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March 31, 2015


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Hi Simon,

Guten morgen,

Thank you for uploading the transcript..

Ali M

Hi Simon:

you Know I couldn't find the uncommon verb (sport-shop) used in the recording,.. you know when I tried to write down its transcript,... I come across a two-word verb pronounced like (spot shop)or (sport shop),... At the end, I've decided to use the first one!!... although I cannot find the meaning of each one so far, neither in my hardcopied dictionary nor over the internet,...
On the other hand, I think this recording corresponds to the parts#3 & #4 in the IELTS' listening test, especially the speaker(s)-in which- will be talking so quickly!!and this in turn makes it harder (for many candidates) to respond perfectly... In this regards, I'd like you to do me(and other students here) a favour!!

Would you write something about how to get the most out of the listening parts "3" and "4" of the IELTS????

Thank you beforehand!!
Ali M

Hi dear Simon,

I'll have IELTS on April 11th,

for the speaking part, when I practice at home, I can not remember and use uncommon words but I try to speak fluently as much as I can...what do you think about this problem? if I try to speak fluently with error-free sentences(without that much high level vocabulary) can I get 6.5 or more in this part?


Hi ,
There is an application in the App store called " English Radio" is really helpful, it contains many channels and I found it useful to improve listening and speaking , also some of the reports have transcript .
I hope this can benefit all IELTS candidates.

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