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March 26, 2015


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Hi Simon ,
I tried to answer the question by following your advice that mentioned in one of your previous lessons so I hope I did it well!

1-Introduction : paraphrasing ( the first diagram shows the layout of the ground floor of a house and the second one shows the proposed changes to it )

2- Overview : the main changes ( the locations of the internal door and the stairs, size of the living room)

3- body para.1 The changes in stairs location , removal of the store under the stairs , and the living room
4- body para. 2. The changes in the internal door position and kitchen furniture

Hi Simon one more question can we say that ( as the result of these changes individuals can acess the living room and the kitchen more easily than before ) is that accepted ?!!

Thanks in advance

The diagrams illustrate the modification of building a ground floor from an existing plan

It is noticeable that one of internal walls and storage in old plan were removed to make the hall to be a part of living room while both entrance doors remain unchanged in new plan

In new plan, two internal doors were relocated from two sides of the hall in old plan to one end of internal wall where both internal doors are next to each other. At the same time, the position of the stairs in the old plan was moved to the one corner of living room. By doing so, more space can be seen in living room in proposed plan and make it easier for people to access kitchen from living room or living room from kitchen

Furthermore, one more change can be noticed in the kitchen, in old plan, there was no kitchen furniture while kitchen furniture in new plan was proposed

The two diagrams compare a house floor plan before and after the construction of some suggested changes.

It is clear that some significant changes are being planned to the existing structure of the building. According to the plan, there will be no hallway in the house, and the position and shape of the staircase will also be changed.

According to the first diagram, currently there are two entrance doors to the building. The one entrance door opens to the south of the house, and inside it leads to an entrance hall with stairs on the right side. There is a small storage area under the stairs. At the end of the hallway, there are two internal doors, one each on the right and left side which open into the living room and the kitchen respectively. At the opposite side of the kitchen's door there is another door that gives access to the northwest of the house.

It has been shown in the second diagram that the wall between the hallway and the living room will be knocked down to create a spacious open plan living space. Additionally, the staircase will be moved to the left side, and the access to the kitchen will be provided by a two-part door near the entrance door. The new staircase will be an inverted L shape. The kitchen units or furniture will be installed in its left half in a C shape.
I've tried to keep it concise. The original one that I wrote was eeeven longer. I don't understand why it's still too long. :( Any comments plzz

The diagrams illustrate some changes made from an existing building plan for a house.

It is clear that there are some major alterations, in particular in the middle of the ground floor. Living room and kitchen areas remain unchanged.

The existing ground floor plan shows the kitchen can be accessed through an entrance door on the left of the ground level. The kitchen on the left and the hall in the middle are separated by an internal wall as well as a door. A stair case is situated to the right side of the middle compartment, with a small storage underneath. Living room is planned on the right of the ground floor. A symmetric internal wall and door are used to divide between the living room and the middle part of the house. An entrance door makes stairs and the hall accessible from outside.

The proposed plan is to integrate the middle and the right parts of the house together. Therefore, the groud floor is simply segregated into left and right compartments by one internal wall and a double door. The entry hall will disappear and be replaced by the extended L-shaped stairs. Although the area of the kitchen remains the same, some kitchen furniture is going to be constructed on the left side of it.

Hi guys,
I do not know why but I find writing task one difficult...Writing task 2 is easier for me than task 1...Maybe I should follow all task 1 here...

The illustrations compare the existing and proposed modifications to the ground floor layout of a home.

It is the clear that the proposed internal structural modifications will make the ground floor to appear more spacious and open. By contrast, the existing design does not allow easy access to the kitchen and the living room.

In the existing floor plan, the kitchen and the living room cannot be accessed directly because entry is through interconnecting doors along a narrow hall near the internal staircase. The architect previously modeled both rooms on the closed room concept, whereas the proposed plan suggests demolishing the internal walls in the kitchen and the living room. The proposed changes also suggest doing away with the hall to open up the internal staircase, whereas the existing floor plan has a well-defined hall.

