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March 27, 2015


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No problem Simon

SIMON, I think on the webpage for your video lessons, it would make it clearer if you could please also describe that which one of your videos has got "an accompanying essay" as well, just as you have mentioned "with an accompanying worksheet". I mean with most of your videos in the introduction statements it only says "how to describe...", and it sounds as it is only about the methodology in general. Thanks!

Good idea Sanam. Every worksheet contains a full essay, but it would probably help if I made this clear!

It's great that you liked the idea Simon, thank you!

Hi Simon, I am a student from Hong Kong and bought your video lesson packages recently and I love the video so much. Reasonable price and help me a lot in tackling IELTS writing.

After watching all your video, I would like to ask a question about the word "adjust".

Adjust is sometimes used in describing the share or stock price decrease, may I use it to describe data has a slightly decrease in Writing task 1?

Many thanks!

Hi Ken,

I'm glad you like the videos.

It's true that "adjust" is used for descriptions of stocks, market prices etc. However, this is a very specific context, and I wouldn't try to use "adjust" when describing typical IELTS graphs or charts. Good question though!

hey simon,where can i watch you video?? youtube?

Hello Simon,

I am unable to find video . Can you please let me know where i can watch ?

Hi Neeta and Eva,

The lesson isn't at the bottom of the page any more.

Look for "Writing task 1, lesson 8" about comparison diagrams. It's one of the blue coloured lessons. Please note that this isn't one of my free lessons - it costs $8, but I hope you'll find that it's worth it!

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