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June 28, 2015


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sir, I have problem in reading . how I can improve my reading

Hello,Simon, My name is Yam.You are providing alot of information that are related to English Language.Your assistance and help would be making us a good man in the world.It is incredible... I believe, i will be in my destiny soon. Thank you very much indeed.

Yes, yam I definitely agree with you. This is a great site to learn and get advise about IELTS exam from Simon's lessons! This site also provides us a good opportunity to share and exchange our ideas towards IELTS exam. We are all benefited from this wonderful website!

Actually, there is no shortcut to improve the reading skill. It is a gradual process to improve our reading skill. Academic reading is really tough part in IELTS test, But, I believe practice makes perfect. We can improve our reading and score higher through learning and practicing process.

Hi Simon, can you please give us some tips about article grammar ( a an the). When I read your essays, I found that you usually plural forms ( equal opportunities, sacrifice their careers, assume childcare responsibilities, breadwinners, equal rights movements,gain qualifications). Are they the best way to overcome article problems?
Thank you very much

Hello Simon, I'm going to have IELTS exam in 8/8 which means I have only a month and a few days to study .To be honest, I haven't revised anything in the last few months because of my personal schedule). I am at about 6.5 now and really want to score 7.0 or more in the upcoming exam.
Can you give me some advice of what I should do to achieve my target?
Thanks in advance!

Sir I have a qestion..
Sir if u could explain me how to use 'to be' in a proper way..
Like I want to be a dr
Why do your mother want to be there..
I'm bit confused

hi Simon, I gave my IELTS exam last year and I got listening 7, reading 6.5, speaking 6.5 and writing 6. Now I need 7 each and I have booked next exam on 11th of July. Please advice me some better ideas on writing and speaking.

sir i have problam in writing and readind what i do for it to improve both modules in a short time .

Sir I hav problem in reading..I hav practiced alot on reading but stil cud not mak it up.plz help me out.

My name is Betül. I have been working English for 2 years intensely.
I want to go to abroad next year but I have a problem. Erasmus exam was cancelled in my school. Instead it, they want a IELTS score. when I researched, I saw that IELTS has been allocating to 2. Academic and General.
You think, which one is the necessary for Erasmus Programme? And also how many points must I have to get? If you reply me, I am so happy.
Thanks in advance.

Hello i am runa. I want to practice speaking. My skype id herok.runa
I badly need speaking partner.please help me.

Hi Simon,
I got some questions please help me out I am going to take General ielts test.
problem in reading how to deal with tricky questions. how to improve listening section.I am okay in writing but a little confused about type of topics.
I will be glad if you give me any good suggestion

Hi Sir,

I keep getting the same score
Listening 8.0/8.5
Reading 8.0/8.5
Speaking 8.0
Writing 6.5/7.0

Do you have any tips and opinion about my score? My desired score is 7.5 in writing. Maybe I was being too complicated in my writing?

I hope you can give some answers to my problem.
Many thanks.

Dear Simon,
My writing score is 5.5 and speaking 5.5, how long I need to improve them become 6? Is 3 months intensive everyday learning enough?
thank you so much

dear Simon,

I find it very hard when writing introductions especially in task 2 academic writing. Is it OK if you will not rephrase the question? do you have any suggestions or tips on what to read or channels that can help us gain more knowledge on topics used for writing and speaking exams? thank you. Hope to hear from you

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