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March 13, 2015


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Thank you teacher

Great...It is very educational and informative

Thanks for sharing this fantastic tactic. It's awesome!

I'm glad you like the advice guys. In my experience, this simple technique really does help students to produce longer AND more coherent answers.

Thank you so much for the valuable advice.

Thank you.

Dear Simon,

Please can I ask another question regarding the Part two in speaking?

We are supposed to answer the questions on the speaking card. My question is what will happen if I have not got time to finish all the questions on the card when time is up? Do I lose marks for that? Or is it better to give a brief answer for each question on the card, then go into details?

Your advice will be much appreciated

Thank you

Really good of this question. For bright future a plan must be necessary before if you have no idea then you will be confused for getting better result.

Hi everyone,

thank you so much teacher simon for this advice it very useful. in fact, tomorrow is my IELTS exam but my speaking test will be next Friday. thank you so much simon for the ebook its really a great efforts.

good luck for all in your exam.


Answering all the questions on the card in part 2 is not necessary. They are there simply to assist the weaker candidates. Of course if you address different parts of the topic then you might produce a wider variety of vocabulary.

Dear Simon,

I am faced little bit problems about my IELTS score. I need each band 6.5 but I faced many times IELTS exam. I got overall 6.0 but I can not secured reading and listening score.

I hope you will give me some advise so that I can achieved my target score in the near future.

Hi simon
I would like to ask , in part 2, if I spoke for 2 min but I didnt cover t he third question , what is the situation


Thank you very much for your advice.

For speaking cue card session it is important to plan your answers to complete all the questions asked. If you don't answer all questions you may loose your band for TASK COMPLETION. So don't over produce your answer's, the best way is to spend each question a equal time.
P.S It is all my opinion..

I recently got 5.5 overall band with the individual band of
L=5.5 R=4.5 W=5.0 S=6.0. Would it be acceptable marks for australian student visa?

i think its good for future to have plane what u want to become in your life;because if you future plane then you will never faces and spend their time to think and your next step will be better and ethyntic

I received my results yesterday and i got 7.5 overall band!!!
It was my first attempt and i am so so happy with the result!

I believe it is better if a person have a goal in life particularly in terms of career. Having a planned goal in life is a good thing and also having a positive mindset will definitely make you successful. For instance, if you want to be a license Engineer, you should do plenty of handwork to achieve a certain specialty. A person without a objective in life is a travelling without direction.

Congratulations lena!

Hello! Can someone with band 7.5 help me with advices?

Thanx simon . I have a huge problem in the speaking part i really can't give long responses and I become very nervous so my mind block. please help me . What should I do ?

Hi Lena congrats could you tell me hoe can I get like this high mark...

Hi there, if anyone from "DHAKA". i need a speaking partner to dilute my freezing shyness. i need to practice face to face session. any suggestion. pls help!!!

Hi Simon, thanks for ur advices and practices u provided for us! I had listened to ur advice and practised the 6 main topics and it happened to come out one of the topics i hv prepared! Thanks a lot and hopefully i can get a good grade 😊😊

Hi everyone,

I am trying to improve my speaking skills. If you want to practise with me, please add my skype account. My account is vohoanganh201.

Thank you and regards.

if i answer to all the questions in the same way,what would be the outcome.

Add me please on SKYPE
adress info: penah11

Hi Simon..Is it OK to use "You" and "We" in the speaking? This is really my weakness because when I start to talk I really can't help myself but to use these pronouns. They said when we use "You", we refer to the examiner.

I hope you'll find time to respond to my query. Thank you Simon!

Hi Jen,

It's very normal for English speakers to use "you" (meaning "people in general"). It's a little informal, but fine for the speaking test.

Here's an example:
"When you live in a foreign country, I think it's important to understand the local culture."

If you said the above sentence in your speaking test, it would be fine. The examiner would know that you weren't talking about him/her.

Thank you so much Simon! I really appreciate everything. Have a wonderful day ahead!:D

Thank a lot teacher

Thanks a lot mam its really fabulous.

If u deliver any model ans for section 2 that could be fruitful for all of us

Thank you very much. Your advice is really helpful.

thanks for sharing it

hiii hrnd i want a speaking partner for practising englishing speaking ..my skype id is rahul.verma654

plz add me in skype for speaking test practice



I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh.If anyone interested to speaking practice with me for ielts exam, then you can add me. My Skype ID: mithun_dey85

thank you

Hi Simon,

Can i use this technique in one of my writing paragraphs with a little rephrasing?
It seems also applicable for writing.


Thanks so much!!!


Hello sir..
first of all I'm haertly thanks for this blog very useful for those students who preparing ielts.sir my aim is get 7 bands so that pls help me give me some method for all sections so I achieve my aim....plz plz help me sir

I think it is better to have a goal in life in order to become successful. Like for instance, you dream to be a nurse. In fulfilling that profession you have to be patient and caring. Also choosing the right school and putting a hard work in school. Being prepared in a nursing school is a good trait to finish what you aim to do. Having a bad habits like drinking alcohol, smoking and doing drugs will not help you achieve your dreams.

I like .that conversation you spoke it is fantastic vocabulary grammar.it is useful I will try to follow your lesson you taught.i want to. Know where to book the ielts exam could you guied me pls

Simon can you guide our answers. Thanks

Hi simon, I got a question about speaking part 3. In my last exam, the examiner told me not to talk about myself in this part when I was about to take an example. But I saw you used in your answers. So I'm confused about this problem. Could u help me?

That's strange Thomas - I've never heard about an examiner doing that before. Maybe he/she just wanted to see how you would cope with a tricky question, by forcing you to give a different example (not a personal one). I personally don't think he/she should have done that.

Hi, I'm going to take the ielts test and my target band score for speaking is 7.0. I'm finding partners to practice to improve ielts speaking skill through skype. If you are intersted in studying speaking in a small group, please add my skype: Phạm Thị Mến. Thanks!

Thank you Simon,

You make everything seems to be so simple!!!
I totally agree with your advice about the diference between "testing" and "trainging". I have been prepared for IELTS in the wrong way the whole time..

Dear Simon,

I need each band 6.5 but I get many times overall 6.0 but I can not boost reading and listening score.

I hope you will give me some advise so that I can achieved my target score in the near future.

iam having a hard time expressing and composing my thoughts in the part 2 of the speaking,can somebody tell me a good technique on how to succeed and reach the 2mins. thank u.

In my opinion, having a clear aim is definitely better. A clear aim is just like a navigation light in the dark and it will keep you in the correct path to the success. For example, if a person want to lose weight, he should have a long-term plan for it, such as how much he eats and how much exercise he should do everyday. If there is no clear aim, he will eat whatever he wants and will never lost his weight. One can easily be lost in dark if there is no navigation light.

Thank you very much.

great but I need to practise to reach this level.

Thank you Simon!! Your site is very helpful!!! ☺️


Thanks for your useful instructions.

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