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March 01, 2015


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Hello Simon

Next month i am going to take my first IELTS test ! Hopefully i can nail it with 7 at least for each band in one go ! if i did, the first person i want to thank to is: Mr Simon

Today i leave message here to witness miracle happen !

Exactly sir,

Personally, I feel the pressure will help you create the ideas better, so save it for the writing test 2.

By the way, I've just taken my Ielts test on Feb 28, the writing task 2 topic was "Some students choose to take a year off between high school and university for working or traveling, do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages"


Good luck to your IELTS exam Paul...Hope you'll get the score you want to...

What if I think task 2 is easier than task 1?

Hi dear Simon,
Is it right to say that the power of our mind for creating new ideas will decreas if we begin writing task1?
Thanks a million

Hi Nga Lavie,
I totally agree with you. I also took the IELTS test last month on 17th, in which the topic for task 2 was about noise restriction, and I found out that the pressure about time can make one think more quickly than usual. Although the result may not be excellent ...
Hope you share more about your performance on your test day. :)

Hi Simon,
Thank you for your lesson today.
Yeah, as mentioned above, the straight start for task 1 can make you feel better and then less worried. Try your best to finish it and then prepare for task 2 better, too.

Yes.. So true! Starting with task 1is a simple but effective idea to perform well in exam and reduce your stress. Also, during exam we are not just simply writing things mechanically, we need to use exam triks and techniques which can help us to score even more.
Thank you sir for the useful advice!

Hi Paul,

I don't think you can achieve it(nail it) at the fist attempt(in one go). You still have problem which you have to overcome!!!.

So don't be very surprised if you'll fail to do so.

hello. MR Simon.coud you tall me please. Which thems or questions will be give at 15 on May. do you know?

I just finished speaking test today March 3Ed, the topic the is about an old person you respect( part two), part three is about how to care the old generations, and the benefits that children get from their grandparents, also is good not not good if grandparents help young parents to take care of their children.


Dear Simon,
I would like to thank you and pass you my kind regards as I admire that you are the best ever amazing teacher. I have passed the Ielts exam one week ago and I have scored overall band 7:5 , which I need to register as a doctor. I have scored 8 in writing following exa ctly your tips and advice and I got enormous amount of knowledge through joining some of your classes in Manchester . Finally , I would highly recommend and advise all my colleagues to follow your website and join your classes or online videos.
God bless you my amazing teacher

Congratulations Berbang! I'm really happy to hear that you got the scores you needed, especially the band 8 in writing!

Hi Mr Dao Quang Duc,

Do you receive your final score?

I disagree that we should start with task 1 first. I suggest that students should start with task 2, think one line for each paragraph they are supposed to write, then complete task 2 in 35-45 minutes.

By this time our mind would be super charged and writing task 1 should be little easier.

Starting with task 1 first and if you get stuck on it, the task 2 would be a big mess.

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