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February 06, 2015


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Hi Simon,

well done.

I'm wondering if this sentence( it would probably be influenced some of my own experiences) should be changed to ( it would probably be influenced BY some of my own experiences).

Thank you Simon for your constant effort.

a future aim of
where to start
until later in my life
be inspired to
vague objective
extremely difficult
find the motivation
more than anything
keep working

great Grammtical point( I would need... until I finished)

set a goal of
in the first place

create sth from nothing
bringing a story to life
follow in one's footsteps

a future aim
would probably be influenced some of...
imagine achieving this aim until later in my life
do as a hobby
suddenly be inspired to
difficult to find the motivation
much sooner
commitment and the passion
keep working
set a goal of
a certain amount of time each day
in the first place
manage to create a work of fiction from nothing
bringing a story to life
follow in the footsteps of
I’ve always wondered how...,I’ve always wondered whether....,and whether...

Hi teacher and friends,

For me there is just one word less common "vague" which means "uncertain, indefinite"

Well noticed reza.tr. I've added the word 'by' now.

Anyone wants to practice speaking in english via skype? Could you leave your account names.

Someone is taking the test tomorrow? 07.02.2015

• aim of mine,
• I can’t imagine achieving this aim until later in my life.
• I might suddenly be inspired to start writing much sooner.
• It’s just a vague objective
• I’d be capable of bringing a story to life.
• I’d like to follow in the footsteps of my favourite authors.

Simon, I'm very glad to know that finally you thought about writing a book. Soon after I started to read your blog , I could see and realise that you are a creative person, and actually I thought many times to ask you if you have written any books or etc.... and to suggest that if you haven't then you must do it. I hope when you will write your book and after its completion , you will share that news with your students. I'm sure your students will definetely want to read that book.

Best wishes

Thanks for your kind words xyz.


Thanks for this topic.
Do you have chatting to practice speaking part?

Hello guys, I want to know if there is a chatting group for practicing speaking,please I want to join in if there is one,can someone tell me??? Thanks

Today, I faced to with this question and I answered my goal is travel to paris and explained why etc. What do you think? Am I off-topic? or Its ok? My que card actuaaly was about what is your main goal you decided in the future.

Thanks for interest

I think that's fine Zeki.

wow~ This story is so beautiful, the confession is so realistic and sincere that I feel touched. Simon. Thank you~

I think I am gonna cry.

Thanks Sue!

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