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March 30, 2015


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I have confession re. 2nd example. Could you please clarify?

how the 2nd one is same ( in the early 1800s and in the early 1900th century )

laila bano: the very first years of 1800s, like 1800, 1801, 1802.. are still accounted for 19th century. Like 1999 is accounted for 20th century and 2000 is for 21st century. Hope this helps.

Hello Bano

Now we are in the early 21st century which is roughly equivalent to the year of 2015(2000+15). This is the same as what simon wrote above

1853s is in 19th century, 1953year is 20th century and now we have 21th century

I understand above..but my question is which time we can call 1st century?

0-99 is 1st century
100-199 is 2nd century
900-999 is 10th century
1000-1099 is 11th century
1900-1999 is 20th century
2000-2099 is 21th century
I hope, this would be helpful

great information!Thanks for sharing!

thanks simon for clearing my confusion

Hi Simon,

I was wondering about the 1st paragraph from IELTS book 1, test 1.. A spark, a flint: How fire leapt to life... I would be really grateful for your guidance in solving these Qs.

Also if you could give us a brief idea about the difference between Y/N/NG and T/F/NG would be a great help.

Thanking you

Thanks for helping each other in the comments above!

I'll have a look at that question Arch. You don't need to worry about the difference between T,F and Y,N. When answering, just treat them as the same: is the information correct or not, according to the passage?

i m confused that simon post the question every day ..but do not post the sample answer it mean other people answer but we can not beleive then wther their answer is correct or not

Hi Sarwar,

My answers are always there too. For reading and listening, look for my answer in the comments - I always write "CORRECT ANSWERS FROM SIMON".

I'm sure you'll get used to using my site. Keep working!

yup i got it.thanks for answering me.there is one more question that where i can find your whole reading lesson or what i mean your previous tips about reading and all other modules.anticipatory thanks

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