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March 20, 2015


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Hello friends


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I would like to win a Nobel Prize, which was one of my dreams for long time. This was also a momentus that encouraged me to give up my medical profession and pursue medical research. As well known, winning a Nobel Prize is the most prestigious appraisal for a personal achievement in scientific fields. I genuinely believed that I could make a breakthrough in science, and I could use the money won to fund education in one of the deprived regions. However, I realised that the work I was doing was too far away from my dream during my PhD study. Besides, I have realised that the amount of money gained from winning the prize would be less than a banker's one off bonus. Therefore, now, a more realistic dream would be to pass the IELTS test and return to clinical work. In this way, I can help many patients with their illnesses. I would have a sense of fulfilment on a daily basis, rather than hoping for a scarce chance in the rest of my life.

1: I want to win an prize of "annual best employee" this year. This prize is awarded to the employees who have great contributions to the company.
2 Because this prize will be awarded to employees every year, so i am quite familiar with it.
3:To win it. i need work hard to double my sales target which can make me distinguish from other coworkers.
4:There are two reasons for me why i would like to win. Firstly, this prize will give me tremendous confidence over the course of my future unpredictable career Secondly, my basic salary will be increased by 10% from next year.

hi everybody,

today i did my speaking test, i really surprised that the examiner running very fast even i couldn't concentrate well and got a chance to answer full question. i don't think this is fair, because as i believe we should have enough time to organize our answers, i did a lot of practice by myself but i don't know why i did not do well in the exam?

anybody have a good ideas to overcome this situation?

thank you very much

I really want to have the prize of about 2.000 USD in one of the famous television game shows in my country, that's arena 100. I saw it many times before I had the chance for participating the first in this TV show game in 2013. That is the type of fighting in knowledge between one main player and 100 participants. If the main player has the right answer while the rest have the wrong answers, the main player will improve his/her mark and remove the players in 100 people. In that time I had removed in the fifth question because my knowledge is not covered all the aspects from its questions, so from that experience, I must consider more aspects in the society such as environment, history, sports...to achieve the prize up to 2.000 USD. This is very awesome if i win the prize one time. To be honest, Playing to win and to have money for doing some thing that I like, but especially I could have the experience and appear in the Television, that are also the value I win.

The prize that I wish I could win is an annual university prize that can be awarded to be the best ophthalmologist in the university .

I heard about it when I was a student in my college , exactly when I was at my final year. There was a ceremony there to choose the best specialist of each branch , I really enjoyed it.

I think that I have first to complete my further study , to take a qualification in practising ophthalmology , and certainly to make a significant number of researchs, so although this will require a hard work but I believe it's worthy.

winning the prize would give me a sense of accomplishment and self satisfaction in addition to be as a motive for me to keep up studying and working to search for new methods of treating eye diseases. That's why I would like to win it.

For my money, Prize can be given to a person due to his/her great effort. Prize can be in different forms. For instance, it can be money, valuable statue, certificate, lovely cards, etc. although I have been awarded several times not only in my university years, but also I have gained some prizes while working. From my point of view, I have to work very hard and do my best for getting the crucial and vital results for the company where I work in. Because such kind of results bring success, a lot of customers, material and moral values to the company. As a consequence, my company can take the first place in the fierce competitive market. For example, once I got significant information because of working hard on statistics; thus, I compared our annual reports to others and the result was so exact. It opened a wide door to us and my company was the leader with the highest rate of selling in the market during the month. Due to it my company gave me money and certificate for my diligence and helping company's achievement. So that prize made me happy, I shared my happiness with my family and friends. Even the prize encouraged me to love my job more and to rely on my company. That's why prize is very important and it can create close link between worker and employer as well.

