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May 07, 2015


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Cambridge 8, TEST 2:

While sentence:

While the total school spending on furniture and equipment reduced by 10% from 1981 to 1991, the amount of expenditure on resources such as books soared by 5% over the same period.

Cambridge 8, TEST 1:

The contribution of over-grazing and over-cultivation in global land degradation was 35% and 28% of the total respectively.

Cambridge 8, TEST 2:

The amount of budget considered for teacher's salaries saw a growth of 10% in the first decade of the designated period, but the figure reduced to 45% by 2001.

There is another structure that I have found it useful: "had+PP+before"

Expenditures on teacher's salaries had increased to 50% by 1991 before declining to 45% by the end of the period.


Hi ,

While the proportion of internet users in the USA increased to 50 % , the figures for Canada declined by 25% .

In 1995, the proportion of Canadians and Americans Internet users were at about 10 % and 5% respectively.

Mexico saw a marked increase in its internet users throughout the period shown.

We can see that 80% of the UK's dangerous waste is put into landfill sites.

While 30% of Swedish dangerous waste is recycled , the UK does not recycle at all .

In Korea and Sweden , the incineration is preferred for 10% and 20% of harmful waste respectively .

Hi Simon
this is the first time
Could you please correct my sentences

While sentence:

While the proportion of using the Internet in the USA dramatically Increased with 10%, from 70% to 80%, the percentage of using the web slightly decrease from 60% to 55% in the UK.


Both the USA and UK had gradually Increased at the percentage of using the Internet by 80% and 70%,respectively


The USA saw 10% Increased in the proportion of using the Internet,and the UK decreased over the period shown.

Dear sir,thank you very much for the tip.

Dear Simon,

I put "while", "saw" and "respectively" all into one example sentence. Could you please check whether it is okay?

"While the US saw a rise in unemployment during the years 2010 and 2011, Australian unemployment was on the decrease and the rates of unemployment for 2010 and 2011 were 5 per cent and 4.5 per cent respectively."

Thank you very much.

hi,while the production of rice in Bengol are 75% and in pakistan 25%.china saw population increase in 2000 and canada,s population decrease in 2000 respectively.

sir cheak my sentences and tell me where i am wrong.

1. While the UK saw an increase in coffee production, the USA saw a decline of the same.

2.The coffee production for the two countries are 45% and 25% respectively.

Good work guys. It's interesting to see that some people have managed to use 2 or even all 3 words in one sentence.

while sentenced people amount incresed by 5 % in USA, it declined to 6 % in UK.

The contribution of adult and student in social programmes was 28 % and 35 % of the total respectively.

The amount of social walfare saw a significantly growth of 10 % in the first decade of given period but the number for popolation reduced by 1.5 % by 2001
gure reduced to 45% by 2001.


While most of followers used different sentences for every single words, The others have managed to use 2 or even 3 words in one sentence.

Dear Fatima,
I am also an IELTS student. Would you mind if I correct you?
Don't you think that the sentence is a quite mess?did you get it in any book?because rice production and population increase don't go with each other....
Anyways,while China saw an increase in its population in 2000,Canada experienced a decrease in the same year.you cannot use respectively here because it is a contrast.
Rather it may be,
While UK saw a reduction in its population by 5% in 2000,China and Canada experienced 6% and 4% increase in the same year respectively.

Any correction cordially invited friends.

Hi, Simon.I am a student from China. I've tried prechasing the video lessons on writing task 1 in this website, but it seems like all my debit cards can't support the payment in Paypal. Do you think it would be possible for me to pay for the video lessons in another way? Hope to receive your reply soon.

While the fee for travelling by airplane is slowly decreased, this figure for driving has sharply increased.
While Food waste made up to 70% of the total waste, Paper and Plastic just took a much smaller percentage, 30% and 25%, respectively.
The UK saw an increase in demand for luxury smartphones over the past 10 years.

thank you simon,you guide me

thank u naz.i don,t mind i request u help me i want to learn english.

hi naz i make sentences plz check this.
three students X,Y,Z,got 600,700,800,marks respectively.
while i watch game show on tv four students A, B,C,D,got 5,6,7,8,points in the game show respectively.

1. While, computer users were increased to 30 % the book reader significantly decreased to 6% in the year of 2010 in UK
2. In Canada and Australia computers outnumbered books by 24% and 10 % of population respectively
3. Ireland saw a drastic change in computer user , there was ten times higher than books. Readers .

While our country was preparing for drought and floods, the country saw that each calamity needed 2 and 3 months of time respectively.

hi all,
sorry for commenting something that off topic but I just want to ask simon and fellow friends here, for ietls writing task 1, is it conclusion is required because some teachers say that conclusion in writing task 1 is not necessary.

1. while sentence:
Water consumption of Agriculture use was 500 Km^3 in 1900, while it gradually increased to 3000 Km^3 in 2000.

2. respectively sentence:
Water consumption of Agriculture and Industrial use in 2000 was 3000 Km^3 and 1000 Km^3, respectively.

3. saw sentence:
The Brazil saw an increase in the water consumption of Agriculture.


While the production of company X and company Y increased by 5% and 7% respectively this year, company Z saw a 2% fall in its production over the same period.

Any correction? Please

As a preventive factor, harsh punishments is highly recommended by some experts while other measured are offered by other groups.

The lowest crash rate belongs to Japan, Indonesia and Australia, respectively.

Brazil saw a surprising fall in rate of collisions as a result of informative programs which have pursed constantly by media and press.

Japan saw a grave decrease in using personal means of transport, while there were slight increases by 10%, 15% and 20% in Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia respectively.

Who could help me to correct this sentence?

while V saw an significant increase in export value, T saw a slight fall of the same

China saw a significant increased in the number of people migrating to cities from rural areas in 2012.

The sales of bananas and coffee in the UK were 10 million and 47 million Euros respectively.

The percentage of college students studying abroad after graduation increased to 10% in 2014, while the number of those student declined by 2%.

While a number of students in A-level exams saw a 10% overall increase as compared to last year.

England and Belgium spent 5% and 3% of their overall budget on health respectively.

While the number of elderly people in Korea was 100 million in 2019, the figure for Australia and Singapore is 40 and 30 million respectivel, And Australia saw a drastic change in the number of youth during a period.

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