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January 18, 2015


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I am looking forward to have videos of writing 1. When you can get them ready ? Thanks

Hi Paul,

I'm working on a video about line graphs now, and it should be ready later today, or tomorrow morning.

New note on 19th January:

Sorry, I'm having a few technichal problems with this video. It's going to be delayed another day. Apologies!

Hi Simon,
Can u do reading video for us please.. it seems Iam struggling with reading..

I wish I could go to Manchester >"< Hope your class successful teacher Simon. You are really a rewarding teacher. Thank you so much ^^

Hi simon
I wish I could join your class in Manchester.Your website and video lessons have helped me a lot and I continue following your lessons until I get my desirable result which is not far away now.
Thank you again.

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