The new plan recommends expanding the living room marginally by altering the periphery wall near the entrance of the house. The new layout also proposes building kitchen furniture, while dismantling the storage space under the stairs in the existing layout.

The two diagrams describe the expected architectural work to change a structure of the house’s ground floor.
It can be seen that there are some significant changes which will be made to create the convenience in going in and out to the kitchen and living room as well as walking to the upstairs.
Firstly, the existing internal doors which are put in the end of the building to connect kitchen and living room, will be moved to the left of the entrance door which can help to open or close the kitchen. In addition, the kitchen will be supplied the new furniture to improve its function.
Next, the stairs next to living room will be extended by the removal of the storage and the hall. It makes the traveling between the ground floor and the upstairs easily. Finally, the internal wall on the left of living room will be destroyed to widen its space.

The diagram illustrates the ground floor plan of a house and a new proposed plan to make some changes in the interior of the building.

The house contains three main parts namely kitchen, living room and hall. Currently, two internal walls separate the hall from kitchen and living room. In the new plan the right internal wall and door together with the entry hall will be removed in order to provide a more spacious living room. The storage room will no longer exist as the stairs is going to be removed and replaced with new L-shaped stairs.

At the end of the entrance hall there is an internal door on the left side providing access to the kitchen. This door will be disappeared as a result of the extension of the left internal wall. Instead, a double door is considered for the kitchen suited on the south of the building near the entrance door. This will provide a very quick access to the kitchen from the living room. In addition, furniture is planned to be installed on the left side of the kitchen.

Overall, the new plan will provide a roomy living area and a better access to the kitchen.

Dear Simon,

I get my expected result 6.5. Thanks a lot for your help. You give us many advice and exercises.

Sorry all, this information is not relevant to the topic.

Hi Simon
Is it allowed to write $,% ,UK instead of dollar, percent, United Kingdom in writing?

I want to prepare for ielts exam but i don't know what can i prepare,please tell me some information

Dear Simon,

Please would it be possible to see your model answer for this essay?

I tried to keep my sentences simple and clear. But someone thinks that the others' writing is better than mine. Anyway, writing in a simple way suits me better. It would be wonderful if I can see your opinion.

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Hi Simon. I don't understand anything what the maps, table, chart, graph...show. How do I should study to understand? Please help me!
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Hi friends.
It is a little late, but it is better than never.

The diagram compares the schematic plan about changes that will take place in a home.
The main changes in proposed plan would be removing of the internal wall between living room and hall way and providing a wider entrance to the kitchen along with adding of furniture for a better use of space in cooking and dining area.

In existing plan, there is an internal wall which separates the living room from the main entrance, while in proposed plan, by removing this wall, there would be a direct access to living room via main entrance and a larger space for daily living pastime. By changing the stairwell from a simple straight one to a wider rotating shape, there would be a larger access to the upper level of the home on the cost of losing the storage under the stairs.

Another main change will be in cooking and dining area of the house. By applying, 2 larger doors instead of a single smaller one on the original plan, there would be a direct access to kitchen area via main entrance which makes access to the kitchen more convenient. There is also the adding of kitchen furniture right in front of kitchen entrance that provides a rationalized use of kitchen space.

The diagram compares the current ground floor model of a
house and its suggested alteration plan.
In general, the proposed construction model would not only has a larger living area but also an approachable and well equipped kitchen. In contrast to the present traditional home with hallway .

The existing house has a front door opening in hallway with staircase and storage facilities. Moreover,the distal end of the hall has two doors on either sides, leading to kitchen and living.
On the contrary, the suggested architectural changes would form a roomy living area by removing its internal wall and shifting staircase at the distal end of the house.
The proposed plan for kitchen involves modern furnishings and easy access by shifting kitchen doors besides main enterence.

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The diagram illustrates some of the changes that are made in the ground floor.
The main changes that are made are in the internal doors and in the stairs. By making the changes of the location of the internal doors it make easy to access in the kitchen from the living room and by making the changes in the location of the internal door the is more space in kitchen for furnishing .Similarly with the changes in the stairs the living room have got more space as well.

