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January 04, 2015


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I would like to share my experienced on my last IELTS exam. The writing task 1 question was same with simon sample question in line graph and the speaking test was about tourism that is mentioned in simon ebook. So guys lets study simon lesson everyday by heart and read his ebook as much as we can. Unfortunately my score was so bad i got OBS:6 ( W6, R5.5, S7, L6). :(

Hi Simon,
Thank you for the writing courses and advice. I just started following your posts and lessons. It's really helpful to the exam and refresh my mind.

The following are my 3 results from October to December:

L: 6.5, 6.0, 8
R: 7.5, 5.5, 6.5
W: 6.5, 7, 6.5
S: 6.5, 7, 7.5

I would like to know your opinion what is the best strategy to crack the IELTS score of 7 each band. Should I register for more frequent exam or focusing more on practice. I am really getting frustrated and dont know what to do. I appreciate if you can guide me on this.


Thank you very much for your lessons on IELTS Writing task 2, Simon :D They are so useful for my learning and practising. Looking forward to your upcoming Writing task 1 video lessons :D

Simon, Thank you for your brilliant daily lessons and videos.

Isle, you are absolutely right, my writing increased from 6.0 to 7.0 within four months after I got Simon's eBook one and half years ago.

As Simon said in the new video, techniques and general English level are important factors if you aim at a high score. However, I am often frightened of my brainstorm does not come during the test. Unfortunately it is often this case that I performed worse in the test than expected. Of course, you have to be careful without being off track in writing.

This is my writing during non test condition:

Animals have equal right to share the planet where humans and animals evolved. Fortunately, human beings develop much more advanced than animals and humans just happened to be able to invent tools that they can use to conquer any other species. However, this does not mean that humans have the privilege of occupying the entire earth and invading the space that should belong to animals. The conception of animals have no space on our planet in 21st century is only used to justify human irresponsible and reckless behaviour that causes detrimental impact on natural habitats of animals, and this has led to some species' extinction. Let us put this into perspective, if there are some more powerful species than humans on our planet and they decide to ravage humans' dwellings, we will certainly feel our right being deprived and devastated.

There are also some good reasons why we should protect animals. Firstly, humans are on the top end of food chains. In this regards, if other inferior species are decimated due in part to human activities, human beings will suffer in some ways. Secondly, the diversity of species on our planet denotes richer resources that can be utilised in many aspects of human lives. For instance, many animals in zoos are used to educate children and research into animal behaviour that may have influence on insight into human evolvement. Finally, it can not be denied that human survival somehow is reliant on animal species directly or indirectly. For example, if predators of harmful pests disappear from the earth, humans will suffer from expansion of these pests and catastrophic destruction caused by them. Indirectly we are heavily relying on the nutrition produced by worms and some other species in soil as well as our atmosphere, which is essential for plants' growth and ourselves.

In conclusion, protecting wild animals has a great impact on human beings, and this never be a waste of resources.

However, in reality, I can not write like this in the test.
So I only can say to everyone: keep on trying until one day good luck along with techniques and abilities come.

p.s. I am proud of my this writing. Thank you for reading it.

i'm looking forward for you simon.
I really love your posts

Hi Simon! I need advise how can we improve our speaking and writing without going to tutorial... should we write more essays check by ourselves and compare it with others'???

Dear sir, I couldn't watch this video!
there is some problems. What should I do?

Hi Simon,

Please can I ask you if indented sections in reading passages count for a paragraph?

Thank you

hello Mozhgan,

I can't get this video too, if you can do so, please let me know. Thanks(pupil.it@gmail.com)

hello friends,

I have my reading,writing&listening exams on january 10th & january 11th in INDIA.If anyone from other country finish early the exam, please I request them to post all the four modules questions being asked in exam.I will be very thankful with sort of help.This is my 4th attempt for the exam.
Me and my husband both are dissapointed and frustated much by ielts exam.

Mozhgan and Hun,

Unfortunately, video websites are blocked in some countries around the world. The solution that many students have found is to use a VPN. Look up 'VPN' on a search engine if you don't know what this is.

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