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January 21, 2015


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Hey there, anyone wants to practice speaking? I will take the exam at the end of Feb and my target is 7. If you are interested and with the similar level, do not hesitate to contact me by Skype:lotus1520196. Pls mention that you see this msg in Simon's blog. BTW, I base in Shanghai. Thanks.

•allow or encourage the extinction of any species
•there is no compelling reason why...
•exist side by side with wild animals
•protection of natural habitats
•and stabilise the Earth’s climate
•maintain the natural balance of all life on Earth

oh. i read it Simon. thank you and have a nice day.

1- extinction

2- compelling





Hi simon,

I need an advise regarding the reading section. Sorry if I'm asking it under this irrelevant post.

You see, I usually have an extra 5 to 6 minutes after finishing my reading tests. What should I do with that?
Should I re-check easy questions or difficult ones?
Or should I re-check special kind of questions? (eg. Multiple questions, fill in the blanks, ...)

Hi Simon,

Do you have any advice for a sudden "writer's block" when facing task 2? I've been practising writing introductions and sometimes I just can't come up with any idea.
I hope that doesn't happen to me during the actual test.

Dear Simon,

My IELTS result is:

Band 8

Thank you so much ... you have been very helpful!

This is my third Trial of IELTS test... I have entered it twice before
the overall score of the first was Band 7, while the second the Second was Band 7.5

You are Best IELTS teacher ever! :D


Hi I'm Bishoy from Egypt,congratulation ya Ahmad and can u give some tips to help me achieve the score that i want 6.5 and thanks my brother .


1. extinction
2. compelling
3. side
4. habitats
5. stabilise
6. balance


Hi Ehsan,

I'd probably check any question that I was unsure about.


Hi Andrea,

I advise spending 10 minutes planning before you start writing. During the planning time, brainstorm and note down anything that you can think of. And remember that your ideas don't have to be perfect. I think it's the pressure/stress to be perfect that causes writer's block.


Congratulations Ahmad. Great scores!

3. side
4. habitats
5. stabilise
6. balance

Dear teacher !
here is my answer

Hi Simon
please teach me when should we exactly use anything instead of everything.I'm always confused with that.

allow or encourage the extinction of any species
there is no compelling reason why...

exist side by side with wild animals
protection of natural habitats

and stabilize the Earth’s climate
maintain the natural balance of all life on Earth

Hello Bishoy,
I am Ahmad From Egypt
Sure, it will be my pleasure :)

here is my advice to you:
1- The ultimate period of study that I recommend is 2 Months in order to guarantee the score that you want
2-Put Plan B If you can afford, while scheduling the exam, also Schedule a second exam few days to one week after the results of the first one , just in case you weren't luck with the first one.
3-Every Day, do an exercise from each topic from Simon's Website
4-Watch the Videos of Ieltssimon on Youtube... they are very useful

Please let me know if I can help further.
Here is my Email: ahmed@sharara.co.uk

nowadays the way many people interact with each other has changed because of technology.
In what ways has technology affected the types of relationships people make?
Has this become a positive or negative development?

Dear simon! Could you please explain about the first part of this question about the ways that technology affected in the relationship.

To be honest I could not understand this part although second part is quite straight forward.

Hello simon you are site is awesome for the students .you explain everything in an easy way..

hi simon iam mashhurbek i have been learning ielts for 2 years but my results are not good particularly writing and reding what i need to do to more successful

hi simon can you give me somestrategy to do reading task more quickly

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