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January 07, 2015


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Hello Sir,
Your efforts are truly appreciable and you are doing a great job. I wanted to know your view regarding a task 2 topic which is "There are fewer and fewer employment opportunities for the graduates entering the job market and this will have serious implications on the higher education. How far do you agree of disagree?"
What shall I write in this essay? Does it talks of effects on post graduation or does it says that both graduates and post graduates don't get a job? Kindly answer my query.

Thanking you,

thanks simon.. great job!!

Some people argue that it is pointless to spend money on the protection of wild animals because humans have no need of them. I deplore with this point of view.

It is completely understandable that wild animals have no right to live on the earth as humans do.Prominently, it is not our job to decide who can live or cannot live.Secondly,they have their place in ecosystem because it must be halted due to extinction of species.To cite an epitome, food chain will be disrupted.Finally, variety on the earth is utmost necessary because we can do entertainment in the wild area of the zoo and can also know about creatures of the GOD. Moreover, it is beneficial for the Government to collect money from the local and foreign visitors.

In my opinion, money spent on wild animals not at all a waste.They are very useful to us because scientists do experiments on animals and make new medicines, which are useful for us but sometimes, medicines leave lethal affects on animals.So, it is the moral duty of human beings to take care of good companions of ourselves.Last but not least, these animals are beneficial for study of evolution.For instance, scientists create new breeds of animals with the help of theories and usually new breeds are giving enormous benefits to us.
In conclusion, it seems to me that human beings have no right to decide that which specie can live on the earth? We should do everything to protect them for our posterity's welfare.

can you tell me what's a band score for this one? and what are the mistakes?

Good job Simon.....

Thank you simon. Best job....

What i learned from this essay:
completely disagree with
encourage the extinction of any species
encourage: to make something more likely to exist, happen, or develop:
Violent TV programmes encourage anti-social behaviour.

compelling reason
feed or accommodate the world's population
the protection of wild animals/ natural habitats
rainforests produce oxygen,
absord carbon dioxide and stabilise the Earth's climate

the resulting changes to our planet
do everything we can to ...
Thanks, Simon. ^_^

Hi Simon,
I'm wondering how you can come up with such brilliant ideas because I'm struggling with brainstorming new ideas for each of my essays.
Could you suggest some solutions to this problem?
Thank you!

Hi Simon & all, can we separate this sentence below into 2 sentences ? bz I'm a bit confused about that.

I do not believe that planet Earth exists only for the benefit of humans, and there is nothing special about this particular century that means that we suddenly have the right to allow or encourage the extinction of any species.

=> I do not believe that planet Earth exists only for the benefit of humans, and there is nothing special about this particular century. We also have no right to allow or encourage the extinction of any species.

are these two sentences' meanings the same ?

tks all.

Hey Simon!

Just a small question, i am taking my test on Saturday.. and i had a short time to train for the test (2 weeks) i am asking for a help on the structure of the Opinion essay, so basically you insert a Topic statement and a Thesis in the introduction (not forgetting to mention your opinion), after that you just put 2 body paragraphs that you include a reason in each one of them? i mean like 1 reason for paragraph 1 and another reason for paragraph 2 then in the conclusion you just paraphrase the Introduction you just provided?

Also i am looking to write a complete agree/disagree essay as i didn't have enough time to go in deep for the "partly-agree" one i am really nervous and frustrated.

looking for your prompt response :)

Hi minhanh,
Before Simon answer your question, I think that you can improve step by step by "reading around" about general topics first, to get a grasp of some important topic languages, as Simon has mentioned in his e-book introduction. If you have done this, then you can practise doing the task 2 by brainstorming anything you can think of. And Simon also said, there is no "good" or "bad" idea, the important thing here is how you can use your topic language effectively to express your ideas. Just write down anything relevant that you think you can mention for the topic of the essays, then make orders for those ideas. Then use some structures with connectives to link all your ideas together. Don't be afraid that you are writing a bad essay; as long as you have your own ideas, that will be fine. The problem now is just, again, about the "topic language" :)
I am also frightened while thinking about writing an essays in 40 minutes while being put under pressure in the examination. So maybe I understand your feeling (and we are both Vietnamese, too, right :D). But because of the fact that we need to write with "at least" some confidence on the test day, so you should believe in your ideas, and practise expressing them in a proper way, which fits the style of an academic writing for the IELTS.
Follow Simon's advice on the planning of Writing task 2 is extremely useful, too!
Good luck to you on your training!

P/s: Will you take your IELTS exam soon?

Hi Simon
I'm a little confused about the words "have no place". Do they mean wild animals will no longer exist or they play no role in human life?