I want to talk about a price that I would like to win. It is exactly a scholarship which is being offered by the faculty of mechatronic engineering in my university. All of the students dream to win it, because, it permits to study a postgraduate at one specific university in the USA. If I won this scholarship, I will be the happiest person in the world, not only because may I do a master abroad but I also can have everything like rent, bills, transport, food, totally paid. As I said before, this probably is one of the most dreams desired by poor students however, It is completely necessary to meet academic requirements, such as getting an overall GPA upper than 80%, also demonstrating excellent behaviour and skills in the English language. If I or another student met those requirements, we will have to apply for the scholarship in the Unab's website, after that we will must wait for the most important notice of our lives. Honestly be awarded with this price has been my dream in my whole life. That's all.

I am going to tell you about a real life situation which I won,too.I am working at a travel retail company and here is going on a kind of competition among sales persons.
The intent of this competition to be best sales person in different aspects of service and sales in that specific department every month. And if the person nominated as "best sales person" 4 months in total during peak season, that employee is awarded with one week fully covered holiday abroad by the end of the season. If total nomination amount 3, sales adviser gets a chance to have dinner with operation manager in a famous restaurant. Besides, there are additional gifts for best sales person of each month months which allows them to combine and create a cosmetic and perfume package. Firstly, there is no holiday funding by government in my country, that is why it is hard to buy a five star accommodation package for regular working people. I suggest a holiday in a five star hotel is a awesome award for competitors. Actually I tried to get four time nomination, but I could get 3 times. However I manage to win dinner with my operation manager. According me, a dinner with a high position manager is also a quite good opportunity to know manager in person and present your self better as a person in civil life.As you know while you are at work, sometimes it is hard to have time and engage higher positioned manager in hierarchy. As a result, in my opinion these prizes are quite good gifts or awards for most of the sales advisers and it is an effective way to motivate those people to increase and improve the service quality.

Describe a prize that you would like to win. You should explain
- what the prize is for
Let me tell you about a prize that i wish i could win .. it likes a reward more than a prize. my brother told me that if i would pass the ielts test , he could buy for me a macbook which is totally awesome, fashionable and useful for me studying and enjoying all of the recreational entertainments.
- how you know about it
i am really excited and fascinated by this precious gift and i can not sleep at all
- what you would have to do to win it
so to win that reward, i carefully made a plan in working so hard and achieve that goal which is the certificate of ielts. i findall about the rules of test, all information of the ielts formers and frequently practice 4 sections of this test.
- and why you would like to win this prize.
i am a fan of apple laptop , so it would be nice if i tried my best to possess this posh laptop , besides that i can prove my ability in studying with my sweet brother. and that is the reason why i want to earn the prize

* The prize that I really want to win is a "green card", which is raffled off annually by the U.S. Department of State allowing people a chance to get a permanent resident visa to USA. This visa allows you not only legal lifelong stay in the US, but also provides you with a work permit that plays crucial role for successful immigration.
* I realized that I want to move from my native country then I was a teenager. I've surfed govermental sites of various developed countries looking for available opportunities, but I didn't find any appropriate options for myself. Then I encountered the "Green Card Lottery" on the official US immigration site, and desided to apply my profile.
* The lottery has very strict rules. You can apply for participation in it only ones per year and the application period is only about one month long. And, there is very little opportunity to correct mistakes made when submitting documents - in fact, you can be disqualified for not filling the forms correctly. But I think, every next year I become more and more proficient in that, so, I don't give up.
* I want to win a green card because it could open the door to another lifestyle and give higher life standards for my children. I mean, they would be able to attend american schools, to finish american university and, eventually, to get prestigious profession for future employment.
* Although the odds are one in a million, I wish I won a green card.

Hi Simon ,
I' m sorry to post my question here, but I am confused about certain words in describing people wether its acceptable to use them or not??

Ex. Down to earth person like she was a down to earth person

Or she was on the ball to describe that she was alert and reactive ??
Are they too informal to be used in speaking test ?

La Violette

The speaking test is informal. These expressions would generally be very good in the speaking test.

Thanks alot sjm .

