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May 10, 2015


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For improving my listening and speaking, i usually listen english talks. I found Www.ted.com really a good source for preparing for these 2 tasks of ielts.

Hello everyone,

For me , I'm trying to cover all common topics.so I'm basically focusing on the writing section , in fact it's the only section that I'm working on and my exam is set for the next July.

Dear Simon,

I thought that it's good to do practice and preparation in the same time, you will notice massive progress in your skills .

Anybody before practice should be preparation something to do

Sir,please advice something about ielts exam.

I tried to watch English TV series, YouTube and listened to English songs. Basically I let myself expose to English in a more interesting way. Doing some physical exercise helps to maintain my energy level and increase my enthusiasm too.

Without practice preparation is nothing.

for my IELTS preparation I tend to listening to BBC and TED as much as I can, for reading I tend to read newspapers or other topics which are interest me. but i don't know how to prepare my speaking test actually.

I'm prepare IELTS How plan and prepare of exams so please say some tips

In preparation, you should prepare let say a hundred topics, but in the test you are just asked let say ten topics.

Spending the time to Prepare a big test as a ielts is a essential stage in a period to practice test. I usually spent about 30 minutes every day to knowledge english.This is followed by some website to learn english
- http://www.ted.com/talks (for litening and speaking)
- http://www.bbc.com/news (for reading)

Hi, I want to practice and improve my speaking skills. Kindly add me, if anyone is interested in spending 30 minutes everyday for practicing speaking module on Skype.
My skype id: sriam255

hii abc, this websites are very useful. Thanks for the information.

Hi amit I am interested in speaking as my test is in june my Skype is :Najlae Boukbir

Hi, I listen TED too ,read newspaper ,watch series, but I don't know how work with the new vocabulary in these, sometime it is too precise and some are not even in the dictionary. Any advice?

My way to learn a new word,i will note with a phrase including this word make me easy to remember
for example: "preicse"==>"a precise detail"
As other way, you can replace the familiar synonym word.^^

in my point of view, the preparation is one who are studying English in general, such as listen to BBC , watching the TV, and reading the Newspaper. while, one who are registed the date for IELTS. so that one are foced on his or her weakend section to practiced a lot as much as he/she can because of under the time presssure.

I personally believes that preparation and practice both are totally different ways to approach exam. Preparation is something you teach yourself how to correct your mistakes, like in writing preparation would be how to write an Introduction or Conclusion, while practice would be writing the whole task1 or 2 in an allocated time limit. Similarly, reading preparation could be reading articles, newspapers or blogs, while practice would be to solve real tests papers. Another example of preparation in writing could be reading vocabulary or grammar books to overcome these issues in real test.

In conclusion, although both are essential skills, preparation is more important because it's the only way to significantly improve the band score.

Thanks for sharing your preparation ideas guys!

Hi Simon,

Thanks for your ebook and extra materials! I have a problem playing the videos on your website, I can open them and even see the video pages, but they just can not play. I am living in China. What do you think the problem would be?


One advice I would like to give for reading passages. It's really important to read a lot. When you are not used to reading your brain gets exhausted after reading just one paragraph and after that you will be reading but not actually grasping the knowledge or the concept. But once you start getting tuned up, your speed increases and you are absorbing more information each time than before. Here in this scenario I think practice is the key. Read anything you get your hands on. When you can read quickly with understanding then you can have more time to go through the questions and find the answers. I have found that all the questions are not just paraphrased sentences from the paragraphs. Some questions need your understanding and grasping the essence of it which can only be done if you can read, understand and absorb quickly. Like giving a heading e.g., you can't if you don't understand the point conveyed in each paragraphs and also the true/false/NG questions can be quite tricky at times.

Hi Simon,

It's been a long time for me not study English. I think that the appropriate way for me is to improve my foundation of English, that is, to do a lot practice. Everyday, I am going to read newspapers, novels, listen to Ted talks and memorize the words. I will rotate all sorts of thing day to day so that I can improve my foundation of English.

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