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June 29, 2015


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Thanks Simon for sharing these useful tips.

unblemished syn: spotless/ untarnished

Thanks Simon for this sharing.

Dear simon , Dear all
helping to improve it , Pretty Please!!
can make the sentence with Either or of introduction ?
It is argued which sentence is better for punishing murder either capital punishment or life in prison. In my opinion, I completely disagree that life in prison is a better measure for murder.

Today’s society crime seems to be an increasingly widespread problem, such as, physical abuse in the family, bullying in school, and violence in the street. Those problems shall be stopped by serious law. If the state uses stringent law to pronounce the criminal, whose intention to hurt one would be less of impulsive. However, I think that the capital punishment is an effective way to stop the rampant criminals. One of example, the state of Taxes in USA, there are totally doing in favour, in which was sentenced the murder by gun, especially those related with serial killers and those involving children.The other example islamic countries like public stoning to death.

Without death penalty our lives are less secure and crimes of violence increase, so, I think that the death penalty is essential to control violence in society. on the one hand, the government shall be taken a good measure. And, supporting this measure against crime, In a society dominated with the disorder because of its fear, violent, and cruel. We need the government control its social disorder, it is foreseen that this penalty will continue into a future next.

In conclusion, every crime shall be paid high pay causing their barbarian behaviour. Personally, I believe that the capital punishment is a better measure than life in prison to stop the rampant criminals in society.

I am confused and dilemna this expressions in English .as following
If the state uses stringent law to pronounce the criminal, whose intention to hurt one would be less of impulsive.

Below , feel perplex whether or not edit this extro on the Third paragraph in the end. SOS! pls help

Maybe this way is very cruel, considering the human’s right. Even if the life in prison is optional, reform and rehabilitation the crime, that is taking a time, reassess its social costs. but not for its value.

Thanks in advance

Thanks Simon,I will note the new words and some synonyms when I am reading.

hello sir simon,i have some problems about clear writing and problems of ideas and such examples can i write in this

it seems that these vocabulary is so important to learn.

Dear Simon ,

I would like to thank you for every thing that I have learnt from you . Definitely, my reading has been improving by following your technique , especially after I attended your IELTS course in Manchester in last April .

Thank you so much .

No problem Nadia!

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