I am going to describe award which i do like to win . it is called Arab health awrad for young surgeon . i mean by young surgeon , the surgeon below 40 .I heard about it from my hospital and my head department .
all what you have to do is to present your work in your department all over the last year associated with social activities which you did like visiting poor people and treating them ,i visited one of poorest villages in south Sudan last year.they are below the poverty line ,the hospital there is like a room with no basic facilities .
this award is so precious because it encourages young surgeon to participate in improving neighboring countries .

The prize that I dream to win is a full scholarship when I'm accepted to the best university of our country, this year. I've never heard about that scholarship before, because this university has never given scholarships for students, but not long ago a friend of mine, who also interested in this university, impart that good news to me. To win this scholarship,I have to get a high score in IELTS and successfully take a maths test.If I win this scholarship, my mom wouldn't need to pay my education, what means I'll enormously help her, because she already pays my sister's tuition fees.

Hello Dear Simon,
Is possible to get any feedback from you in this section?
Thanks, I'll really appreciate if you can do it.


I am going to talk about the prize which I frantically want to win and to be honest it is more like an opportunity for me for my bright future.

The company where I am currently doing my internship offered me a prospect to guaranteed permanent position in the company and free tutoring towards my CPA thats Certified Professional Accountant on one condition that if I get a desired band score in IELTS test. (band 7 in all modules)

Working in a Big4 accounting (thats four biggest accounting firms in the world) firm has always been a dream of mine, and this is a great chance for my career progression. All I have to do is to brush up my English skills and learn the different techniques to approach all of the four components of this English language test.

As I mentioned earlier, I will be getting a paid training to finish my CPA, this reward will open up new doors of opportunity for me, and at the same time a full time permanent job, a great experience in my profession.

feedback/comments will be much appreciated. Thank you all

I am going to talk about the prize that i would really like to win, "The Best University Graduate", which is give to the student who has highest GPA or grade among students who graduate in graduation ceremonies. The best graduate would have an opportunity to give a speech.
It's been my dreams since i was young teenager. The first time i knew this prize from movie that i watched at that time, When i graduated from university, i saw my fellow who become the best graduate, she made her parents very proud of her.
I would do my best to get this prize by studying so hard, reading many textbooks material and journals to enhance my knowledge that relevant to my major, submitting my assignment on time, conducting my research well as well as my dissertation ands also have the best grade. i really want this prize because i want to make my parents happy and proud of me. i want to give them gift which they really love. my parents happy when their children get their dreams.

I would like to pass The IELTS exam with an especially high score in The Oral Exam !!!!!

I would like to practise speaking skill. So If anyone also wants to practise, please let me know and we could talk together in reasonable time by Skype.

Thanks a lot

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- what the prize is for
I’d like to win “the best employee of the year” prize, which is held in my company annually. This prize is dedicated for a worker who can achieve certain criteria and also who can surpass company's target.

- how you know about it
This prize is announced in the beginning of the year and it is repeated every month, so every employee will be familiar with the best employee selection.

- what you would have to do to win it
I think the best way to win that selection is learning the criteria how to select the best employees. Having knowing what the standard and criteria, I’d like to work hard on each of criteria and also it's worth to learn from former winner.
- and why you would like to win this prize.
This prize is prestigious and challenging at same time. If you can be the best employee of the year, I think your achievement will widely recognize by your colleague and management. But, it’s really hard to be selected as the best one from thousands employees, because you have to compete so fiercely with others. Moreover, the company always makes sure that each of candidates is assessed through high standard criteria.
But, I confident to win this prize, at least in runner up position.

