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January 22, 2015


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Can you see why we need to add words when writing full sentences?

well, i think that we add words in writing, it makes longer sentences and may make the examiner feel more complex, detailed....

thank you Simon.

HI, Simon

Could you mind explaining the meaning of below sentence which comes from lyrics of a song-Don't cry for me Argentina

"she's dressed up to the nines at sixes and sevens with you"

Thank you

"Nuclear" and "Thermal" are Adjectives and need to describe a Noun.

Dear Mr Simon,
I got this question from Book - Cambridge Ielts Test 10
I found that it is really hard for me to find out the second common point for the overview paragraph (the first one is the increase trend). So, Could you please give me some ideas for the second point?.
In detail paragraphs, I am going to write from 1987 to 1993 for the first paragraph and from 1995 to 1999 for the second one. Do you think that is ok?
Thank you so much!

Dear Simon,

"You feel yourselves more comfortable in where you are and on what you do."

Is it a correct sentence?

Thank you in advance.

Dear Simon,
What is the difference between ('s) and (s')?
Thank you

- Nuclear was 30% of energy used.
In my opinion, nuclear power and thermal power are two kinds of resources that are used to produce energy. We cannot use raw materials but finished products.
=> Nuclear power was used to produce 30% of the country's energy.

- Thermal produced 20% of energy used.
Thermal itself cannot produce energy but the thermal power plants.
=> Thermal power stations produced 20% of the energy used in... (year / country).

Thanks for your contribution

Hi nam,
May be you can divide the time period in two parts. In the first part the trend is upward but steady and slight changes have occurred in the first six years. In the second part the trend is more dramatic and pattern is like an increase of ownership of 1000 vehicles every two years.
I agree with you that the graph seems very simple but when it comes to reporting and writing, it's a bit tricky.


I asked:

"Can you see why we need to add words when writing full sentences?"

The simple answer came from Aria:

"Nuclear" and "Thermal" are adjectives and need to describe a noun (e.g. thermal POWER).

Hello Paul,
to dress up to the nines means to dress up smartly and glamorously.
whereas sixes and sevens means to be in a state of full confusion or disorder.
i hope this helps.

Thank you

Thanks Simon,
You are really great and your site is greatly helpful.

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