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February 27, 2015


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Thank you very much, Simon.

I can see what is my problem now. I am often off track and do not answer question directly.

Thank you Simon for sharing your answers , it really helps, and thank you Jing for sharing your problem :) I have a problem too: I don't know why I find it hard and quite unattractive to answer questions like these, especially during speaking exam. I just push myself to come up with appropriate answers, but reading Simon's and other people's answers gives me a direction.

My problem with speaking is that i do not have a partner to speak with.plz if you can give some ideas to enhance my speaking from 6 to 7

Hi Simon,
Is it better to say jewellery, not jewellers?

Oh, sorry, meant jewellers.

sorry, my spell-cheker automatically changed.

I meant, JEWELLERIES. or maybe no plural for jewelley?

I also search for a partner for speaking. I am not good at in speaking.My category is 6. Now, i try to improve myself. If anybody interested to speak with me please contact with my email address is afrinbau@gmail.com and Skype ID is m_bari2.

Hi simon, i am very weak in writing task.can you help me to give me a sample idea.

Hi, simon a great teacher indeed,my problem is with listening module.i need a 7 in listening.Last time i got 5.5 in that please guide me.
Thanks in advance

thank you very much simon for the answer, if anybody know the best way to improve IELTS writing it will be highly appreciable to share, i am doing approximately daily practice only by writing paragraphs not full artical. unfortunately, until nowadays i am not confident much and my exam on 14 of march. any advice???

Hi Simon,

I've received my ielts result ,an overall of 8:


An increase of 1 whole band in the writing task and 1.5 in the speaking from following your lessons and getting my writing essays corrected by the teacher John Mark,an excellent teacher who i recommend for those who want their essays to be corrected.
I appreciate the effort you put in this website.



Hi Simon,
During the speaking test part 2 I ran out of steam in the middle of the talk, I though my speak was 2 minutes long but it turned out to be only around 1.30 mins. However, before I met the stall I was doing quite well. I wonder whether if you finish before the time is up, you will get penalised by the examiner? even if the parts before that (part 1 and 1.3 minutes of part 2) you did quite well?
Thank you

Congratulation ata at the best for your future, how i can contact Mr. Jonh mark, do you have his email.

thank you very much

Hi Lulu,

I was directed to the Teacher John Mark through Simon,So i suggest you email simon and he will forward you to the Teacher


Hi sir my exam 30 april.plz you give me ideas for reading, writing, listening, speaking. My id palsidhu45@ gmail.com. plz reply me

Thank you for your efforts, Simon. As for me, your site is the best place to prepare for IELTS.

PS: I look for speaking partners. I am from Russia and my last IELTS score:
Listening 6,5;
Reading 8,5;
Writing 6;
Speaking 7 (August 2014).

skype: maxfaber_om

Hi All,
To answer my own question that I asked Simon: I got 7.5 for my Speaking Test on 28 Feb Test (the result is out today btw) I aimed for 8 and above. Even though by my own assessment I believe I did quite well on Part 1 and Part 3, it was not enough to salvage the whole thing. I still got penalised for finishing two early and flustered through out the long turn, which I guess affected my Coherence and Fluency criteria score.
I overestimated my ability and thus did not practice enough for the Speaking test. My advice to all is no matter how good you think you are, practice practice practice, especially the long turn. Make sure you get a feel of how long 2 minutes are to avoid finishing too early. It is very panic-inducing when the Examiner stares at you and you just have nothing to say. Some may recover in part 3, some may not, either way, it affects your score a great deal.

Its excellent for my ielts prepration
thanks simon


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