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January 12, 2015


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uh. interesting. i am seeing you on the video.thank you for your presentation.

Dong Nguyen

Thank you very much, Simon. That is great.

Thank you Simon,it is very useful.

What a good start to 2015! I can't wait to see the rest of the WT 1 lessons. Thanks for your hard work.

Thank you Simon. Hope there will be more free videos.

Thanks for this video..

Thank you very much for your video. It is really helpful.

Hi simon
Thanks milion for your good website.
I have just joined your website and I dont know how I can follow topics. for exp I want to start writing 1 but I dont know where the first page is. there are many pages and it make me confuse .pls help me how start step by step.

Hi Sima,

Here is the first page... Start underneath and continue up...


Hope this helps...

hi Simon and everyone
I have a little problem, I couldnt open free Simons videos. Which program must I get ??? please help me

Hi kamala
thanks so much.
your comment was really really big help
good luck my friend.

Thank you simon sir for video @ free of cost.Hoping to watch the next video.

Thank you simon. You help us alot.

Hi Simon

M sanjna..I have first time visit your site until m not pursuing IELTS but still i read all passages and all the discussion and advises you give..I really very impress and thank you for your hard working.

There is one more person who will always waiting for your latest updates. Sanjna :-)

thanks for the upload

@ Sima
You are welcome, buddy... Good luck to you, too...

Many thanks

I am tried subscribe to email newsletters but it gave me error


I'm glad you all found the video useful. I'm afraid I will have to charge for some of the coming videos, in order to cover my costs and time.

If you can't see the video, there might be a problem with video websites being blocked where you live (some countries block social media and video sites). This problem can be solved by using a VPN - look up 'VPN' on a search engine if you aren't sure what this is.

Keep working hard :)

Dear Simon
I have a question about the payment for your videos on http://subscriptions.viddler.com/. For each video, I will have to pay 8$ for lifetime access or if I pay 8$, I can get access to all of your videos as much as I want?

Hi Simon how to do it WR test 1 for general training. It is same?

Hi Hayley,

It's $8 for each video at the moment. When I've finished the course, I'll set a price for all of the videos together.


Hi asep,

No, the General Training task 1 is different. Have a look at the lessons on the page below:


Dear Mr Simone,
Yesterday I did a writing practice test in the British council of Cairo. Although I implemented all strategies you told us, for example, the conclusion; NO any new ideas, I just repeated
vocabulary; use simple not uncommon words
grammar; do not over use linking word

I found they blamed me for those ideas?!
When I did correlation of their feedback with the public band description I think that I would NOT EXCEED band 6
I am sorry I am a little bit confused, could you tell me what can I do?

Hi Ahmed,

First, please call me Simon. When you put an 'e' on my name, it becomes a completely different name. (Simon is a male name, but Simone is a female name).

I have never said "do not use linking words". You do need linking words, but they are not the secret to a high score. And I have never said that you should use 'simple' words or grammar - I just advise you not to try too hard to use strange or 'difficult' vocabulary or grammar. You DO need some 'less common vocabulary' if you want a very high score, and I've written lots of lessons about less common vocabulary, topic vocabulary and 'band 7-9' vocabulary.

If you get a band 6, it is not because of your strategy for conclusions or linking. It's because you need to improve the content of your answer - focus on task response, good ideas and good vocabulary. This is the approach that I advise.

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