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The two diagrams illustrates the present and the suggested floor plan of a house for some construction work.
Overall,in proposed plan,one of the internal wall is recommended to be removed so as to increase the size of the living room compared to the existing layout. Additionally,removal of internal doors and shifting it towards the entrance
The existing plan not only has a hallway with storage under stairs but also internal doors for easy access between kitchen and living room.
In contrast,the new plan suggests to remove the internal towards the living room and replace the internal doors to stairs.Resulting a spacious living room.Although the kitchen area remains the same,new kitchen furniture is advised to be installed and by shifting the internal doors beside the main entrance results in easy access to this area.
Hi Simon, can you suggest about this answer.

Hi Simon

I just write the two paragraph.

The chart compares two types ground floor plan of a house, the existing one and anotehr with some buliding work.

The main difference is the storage and kitchen furniture. The existing plan has storage under stairs,
while the other plan has kitchen furniture.


The diagrams chart the development plan of an existing house. The overall objective of this plan is to provide a more spacious living room, change the position of staircase, and install new furniture in the kitchen.

In terms of significant changes, the current stairs in the middle of the house will be removed completely, consequently the storage under this stairs will no longer exist. The kitchen wall (the internal wall) will be extended to be attached to the rear wall of the house and the current kitchen door will be removed entirely. Instead, a new wider door will be installed at the bottom by the entrance door. In addition, the kitchen will be furnished with new kitchen furniture and equipment. The house will have a new L-shaped staircase attached to the kitchen wall to allow access to the next floor. Eventually, the right internal wall will be demolished completely to provide a roomy living room for the house.
(178 words)

The diagrams illustrate the existing and proposed modifications to the ground floor layout of a home.

It is noticeable that the proposed internal modifications will provide direct access and more space in the different areas located ground floor. By contrast, the existing design does not allow easy access to the kitchen and the living room.

Looking at the diagrams in more detail, we can see that in the existing plan there is an internal wall which separates the living room and the kitchen from the hall. By making the changes in the location of the internal doors, also removing the internal wall of the living room and adjusting the position of the stairs based on the proposed changes it make an easy to access in the kitchen from the living room.

The new plan also proposes adding kitchen furniture and removing the storage space under the stairs in the existing layout that gives a larger access to the upper level of the house. Furthermore,the proposed changes will make the ground floor to appear more spacious and open.

The diagrams compare the differences between the current ground floor plan of a house and its proposal for some building work.
The apparent change noticed from the diagrams is that the space for the living is increased by merging the hall and the living room together, while for the kitchen is the same.
In the proposed plan, the wall and the door that separated the living room and the hall are removed and the staircase is replaced to the end of the corridor. The storage under the stairs is discarded. This creates a more spacious living room.
Another noticeable change in the proposed plan is in the kitchen. The wall that was right on the left side of the entrance door was relocated to further end of the corridor next to the stairs and two doors are placed in that spot. By this change, the kitchen is more easily accessible through the south entrance door. In addition, the kitchen furniture is installed in the kitchen.

Could you give me some advice on my writting?

The diagram provides information on the changes of the proposed plan pf the ground floor, compared with the existent plan.

The expected plan of the ground floor is still respect for the basic framework of the existing design and just changes some of the partial detail. For example, the changes is made to the position of the internal doors, the size of stairs and a storage under stairs and hall. In particular, the main differences between the two plans are the disappearance of storage under stairs and hall in order to make way for stairs which are suggested to enlarge in the future. For the reason, the two internal doors linking kitchen and living room to hall removed and replaced by the two others which link kitchen to the living room. Whereas, no changes are the two entrances when the two plans is brought into comparison.

In conclusion, the partial changes of the expected design are for the extension of the living room and the stairs by taking advantage of space of hall and storage under stairs which are demolished to give way for.

The first diagram shows the layout of a house ground floor, and the second shows some proposed changes to the space.

