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March 28, 2015


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Sir,thank you.

Dear Simon,
Thank you so much for your useful lessons.These above phrases are much valuable for students preparing for IELTS exam. However, it should be much better if you can give us some examples which apply these words.It would be much easier than learning them in the list.


Lot of thanks.

Thank you so much Simon

Hi everyone.Could you help me in this topic to write an essay.
"Director of large companies often receive much bigger salary increases than ordinary workers.Employers organization say that this is necessary to attract the best management talent.What are your views?"

Sentences using the above phrases :

1. These days many youngsters are increasingly likely to roam around and waste their time.

2. Some working men are happy to take on the role of househusband when their partner needs a break.

3. Men are physically and emotionally stronger than women so they prove to be the better breadwinners.

4. Equal rights movements have played a great role to shape the society we live in.

5. Technology has made a great progress over the last two decades.

6. In order to excel in any given field, it is necessary to gain the required qualifications.

It has never been easier for women to gain qualifications equal to men as it is now.

7. To pursue a career one needs to be diligent.

8. Women working alongside men has become socially acceptable.

9. Because of the rising cost of living a person with average income finds it difficult to make ends meet.

10. In order to make a marriage work it requires a good understanding and mutual respect between the marriage partners.

11. Starting a family can be an important milestone in one's life.

Starting a family can become less stressful if both partners share the burden.

12. Whether we value our hobbies more, or choose to pursue our careers passionately is a matter of personal preference.

13. Easy accessibility to knowledge using the Worldwide web should be seen as progress.

14. Governments should provide equal opportunities for the poor and rich to explore their talents and potential.

15. Employers should not put their workers under pressure to reap huge benefits.

16. Because of the economical pressure, students with less financial means sacrifice their careers and look for a job from their early adulthood.

17. Both parents can assume childcare their responsibilities if they divide their time frame effectively.

18 + 19. I believe the parental role can be exchanged between the spouses depending upon their particular circumstances and needs.

20. Media has played a vital role for the wider changes in society.

21. Many people believe that crucial steps taken by the charitable organization are desirable developments.

I believe that these developments are desirable that people from various backgrounds are working together harmoniously.

it is very helpful

1. Nowadays e-mails are increasingly likely to be used by youth instead of sending an envelop.

2. In several countries is likely to see men taking on role of househusband due to specific temper and mentality.

3. Frequently, in our contemporary tense time women put a lot of effort on their shoulders and, as a result, they are likely to become the breadwinners in their families.

4. It is worth noting that females can pursue a career like males easily because equal rights movements have reached a breakthrough.

5. Yeasterday's lesson has influenced the students dramatically, therefore now they are more likely to make great progress in writing essays.

6. It is no secret that in order to be considerably promoted in a large compony, employees have to gain appropriate qualifications in their field of work.

7. According to some researches, more than a three-quarter of surveyed have pursued their musical career independently.

8. In recent decades, being late in several countries might look odd and more than this became socially unacceptable.

9. In some cities the rising cost of living might be a key factor to move in.

10. There is a tendency that both marriage partners are in enployment while their children are being looked after by babysitter or grandparents.

11. Couples should have a long-term vision in turms of housing in case they are aiming at starting a family.

12. When students have to move out of their house to a university city, as a rule, they have the personal reference whether to live alone or share accommodation with flatmates.

13. In my mind, regardless ups and downs, the overall trend should be seen as progress.

14. It is hardly surprising that women have equal opportunities compared with men, even more females are more likely to get in on the ground floor in some cases.

15. It is no wonder that being unaware of both strategy and point of subject, students might put themselves under pressure taking an exam.

16. I stay determined that there are particular circumstances which might force people to sacrifice their careers.

17. Based on recent statistics, women are more likely to assume childcare responsibilities after divorce rather than men.

18. Certainly, parental role makes the difference either in formation of child's personality and in his or her development into a well-rounded moral person.

19. It seems certain that couples should consider their particular circumstances and needs when they move in together.

20. In conclusion, inevitably rising amount of housing sharing, for both younger and older people, became an outcome of wider changes in society.

21. I presume, these developments, which have been made by an invaluable contribution to country, might be still desirable.

** 17. Both parents can assume childcare responsibilities/ can assume their childcare responsibilities...

1. Children are increasingly likely to sit in front of their computers for all day instead of going outside having activities.

2. In some of Asian countries, taking on the role of house-husband almost seems to be impossible to happen for men because they consider themselves to be the bread-winners in their families.

3. Nowadays, women are increasingly likely to be the bread-winners in their families instead of men.

4. Equal rights movements have been an essential factor to build a strong and fair society.

5. Microwaves have made a great progress in food preparation over the last two decades.

6. Because of the intense competition in our contemporary society, people must gain qualifications in order to compete with others and earn a good living.

7. It used to be difficult for women to pursue their careers in the last centuries.

8. Same-sex marriage has been become socially acceptable.

9. Due to the rising cost of living, the poor are having more difficulties than ever.

10. Being faithful is the most crucial factor for both of marriage partners in order to have a long-term marriage.

11. Marriage is the first step of starting a family in one's life.

12. Cooking at home or eating out in a restaurant also depending on personal preference.

13. Riding bicycle to work should be seen as progress of human's environment protection of global warming and greenhouse gases.

14. A fair community brings equal opportunities to people no matter where they come from or how they look like.

15. The coming examination puts students under pressure.

16. With no financial support from parents, I had to sacrifice my career and started to work when I finished highschool

17. Women used to be considered to assume childcare responsibilities alone while men were the families's bread-winners in the previous century.

18. Parental role is significant important to every child's growth and development.

19. Middle-class citizens purchase houses depending upon their particular circumstances and needs.

20. Increasing of population in major cities has impacted dramatically on the wider changes in society.

21. These developments are truly desirable when car can interact with drivers for safer journeys.

hi simion..i m not used to this sites i can not find you lesson about writing.how can i find them

>>>> depending on the personal preference of each partner, or based on which partner ....

Hello Simon!
Could you explain to me why "depending" is and why " based" is, please?
Thanks for your useful materials.

if we knew these collocations, we wouldnt have had to prepare for ielts. most of the native speakers never happen to use almost none of these in their lifetimes i suppose.

That's why I'm giving you them suleyman.

Native speakers do use the collocations above - they are very normal phrases for an English speaker.

Hi Simon!
I have a question about the words:
"assume childcare responsibilities"
here, the word "repsonsibility" should be a countable noun or an uncountable noun?
In your another essay, there are words:
"take resposiblity for"
I am a little confused about the usage of this word.

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