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April 24, 2015


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Thanks a lot simon.

1- yes, i do like cooking. Although I do not necessarily cook every day, and when I do I enjoy it. The main reason is that I know my family and I would have to bear the consequences. So if the meal is delicious then of course everyone will enjoy the taste and I like that, otherwise I myself feel very disappointed.

2. My mother and elder sister did the cooking when I was a child and I think now I cook like them.

3. Yes, I think it makes a great difference if we know how to cook well, because take away meals or fast food is an option that doesn't feel very palatable if we do it everyday. So being able to cook well adds a variety to our cuisine.

4. Yes, I think teaching children how to cook at school not only is a fun for them but it also teaches them a lifelong skill that will be useful for them later in life. For example, i remember when I had learned some cooking at school I was quite fascinated by that and it intrigued my interest in cooking.

Thanks Simon.

For my colleagues who are preparing for IELTS there is a page on Facebook ( Voice of America) and almost every day good vocabulary especially collocations are posted. I hope my colleagues find it useful.

Hi Simon, i just heard there is some recent change in the type of ielts we need to take in order to work in UK, the ielts UKVI? I took ielts last week not knowing abouy this. This is just too heartbreaking. They say that the rrgular ielts will no longer be accepted after april 6. Pls check on the validity of this news

Hi Kay,

Don't worry! UKVI is not new, and it's not an exam - it's the name of an organisation: UK Visas and Immigration.

UKVI recently made some changes to its Visa rules, but IELTS is still accepted by them. In other words, nothing has changed for you!

Here's the official information:


Hey guys,

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Hi Simon,
What place can be described for the question - Talk about colorful place you have visited?
Can I describe any interesting place I have visited in this case?

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Hi Simon,

Here is my answers.

1. Do you like cooking? Why / why not?

I definitely like cooking, I like preparing a delicious meal for my family, Specialy for my kids when they go to school I want them to have a delicious but funny lunch pack.

2. Who did the cooking in your family when you were a child?

My mom used to cook for us, She prepares a balance meal for the family, I can still remember when she prepares our dinner she always say that Fish and vegetables should be together and add fruits for a much balance diet. Always smile while cooking so it will give a tastefull result.

3. Do you think that it's important to know how to cook well?

I believe so, Its is really nice that anyone should know how to cook atleast the basic.However, not everyone enjoys cooking but if you know how to prepare the basic food you will not rely on canned goods.

4. Do you think that children should be taught cookery at school?

I would have to say yes, This will show them how easy and fun to cook and prepare a simple food for themselves.And who knows they could be the next master chef!

thank you

Hi Simon thanks for help me in various ways that I was need. And I really sure you will help me to keep in touch with my eglish course.all in all Thank you very much.god bless u.

Simon thanks I really fascinated by the way of your study.Thanks

thank you simon its so helpful helpfull to appear my exam

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