It is clear that significant changes will be made in terms of the use of stairs and hall space in the house. There will also be a rearrangement in internal doors and internal walls.

At present, the south entrance door leads into a hall with stairs to the right and two opposing doors at the end. These doors help people enter the living room on the right and the kitchen on the left of the house. There are internal walls separating these rooms and the hall area. But the plan is to remove the current hall, the right door and right internal wall to make the living room bigger. New U-shaped stairs will be located in the north west of this room.

The left internal wall in the proposed design will be moved to end of the existing hall to replace the current kitchen door. Near the main doorway, the new floor plan shows a two-leaf door leading into the kitchen. This kitchen will also be furnished with new furniture.

191 words

The floor plans illustrate the expected modifications of the ground floor of a building.

In general, the hall would be taken away from the ground floor after the redecoration in order to spare more space for the other parts of the floor.

As shown in the diagrams, the internal wall which separates the living room and the hall is going to be torn down, while the hall would not be kept, so that the living room is going to be roughly twice as big as before. The stairs will also be modified to be in a curved shape. As a result, the storage under stairs is going to vanish.

Furthermore, the two doors which are being used to link the living room, the hall and the kitchen will soon be moved to right beside the entrance door, and will continue to link up the living room and the kitchen. Finally, some kitchen furniture will be placed in the inner side of the kitchen.

(163 words)

The first diagram shows the existing foor plan of a building, and the second diagram is some expected building changes.

We can see that there are some changes of foor construction in terms of internal doors and the use of room for living room and kitchen furniture.

first, in the existing floor plan, two internal doors are placed seperatly in the place far away from door. However, they are moved to be right beside the door and only for the entrance of kichten. Besides, about one third room of kitchen are plan to set kitchten furniture.

Second, the origional place for storage under the stairs will be as a part of stair. Finally, the wall between hall and living room be be removed and the hall and living room will become one new living room which is one third times bigger than the existing living room.

Hi we have a house plan but realize its too big and costly. is it possible to remain with the ground floor only but still have almost same shape, ie the house is 1 and half, from being two sories

Two diagrams compare the layout of the first floor of a house as it is now with a proposed architect design.

It is clear that the most profound changes are going to be take place in the stairs construction including the surrounding space of the nearby rooms. It is also noticeable that the kitchen and entrance doors will not be affected.

Looking at the changes first, the living room and the hall are going to be merged to created an open space without any internal walls or entrances. Moreover, the stairs will also be reconstructed so that internal doors will be concatenated and left between the kitchen and living room. Finally, the small storage under the stairs will be removed.

By contrast, no changes will be applied to the kitchen area, except the fact that some furniture is planned to be installed. In addition, entrance doors will not be moved or excluded from the project.

Dear Mr.Simon,

In the overview of your report, you wrote "There are no plans to change external walls or
entrances" but I think it's not right because in the proposal plan, one of the internal walls was removed. Can you check again, please!

Hi Duong,

"external walls and entrances" are not internal. I was referring to the outside walls and doors only.

Dear Mr.Simon,

Sorry, I'm wrong. Many thanks for your answer and your explanation.

Can we start the introduction with “ the graph illustrates” for a question like this please reply

Dear Mr.Simon,
May i have some ideas for the writing below.
I have a plan to take the exam by august.

The two pictures compare the current layout of a house with a planned layout which is going to redesign by making some changes.
In general , there are a number of changes between the two diagrams. The main changes can be seen the central of the house . That is , the living room will be enlarged by removing the hall and other parts which is supporting to be a room. However , there is no plan to make changes for the entrance door.
In details, the internal wall which is separated the two rooms{ hall & living room } will be removed to make a bigger space for the living room . And the two facing door of the upper place , the storage under stairs will no longer be seen in the layout of proposed plan.
At the button of the layout , there has a plan to add double internal door to be easy in passing through kitchen and the living room . And finally, a space for kitchen furniture will be taken place at the conter of the kitchen room.

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