I second " minhanh"!!!!!
The other day , I was looking at Simon's essay about " happiness", how beautifully he has concluded the whole theme in just those two paragraphs!! Same is true for this essay!!!!
Well, I'm sure I can never write essays as good as are his. It seems it's more about Simon's writing SKILLS( precise and mature).
I will keep trying and one day I might become a good writer( which seems unlikely) and then I would definitely like to challenge my dear teacher( Simon)....lolzzzzz


I think, these 2 sentences are not quite the same in terms of their meanings.

1-The first one explains that there isn't anything in this century that SUDDENLY( automatically/ inherently) gives us the right to kill animals....

2-Whereas in the second sentence: " we also have no right to allow...." , it seems a completely separate sentence i.e it doesn't seem to relate or explain anything mentioned in the previous sentence( the importance or relation of this century as a reason to allow animals become extinct)

Hello again Mr. Simon,
i am so sorry for asking 2 questions at once but another thing i'd like to talk about is that do the examiners like look how good is the reason u provide? is it correct scientifically? or just any relative reason built good with right English language works? thanks a lot!


Examiners evaluate whether your arguments are relevant. This means they make sure that they logically support your opinion. That's why IELTS asks you to 'develop' your arguments, which means they want you to explain why your argument supports your opinion (by using examples, consequences etc).

Examiners are generally not scientists or experts so they do not assess arguments in this way. However, do NOT write things like 'a recent survey said' because this is obviously false.

So to answer your question: use arguments that are relevant (usually the obvious arguments are the best) and explain WHY it is relevant using examples, consequences etc, and don't make any errors!

hi simon thanks a lot for brilliant essay.

You are the best teacher ever. Thanks Simon.

Great job!

A group of people believe that the existence of wild animals in their habitat is not an essential matter in these modern days. Therefore spending lots of money and efforts to protect them are considered as waste activities. I personally disagree with that the statements, as I believe that protecting the wild animals from extinction brings a lot of benefits to the environment and human kind as well.

As the world population increased dramatically in the past recent years, many of the wild animals habitats have been converted into housing, farming or mining areas. Many people believe that the existences of the animals are not vital, as mankind needed more areas for them to survive. However, a lot of people do not realize that the wild animals play an important part in the ecosystem, and with the disappearance of them, the ecosystem might become imbalance. For instance, it is fact that the plants are consumed by the herbivore animals, and they are prey by the predators. Should the carnivores extinct, than the population of the herbivores will be outnumbered and they might have exaggerate consumptions of the plants, which could be a serious threat to the environment.

Undeniably, a large amount of money, time and energy have been spent to preserve the wild animals. Although some people think that the activities are wasteful, many of them do not realized that preserving the habitats of wild animals is a crucial matter. When a group of people try to protect the wild animals, it means that they would not just protect the animals’ existence, but also preserve the animals’ territories as well. They might cooperate with the government by making the area as conservation or national parks. By restoring the animals’ habitat, it would not only maintain the ecosystem balance, but also protect the earth from the threat of global warming and air pollution as well. Therefore it is clear that all the efforts that are made to maintain the wild animals are certainly useful.

In conclusion, I totally disagree if the existence of the wild animals should be abandoned and any kind of acts in protecting them are considered as inefficient and ineffective. I think wild animals play an important part in our aspect of lives and definitely we must conserve them.

Thanks simon!

However, I wander that why in body paragraph 2 you focus on the importance of habitat, but do not interpret why you disagree with ideal that protecting animals is a waste of resources?

Hi Simon,
Quick question commonly we use to conclude,to sum up in the last paragraph. How can I use the word of 'compile' to make a conclusion at the end of an essay?

Hello gruinder,

Here is my comment on your first paragraph.

Some people argue that it is pointless to spend money on the protection of wild animals because humans have no need of them. I deplore(disagree) with this point of view.
It is completely understandable that wild animals have no right to live on the earth as humans do.(how do you have such idea while coming completely disagree with this point). Prominently, it is not our job to decide who can live or cannot live( pretty informal).Secondly, they have their place in ecosystem because it must be halted due to extinction of species(Secondly, as animal already have their own place on the earth, extinction will cause severe problem such as the food chain which may be affected). Finally, variety on the earth is utmost necessary because we can do entertainment in the wild area of the zoo and can also know about creatures of the GOD. Moreover, it is beneficial for the Government to collect money from the local and foreign visitors.( Finally, a variety of species can benefit both animals and humans as governments can run wildlife sanctuaries that provide public entertainment creating more jobs as well as animals can receive a better veterinary care.)

