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March 14, 2015


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I want to say that improvement can be seen by working hard with the good methods that you have proposed for writing, listing ,reading, speaking. Sometimes. only working hard is not enough. I used to work so hard but on the wrong track, which depressed me for a quite long time. Initially writing is a big hurdle that i think i can never cross it, but now i quite enjoy writing any topics.

Hi Simon,
Thank you very much for your advice today. I need to keep it in mind always.
Training is significantly different from merely testing.

Hi teacher simon,

this is really a precious advice, i like the idea of training the whole week and testing only in the weekend, i hope i am in UK to attend your classes.

i totally agree with you paul, training in right way is very important and its encourage you continue until you master the skill. i have the same problem in writing, may i know how you handle it? is it by daily practice only?

thank you

Hi Lulu,

You can find information about writing in different posts that Simon give us, so looking through them and you will able to improve your writing skill. Good luck with your IELTS exam, I just took my IELTS exam yesterday, and I feel more confident when I practise and follow the techniques which encourage simon through his lessons.

Here is one of these post that can help you.



Hi Lulu

incorporate simon's methods into your daily writing, you will be there soon.

Absolutely correct

Hi Simon,
Could you answer me a question:
when I answer the questions in Speaking Part 2, do I have to answer every single question on the card? I think it is not necessary to answer some of the questions. For example, in the question "describe a book you have read recently", one small question is "who recommend it". My answer is that nobody recommended to me. But If I say that in my answer, I think it would undermine my coherence and cohesion. Do I really need to say it?
Thank you!

I would try to answer each part Cheryl - just because you'll have more to say, and it's easy to structure your description by following the points on the card.

Having said that, it's not a big problem if you miss one of the points, especially if the rest of your description is good.


Thank you all for your valuable advises.

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