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January 10, 2015


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I attended the first IELTS of the new year today, not really satisfied due to insufficient preparation. While i feel its necessary to showed the question I came across today.

part 1: basic introduction + living place + Shopping + attitude of TV program
part 2: the occasion you got lost
part 3: electronic map and the influence of technology to young generation.

S1. the job inquiry of an backpacker
S2. the courses of a night club provided
S3. the discussion between two students of the elective courses in the coming semester
S4. the advantages and disadvantage of living in urban area

passage 1. the history of Bondi beach
passage 2. the economic development in the change of climate
passage 3. a critical article of a famous experiment of verbal and non-verbal language.
(I found the third one is quite technological and frustrating, or I was just exhausted and my brain can not function at that time )

test 1. bar chart about the percentage of the 4 age groups usages between 2003 to 2006
test 2: whether younger people are more suitable for leader position

That's all of content of the exam in Australia, and hope it can be helpful to the coming candidates.

thanks dear it is very useful comment

I have noticed that higher band writing does not tend to follow any structure in Cambridge IELTS books, including some candidates' answers with band 8+. I think that good vocabulary, using common English collocations, development of ideas are the keys to a higher score. Simon's structure of writing can help to make your writing clear as well as increase your band in comparison to the writing without structure. There is no way that you can get even band 7 only with structure, but without ideas and vocabulary.

So we need Simon's writing structure, good vocabulary as well as ideas (in Simon's eBook) if we aim to a band 7 or more.

The criteria of the writing section can give us a good evaluation about the four aspects:CC,LR etc.

Reading Opinion Section ( Especially room for debate) in NYTIMES would really help to build topic related academic vocabulary. I have started following this since last 3 months and Today I definitely have more vocabulary and feeling improved a lot.

For task 2 let us start with our two sentences for the introduction
There has been alot of debate whether when it comes to good leadership, age is a key factor. Some people are of the opinion that young people are better leaders. I completely disagree with this point of view.

It is true that elderly people manage the affairs of many of our organizations today. In my opinion, it would be beneficial for these institutions if youngsters should be given the opportunity to step up and take on leadership roles.
There are several reasons why youth leadership would be promoted in today’s organizations. Young people with their dynamism, their energy and their inherent understanding of today’s interconnected world have potential to transform and bring in the change that older generations have feared about. They are more committed, physically fit and determined towards their work and thus can work for longer hours in case needed. At the same time, increased educational attainment, advances in technology and the spread of information have made young generation the best educated, most connected and most informed in history.

I totally agree with Simon's idea.
What I learn from this message:
- see the problem with Mira's question.
- only have a very small impact on ...
- just one element of ...
- relevant content
- coherence of ideas
- range of vocabulary
- be much more likely to ...

I totally agree with simon's idea. and I want to study collocations for speaking and wirting task 2. can you share them on the blog?

I think so. My IELTS result in 2010 was all bands 7.0 in academic module, even without having clear idea of how organise the structure. In this 2015 as I am re-taking IELTS in General module, I looked at the tips on Simon's website, especially the writing part, for I have not done in other areas) it was almost revelation for me. I feel so confident that I can work on any types of writing questions as Simon advised us, i, e, from brain storming, writing introduction and conclusion neatly, structuring the body paragraphs with logical coherence, thus making the whole essay flow. I am so thankful for Simon's generous heart to maintain this website.

Dear Simon,

Let me thank you for all your efforts you have done during this years.Now Im wondering if you give us your opinion on whether the IELTS exam is getting more difficult than before. Please let us know if you think so.

Thanks Ranold.

No, I don't think the exam is getting more difficult. Each test is checked carefully to make sure that the difficulty level remains constant. Keep practising, and hopefully it will soon seem easier :)

Hi Simon, please share the writing samples with 9 score Here.thanks

Thank you, dear Simon . Finally , I find the answer to the question on my mind in these days .

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