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June 23, 2015


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dear all , pls feel free to correct mistake.
By punishing murderers with the death penalty, society is also guilty of committing murder. Therefore, life in prison is a better punishment for murderers.
To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?
It is argued which sentence is better for punishing murder either capital punishment or life in prison. In my opinion, I completely disagree that life in prison is a better measure for murder.
In conclusion, every crime shall be paid high price causing their barbarian behaviour. Personally, I believe that the capital punishment is a better measure than life in prison to stop the rampant criminals in society.

Noticed: death punishment
syn: capital punishment/ death sentence

thanks in advance!!

1. Accept that being confused about your career choice is perfectly normal
2.know yourself
3.Think alot
4.Try Something
5. Reflect on what makes people unhappy
6.Be Confident

1. Accept that being confused about your career choice is perfectly normal
2.know yourself
3.Think alot
4.Try Something
5. Reflect on what makes people unhappy
6.Be Confident

Dear Simon,

Is it possible you put the subtitle here?
I could not understand some vocabularies.
Thanks alot

Six ideas:
1. Being confused about career choice is perfectly normal
2. Know yourself
3. Think a lot
4. Try something
5. Reflect on what makes people unhappy
6. Be confident

Useful vocabulary:
to obtain money through labour
career crisis
on the quest for
end up doing sth
the paradox of choice
to scupper one’s chances
philosophical recommendation
relevance to
a perilous position
at the mercy of
financial panic
sort out winter clothes
be messed up
feel guilty about
it’s tempting to imagine
collide with
irrevocable steps
at heart
The bigger and more urgent problem, the greater the opportunity.
flex your entrepreneurial muscles
a business opportunity waiting to be exploited
dismiss the topic
nothing less than
give it a go
imagine oneself into a role
internalized feudalism
preordained to do sth
timidity and doubt

Hi, 1.accept at being confused about career choice is perfectly normal. 2 .know yourself 3.think a lot 4. Try something 5 reflect on what people makes unhappy 6 be confident. Vocabulary , strikingly, Fulminate, career crises , Quest, Paradox, distribution , implication, catch gloomse, panic, Self-indulgent, Colliding, Capitalism, Feudalism, intimity, ultimate criteria

Hi Simon,

Thank you so much for recommending such great materials for learning. I just took a quick look at its lists and found so many useful topics for both listening and writing. These are authentic use of language from native speakers which I really adore.

But I have a question. As most of the videos are a bit lengthy, how can we practice with them? Do we need to take down the complete scripts? I also find many words unfamiliar, do you think they live up to the level of IELTS tests?

Thank you.

James Z.

1 accept confusion
2 know yourself
3 think a lot
4 try something
5 reflect other's happy :-?
6 be confident
financial panic
sort out
the rest of our life

Dear Simon,

Hi. Words Which I picked up from the recording are prosperous world, career crisis, fulfilling work, paradox of choice, painfully necessary, expect meaning, pre-industrial world and wrong choice.

Dear Zahra and Parisa,

Would you mind letting me know which IELTS Test Centre in Iran do you recommend?

1- Confusing about own career is normal
2- Know yourself and your abilities
3- Think a lot about what you might want to do
4- Don't be still and try to do something
5- try to find what makes other people unhappy and try to find a solution
6- Be confident about yourself

dear friends,is there any body have ielts exam in iran?

there are Six ideas:

1Being confused about career choice is perfectly normal
2. Know yourself
3. Think a lot
4. Try something
5. Reflect on what makes people unhappy
6. Be confident

good vocabulary/ useful phrase :

fulfilling work /accept meaning
entirely normal
career crisis /paradox of choice /entirely normal
learn to pick up the sound / to hear high calling /financial painc
need data /take a step /capitalism
success/ failure
so anxious / fear is confusion meaning satisfaction
sun began to set / identify career/ need data/ it’s tempting to imagine/
collide with/irrevocable steps
accept career result /knowledge
having a plan concerning / financial panic
refresh yourself / tending to so
lost muscle/ finding food little greasy
everything done/ try to project
accountancy /ability to / a lack of confidence /at heart
misunderstanding of the way/ /a lot of possible /write down certain things
might be in doubt / having plan quickly
part of side one’s natural
write down being logical
everything might be enjoy
making building tree housing
a long confusion follow
shade an idea future/ making self
philosophy coming
self- indulgent
clean up demand logical of our soul
a couple of day / week to choice it
career fix
to make sure demand of willing choice of us
sure to general

1. Accept the being confused about career
2. Know yourself
3. Think a lot
4. Try something
5. Reflect on what make people unhappy
6. Be confident

painfully necessary
strikingly recent invention
in a prosper world
expect to obtain money through
career crisis
estimated to be half of million different options
make a wrong choice
end up making no choice at all
the paradox of choice

Dear Simon,

Thank you for this great listening programme. We all really appreciate your valuable lessons and time.

Please please would you give me some advice on this:

Do I lose marks if I accidentally leave a question mark next to my answer on the answer sheet, or scrabble the wrong answer instead of erase off in the reading test?

My test is coming soon. I will really appreciate your help.

Best wishes

Great work guys. It's nice to see people making the effort to note the vocabulary from the video!



Don't worry about leaving a question mark or crossing out a wrong answer. These things shouldn't affect the scoring.


Thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it.

Best wishes

1.accept that being confused about your career
2.know yourself
3.think a lot
4.try something
5.reflect on makes people unhappy
6.be confident

1- being confused is normal
2- know yourself
3-think a lot
4- try something
5- reflect on what makes people unhappy
6- be confident

1) Accept the being confused about careers is normal.
2) Know yourself.
3) Think a lot.
4) Try something.
5) Reflect and make people unhappy.
6) Be confident.
There are many useful words
but I like a lot is these lines
"A lack of confidence is at heart a misunderstanding of the way the world works."
Thank you.

1) Accept the being confused
2) Think alot
3)know yourself
4)Try something
5)Reflect and make people unhappy
6)Be confident

Accept being confused
Know yourself
Think alot
Try something
Be confident

Please tell ......how we can know the right answer after....listening....of..these provided clips......

Hi Daljeet,

I usually write the correct answers in one of these comments. In this case, the students who commented (above) got the right answers.

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