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June 14, 2015


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thank you simon sir.

Is there any version on internet which is free to be downloaded, any link etc

It isn't a big deal as it's just a collection of tests , I will wait until to get it freely and to practice on past papers.

I attended my test yesterday. And the listening section followed mostly the Cambridge 10 books. Question pattern was almost same. So its better to practice with latest test papers

Hi Sazzad,

if you have the cam 10 then would you able to share only one of general writing task because I got this book from one of a guy in Sydney but it look like a duplicate.


I had just ordered this book from bookstore from UK.Thanks for your recommendation Simon!

Hi Simon,

Good morning from Abu Dhabi again!

I had just took a look inside of this latest IELTS-10, and I found one writing task1 section is little tough, it tells us to write the process of making something, Could you please kindly explain this kind of writing task essay in your blog little more?

Hi there,Just wondering how many Cambridge books available and Is book 10 latest one? thanks

HI Shirani,

There are 10 set of Cambridge IELTS books available in the bookshop. IELTS-10 is the latest released edition.

Anybody is writing exam on june 27 from newsland in this group

Thanks so much for informing us.

how can i free download PDF file of Cambridge IELTS book 10. please give me one of link.

just underdoing test1 if have difficult concept /task , will ask other opinions about this . Merci

Should anybody is interested to get its PDF, Just email me.

Hi Simon

Are there sample answers for writing in IELTS 10?

Hi tintu,
I booked an academic one on June 27 in Amsterdam

Hello Simon,
I have got a copy of this book and have been practicing with it. I found the section 3 of listening part from Test 2 quite confusing due to the following problems:
1. In the question 21: "when is the research project due?",which means that the supposed deadline to the research project, not someone's desired deadline or needed time. But in the conversation, one girl says: " I know I need three more weeks" which doesn't answer the question it seems to me, and "Is that all?" the other girl questioned. In the answer keys, the correct answer is "in three weeks". This is not convincing to me at all.

2. For the question 29, the correct answer in the answer keys is "Charts". But in the audio, it seems they didn't pronounce the word /tʃɑːts/, but rather /ʃɑːts/ instead. This is also very confusing to me.

3. Besides, in the listening part of test 4, section 4, can the answer to question 33 be " animal foods" as mentioned in the audio instead of just insects/fish?

I would like to hear your opinions on these.
Thanks Simon.

To shirani pathirage,

If you want to practice with the Cambridge's IELTS exam collection, do not use the ones from 1-4 as they are out of date.

Good luck.

I think there 'reject' tests rather than 'past' tests - Cambridge would never publish real tests since they recycle different parts of tests from time to time.

Don't you think IELTS teachers like us should get complimentary copies?


Hi Simon,

I have doubt about writing task 1 of test 4 in Cambridge 10. It shows a bar chart about vehicle ownership in China. As for the time, can I say the bar between year 1987 and 1991 is year 1989? Will IELTS examiner judge on that since 1989 is not signalled on the graph, but by my inference?


Plz send me book 10 pdf

Please, send me . Thanks !

Can you guide me doing Part 3, Test 1 of Reading of Cam10? It is very difficult for me. THANKS

I want to download this book for giving IELTS exam

Pleas can I get Cambridge Ielts 10 book pdf?
Thanks a lot.

Hello Friends please send me IELTS Cambridge 10,please if you have it send me pdf version to my email shushanik90@gmail.com. Thanks in advance !!!!

Hello Friends please send me IELTS Cambridge 10 with Audios,please if you have it send me pdf version to my email prachi.asci@gmail.com Thanks in advance !!!!

Please sent the IELTS book 10

I would love to get Cambridge 10 Text book (pdf +Audio)

I have looked at reading in book 10 and in section 2 of test 1 European transport' I find all the true false not given answers are inconsistent with the statements in the passage
Any comment?

Hello Simon
Hi I'm Dubai , I was trying to buy the Ebook so i can see the different ideas and i can get hight band in the IELTS i need to get band 7
i need your help please

Hi everyone,
Actually, I find much of this book very inconsistent. I believe that most of the Reading Section of Test 4 (Academic) is wrong and inconsistent. There are also several errors in the other parts. Anyone thinks the same?

Hi everyone;

I don't think the answer for the first question is False, because the passages don't mention about "Husband/Wife" at all. Should it be Not Given instead?

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