Hello Simon

i have doubts about the third paragraph. what you have written seems nothing to do with animals.you took rainforests as example. i think this example is not convincing.

Hello Paul,

I guess Simon, took rainforest as an example of animal habitat. I think it would be much more understandable and straightforward if Simon changed it to : rainforest, as an example of wildlife habitat,...

Sorry if I as a student left comment on Simon's essay.

Hi Harry,

Thank you for your topic. Higher education includes both undergraduate and postgraduate study. Any qualifications obtained from universities and colleges are counted as tertiary education.

Thanks so much Sjm that was fantastic
appreciate your help!

Hi Paul,

I anticipated that some people might say that. I wrote that we protect wild animals by protecting their habitats - for me the connection is clear.

Do you agree or disagree that wild animals have no place in the 21st century and protecting them is a waste of resources?

The natural habitat of wild animals has been exploited by humans. Protecting this animals can be a waste of time and resources. Despite this, it is disagreed that wild animals will have no place in the 21st century and spending money for their protection is pointless. Analysing the possibility of wild animals to co-exist along with humans in the 21st century and the benefits of protecting their habitat to the planet Earth will show this.

Firstly, the growing population of Earth in 21st century would displaced wild animals from their natural habitats. For example, a vast of forest land could be cultivated and converted to farm lands in order to produce more foods for the increasing population of the planet. However, there is no need to exploit or destroy every last square metre of land in order to feed or accommodate the world's growing population. There is plenty of room for humans to exist side by side with wild animals and this should be the aim.

Secondly, protecting wild animals' natural habitat is not a waste of money. For example, rainforest produce oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide and stabilise the Earth's climate. If we destroy these areas, the cost of managing the resulting changes to the planet Earth would far outweigh the cost of conservation. Thus, by protecting the wild animals and their habitat, we maintain the natural balance of all life on Earth.

In summary, spending money for the protection of wild animals and conservation of their natural habitat is not a waste of time and resources. Thus, it is clear that wild animals can co-exist with humanity in the 21st century. It is predicted that more and more people would ensure the survival of wild animals and protect their habitat in the near future.


Simon clearly said in his third paragraph that protecting wildlife habitats (rainforest is a well known habitat for animals) is crucial for human survival, and it will cost more to revert our climate changes than protect rainforest in the first place. It is very obvious that protect animals is not a waste of money.


I think that 'For example' (in Simon's essay) is much better and more common than 'as an example of...' in academic writing.


Rainforest is intimately bound up with wildlife animals because their lives depend on rainforest. Conservation of rainforest is to protect wildlife animals and protecting rainforest is to protect ourselves as well.

I can not see why there is confusion. It is very clear for me. Perhaps you all read it literately? I think Simon's essays are brilliant and the best.

hello Simon,
I just want to ask what the difference is between kinds of questions. is "what extend do u agree or disagree..? different from "do u agree or disagree?" I want to ask about the structure because when i read the statement I only focus on " protecting them is a waste of resources" to answer that I agree or not. Is it wrong when I dont discuss about the first clause "Wild animals have no place in the 21st century" ?

I mean 'read literally'.

Dear all

Kindly need you comments, I had my test on 10 Jan 2015.

Writing task 2 question was about: Some people like elder leaders, while others prefer the young ones, the question was to what extent do you agree or disagree?

I try to answered in the first and last paragraph, with a balance one, like this:

In conclusion,it is a fact that each types of leader have their own advantages, despite of the age. I personaly disagree if leadership is measured base on age, but it should be reviewed base on the leadership skill and competency as well.

Is my conclusion statement responding to the question?


Hi Simon,

I am very much new to this forum. I came across this forum on Facebook.
Well, I am preparing for IELTS exam to be held in February 2015. Could you please suggest what topics should i focus on with respect to speaking and writing tasks.

Thank you for your time.


Dear Simon,

Kindly give your suggestions on the essay i wrote for the above topic:

Wild animals have no place in the 21st century, so protecting them is a waste of resources. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

A small percentage of the society considers that wild animal have no place in the 21st century. Thus, according to these few spending time and resources on the protection and care of the wild animals and their habitats is a waste in terms of money and time. I would strongly disagree to this thought.
In my opinion, wild animals are not a threat to the mankind and are not dangerous until and unless they are treated in a bad way or disturbed. The mere presence of such a negative thought among some human being displays the unacceptable behaviour they have towards the wild creatures. In many situations the human and their experiments have disturbed the normal life cycle of wild animals. Be it any century animals have been a part of the earth and its existence.
Wildlife plays an essential role in the ecological and biological processes that are yet again significant to life. The normal functioning of the biosphere depends on endless interactions amongst animals, plants, and microorganisms. This, in turn, maintains and enhances human life further. Wildlife maintains ecological ‘balance of nature’ and maintains food chain and nature cycles.
In conclusion, no one has the right to question the existence of wild animals and imagining the earth with human as its sole inhabitant is not possible as it will affect the entire functioning of life on earth.