I want to talk to you about my desired prize in swimming competition. And I really want to hold the cup of the winner in that race.
I know that the competition has been held yearly and many people know about it. I know how to swim when I was a small child, and from that day I totally love swimming. I practive almost everyweek and I have learnt several types of swimming. My teacher said that I am very quick to learn new techniques and have the potential to win in any other swimming competitions.
My teacher words encourage me a lot. And from that day I promise with myseft that one day I will enroll and challenge myseft with sth new like a city or national competition. I have watched a lot of national and international competitions on TV, and I admired the competitors ,who paticipating in these too much. In vietnam , Anh Vien is one of the most outstanding candidate in this field and I admired her a lot. Hopefully one day I can become as good as her.
Swimming is not only my favorite sport but also my hobby for relaxing after being stress or studying hard at school. Beside it also helps me to keep fit and healthy . Heath is very important in lives , if you have a good health, you can do whatever you want.

If I would win a prize that I want, then I am going to talk about winning a brand new car by being a board top notcher for my school.

My school has a habit of giving off grand prizes for alumni who tops the board exams, especially in the medical profession. They would often give cash prizes, among other things, but they occasionally give top notchers brand new cars.

Driving cars is one of my favorite past times. I usually drive when I just want to blow off some steam, or just want to think things through. But using our family car sometimes prevents me from driving whenever I prefer.

That is why I would want to win a brand new car, and I want to win it with my own ability, like being a board exam top notcher, and not just by being lucky at game shows.

I would like be winner of the best Iranian journalist, which is held annually. I am informed about this competition through more than 10years service in press. To win this award, necessarily I need read more to write better. In addition, a constant touch with public opinion to recognize their demands are essential. I believe winning this prize would contribute an impressive improvement in my life. Apart from job success it will have considerable influence in my private life. Because it will reveal my writing talent, which is remained useless in recent ages.

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I also looking for study partner. We can help each other in each section. Have a good day!

Hello Ramin

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I would like to talk about a prize in a company where I work, called "the employee of the month". It is awarded to someone who had good contribution in projects. The winner of the prize is announced by the manager at the end of each month. To win this prize, it is important for the employees to meat the deadlines and take initiative to make difference in the projects. Also, there are some other items which affect the selection of winner such as being on-time, have good communication skills, show the ability to do teamwork.
If I could won this prize, it becomes a good point in my resume and increases my salary by a small amount.

looking for someone whatsapp 923429164109 speaking

I would like to talk about the prize that I want to win. It's a scholarship prize which is awarded to brilliant students by one of the prestigious institute of South Korea.

After completing my Bachelor degree my plan was to study abroad on scholarship, so I started scholarship searching in start of 2015 and I found the 'Scholarship Network' group on Facebook. This group contains information of almost every scholarship offered throughout the globe. So, from there I found scholarship information of Korean university.

To win this scholarship I must have excellent academic record, which I already have. Second requirement for this scholarship is I have to pass IELTs exam with 6.5 band.

It's my ambition to study abroad at top ranked university and I can't afford the fees of university, so I need to win that scholarship in order to fulfill my desire. After winning this scholarship and getting quality education from well reputed university, I will come back to my country and transfer my knowledge to younger generation.

incridible speech

Because I am not a student now. As an ordinary man, I am just working at an ordinary job. So if I want to get a prize, I think it is better for me to get a reward which has something to do with my work so that it can be beneficial to the development of my career.

AT this moment the prize I want to receive is the outstanding employee award given by my company. Every year, the company holds a gala dinner at the end of the year. The gala dinner consists of three parts. First, there is a meeting. The boss and several senior managers will deliver a speech to summarize the achievement the company has fulfilled during the year. Then, there is a ceremony to celebrate 10 high-performance employees who will receive the outstanding employee award. At last, there are a number of live performances.

I have worked at the company for 5 years. Over the past 5 years, I have worked very hard and have been trusted by my superior and colleagues. Moreover, the boss has told me several times that I deserve the outstanding employee award. However, it’s pitiful that I haven’t received it so far.

To be honest, I of course expect to win the prize at least one time because it will somewhat prove the value I create for the company. It also will be beneficial to my career no matter whether I will continue to work at this company or not.

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