Naveen
Everyone struggles in the speaking and writing. But your time is running out. Learn some patterns that you can rely on during the exam. You'll be nervous, so it might help to be able to fall back on some good patterns.

Hi Naveen, to be honest with you I was practicing speaking all the time. when I was home I used to record myself on either laptop/mobile whilst speaking. This has made me more confident. There are numerous speaking topic available on various websites. Pick few and practice alone or with friends.

For writing, I would say read as many pre-prepared answers as you can to make yourself aware of writing pattern. Also, you have to try yourself some topics everyday.I practiced task 1 and 2 for at least two weeks before exam.

In listening,particularly for mcq, I liked to make a quick note of conversation (even if I got answers). This helped me to double check my answers. I know its bit too much work but I always practiced that so I managed to do it in the exam.

hope it will help. keep practicing and you will find your own best technique to excel
good luck

I need of ur help. ...how can improve mine ielts skills.. .

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