Hi Simon,

I think that it makes it much easier for us to understand the importance of topic sentences by highlighting them in blue.

Availability of living space for beasts in modern era is reached to diminishing level. Some people argue that, conservation of threatened wild animals is pointless. I completely discord to the above point of view.

First of all eradication of livable environment due to human acts is need to be mitigated with immediate effect. Human have no rights to completely acquire precious lands for building of accommodations, Townships, Parks and Etc. Human should become humane enough to acknowledge rightful existence of other species as well. Therefore, it is considered as paramount responsibility of people to take every measure to protect animals without turning blind eye and letting them die out.

Secondly, investing for conservation of animals can also be considered as saving humans life in another way . People are not able to completely replace live forests by concrete buildup areas. So conservation of environment and wild animals will be part and parcel in achieving better life on earth. People should be encouraged to save environment for their benefit in return saves animals too. In another words, pros of resourcing for conversation outweigh for cons. By protecting animals and their habitat, people can maintain the natural balance of all lives on globe.
In conclusion, assuring of existence of beasts on earth is one of a sole responsibility of man kind. Human should take every endeavour to conserve world around us to facilitate coexistence of wild animals. Also people should do everything that they could to protect them without seeing it as a waste of resources. Then only people can conserve earth for future generation.

Hi,everyone.I posted my version,

It is true that a lot of wild life is on the verge of extinction nowadays. Although some people insist protecting them is no meaning as it is too late, I totally disagree with such kind of opinions.

As we already know, our planet consist of various kind of animals and planets which are given the lives in this world. Natural habits of each of them influence others and the nature would be balancing. In this ecological chain, once one player disappear from the cycle, the extent of its damage is inestimable. For example, large outbreak of grasshoppers which was happened by attempting to exterminate its predator such as snake and mouse caused serious damage to rice crops. That means our human life is connected with one of others.

Next, if we think about the current serious situation for wild animals, we can easily find a lot of reasons which were caused by our human activities. We are destroying the forrest to make the field or road and be emitting exhaust fumes or hasten global warming by the emission of huge amount of carbon dioxide instead of our comfortable life. Some people regard it is inevitable by the view from negative side. However I believe we can change the world to be more eco- friendly and sustainable because all of them has been done by ourselves.

In conclusion, I think we should put the effort to protect lives of wild animals because it would ultimately save our own lives and it's not too late even though the situation is worse. (260words)

Dear Dao Quang Duc,
Thank you so much for your useful advice. I will practice writing as the way you recommended.
I have already taken IELTS exam but got only 6.0 in writing. I think the main problem here is the high pressure (as you mentioned) and lack of ideas. The time was too short for me to plan anything properly so I just wrote down what I thought of at that time.
I'm going to retake the exam in about 2 weeks. Wish me lucks!

Your strategies are simple but effective, for they describe the obvious. However, many of us have a tendency to overlook the obvious! Thank you so much for sharing your insightful views on this subject.

Hi Simon
Thank you very much for your effort
I have bought your ebook and it includes very helpful ideas but I wonder if your website have got the full essays for these ideas ??? And where I can find them ???so I can compare it with mine.
Thanks and I am waiting from you soon

Thanks for your selfless work!!I helps a lot

Teacher I have questions. Should we make a consession part for this ?is A Concession paragraph necessary for writing task2?

Dear Simon, thank you for your efforts. If you find time, I would be grateful what Band you would rate this response:

Some proclaim that wild animals hold no place in contemporary times, and that nurturing their existence is a wasteful and futile venture. On the other hand, I believe that many wildly beings can prove to be very productive to society, and that preserving these vulnerable lifeforms is one of the primordial duties of mankind.

Agriculture is a glaring example of how wild animals prove to be useful to us even today. Firstly, animal waste products have shown to be effective in fertilizing soil; for example cow dung. Secondly, wild animals have been bred to provide food for centuries; and this practice continues even today on a large scale. One need only consider the demand for dairy products such as milk and eggs among the public to get a grasp of the importance of animals in their ability to feed entire populations. Finally, some animals can be trained to remove pests, in a bid to enhance the quality and quantity of crops. Thus, in contradiction to the claim that protecting wild animals is a wasteful investment, it can actually prove to be a productive one.

