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May 09, 2015


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1. Einstein has made an outstanding contribution to physics and cosmology.
2. I was intrigued by the Palamentary Election 2015 as well as associated programmes.
3. If staff want to have an advancement at work, they have to achieve certain standards.
4. These days, people are over worked in order to meet targets and deadlines.
5. I will have a great sense of personal achievement if I pass the IELTS test.

Hi Simon ,
I' m sorry to post my question here, but I' m really confused about the question in this lesson.

I want to answer the question with disagree opinion but I want to write about both sides of arguments. In one of your lessons you said that in some questions this is possible especially when there are certain words like
" only" or " should ".
So I wonder if can do that for this question . For example,
I can write
( It is true that unpaid work done by teenagers in their spare time would be beneficial for them as individuals and their society. However, I disagree that these young people should be forced to do such work).
Then I write 1 body paragragh why it is agood idea and another paragragh about why i disagree with the opinion ( should be forced).

Thanks in advance


1-make an outstanding contribution to something
2-achieve certain standards
3-meet a target/deadline
4-good teamwork
5-act as a deterrent
6-prison sentences
7-vitally important
8-to calm traffic
9-deter somebody from doing something

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1. can be used together to promote
2. can act as a deterrent
3. vitally important to educate people properly
4. to deter people from doing something
5.outstanding contribution to the business
6. an exact definition of what this means
7. to achieve certain standards
8. done something especially creative
9. definitely help me to progress in my career
10.a great sense of personal achievement.

This prize would be given to those who make an outstanding contribution to the business.

When I was a child, I was intrigued by the question of whether there is any intelligent creature from another planet.

Each person might be still curious what an exact definition of success.

If I could achieve certain standards, I would get big bonus last year.

In a courier delivery service company, good punctuality in sending goods for customer is a key to success for this business.

In certain company especially in IT business, a 100% attendance and good punctuality is not obligation, but more important thing is how each staff and manager can meet targets and deadlines.

My manager would appreciate an employee who has done something especially creative.

One of friend, who received a prize from his company, had been recognized not only by board director but by his company colleague.

In workplace, both my attitude and creative thinking will affect on progress in my career.

If you choose your job based on your passion, it is not only just about money that you get but also give you a great sense of personal achievement.

hlo simon plz hep me my speaking and reading part is poor plz give me some tips

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