I also believe that it is immoral not to protect wild animals. A significant portion of society share unique bonds with wild animals. Some go to the extent of spending entire careers in an effort to save endangered species from the brink of extinction. There are others who derive great pleasure and satisfaction in keeping wild animals as pets; some of which are even essential for the well-being of the person, such as guard dogs. Lastly, there are a number of activists who passionately lobby for the promotion of animal rights; again because they share an inexplicably close bond and affinity towards wild animals.

Taking all this into consideration, I am of the viewpoint that wild animals continue to hold a vital position even today. Not only can they boost agriculture, but are also held dearly in the hearts of many people. To this end, I would argue that it is worthwhile to protect them to the fullest extent possible.

cows are domestic right

i do not understand this part
"we humans have no need for them.: first paragh

Hi, Simon,

I would like to ask about the usage of the verb 'outweigh'. Could I also use it in the writing task 1, for example:

1. The number of Japanese residents cycling to work far outweighs British cycling commuters.

2. The length of time Japanese residents spend (on) cycling to work far outweighs British cycling commuters.

Many thanks!

wild animals have no place in 21st century,so protecting them is a waste of resources

It is true that animals are a part of ecosystem which are useful to the mankind in immense ways. But in the modern world,people are behind materialistic things,and some people hold an opinion that it is futile to conserve them as it is a waste of resources.I do not completely agree with the notion ,and I believe that animals play an indispensable role in aintaining earth's equilibrium.

To commence with,conserving wild animals helps to save them from the verge of extinction.It also enhances the country's revenue as it attracts the tourist.Apart from that,the food chain cycle would be disturbed which further pose a serious threat to mankind

Furthermore ,people of all age groups are benefited if they are preserved ,in terms of both education and entertainment.Earth's equilibrium would be hampered if they are not guarded properly.Animals are useful in many ways like manufacture of leather from the skin ,and also many species has got medicinal values.

In my perspective ,both the government and animal activists should work collectively for the conservation of wild animals.Forests must be preserved as it is an ideal place for their growth and reproduction.

To conclude,wild animals should be protected and it is no longer a waste of resources as the mankind is profited in diverse ways , and also they add an aesthetic appeal to anture and environment.


Its very useful essay


As a wildlife biologist for 50 years, I suggest anyone down grading wildlife and its protection, take a course or read about wildlife conservation and basic ecosystem management. Are you they type that takes the Christian bible literally? The worst thing that ever has happened to wildlife is the phrase,"... man has dominion over.." Bull. Learn about ecosystem concepts. Wildlife is the best indicator of the health of all ecosystems of the world.

Some people argue that wild animals are useless for the nature in the current century, and they believe that it is waste of money and other resources if the government invests money in protecting them. I strongly disagree with this idea and support the idea of preserving the life of such animals.
In the one hand, it is our responsibility to take care of all living organisms including the wild animals. I believe that the right of these animals should be preserved and their rights are as important as human’s rights. If we do this, it is not only very ethical, but also a way for maintaining the biodiversity. Conserving the biodiversity of the wildlife is very crucial to having a healthy ecosystem. We should do our best to deter these animals from becoming extinct and therefore the authorities should allocate funds to build shelter for these animals and look after them as much as possible.
On the other hand, spending money on taking care of these animals has other benefits as well. For instance, we can keep them in zoos. In this way, they can be used for entertainment, research and creation of job opportunities. Thus, the resources assigned to them can be even compensated if we protect them by providing the habitats for them in the zoos. Also, if the scientists carry out research on these animals, some scientific research questions can be answered and this may be so beneficial for the human’s survival. For example, research has shown that some specific medicine for several life-threatening diseases has been extracted from such animals.
In conclusion, in my opinion, it is worth spending money, energy and time on conserving the wildlife because they have many advantages as mentioned above.

Linking words, meeting the goal of 7 or more
Repeated words, meeting the goal of 3 or fewer
4 paragraphs
269 words
Overall Band Score

Structure your answers in logical paragraphs
One main idea per paragraph
Include an introduction and conclusion
Support main points with an explanation and then an example
Use cohesive linking words accurately and appropriately
Vary your linking phrases using synonyms
Try to vary your vocabulary using accurate synonyms
Use less common question specific words that accurately convey meaning
Check your work for spelling and word formation mistakes
Use a variety of complex and simple sentences
Check your writing for errors
Answer all parts of the question
Present relevant ideas
Fully explain these ideas
Support ideas with relevant, specific examples
Word Count

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