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June 15, 2015


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This passage is extremely difficult :-)

Hallo Simon, / Dear all,
I have questions to ask you, about correct the mistakes, have you the same feeling as like as me when I read the questions at first, quickly realized the mistake, but not sure mistakes is? such as grammar, expressions and unnatural phrase, e, g has more budget is wrong (budget: countable Noun 'bigger budgets are correct), If governments help is wrong (IF: Second condition, If governments helped is correct) and lose popularity to... is sound strange (comparison: less popular than is correct).
secondly, writing task 2: about task response while I read it usually coming out of main idea soon, then get down them. but sometimes think those are simple it is referencing the questions about writing task 2 (e g. two part question: movie, my first hand: famous director, actor, special effects.... etc..) briefly, my question is can trust the first feeling of brainstorm to be the main idea when we do the exam.
in my opinion,,perhaps, it is losing confidence or practicing not enough , please comment !

To Good,

Regarding 2nd task. highlight the keywords from question. it will help you to stay on right track. Then do brainstorm. Right ideas on question booklet.It will save your time. Most and foremost, practice, practice and practice.

This reading passage's question is quite tricky.

thanks a lot .Dear Bikram, further- -mentioning highlight the keywords on the question ,so ,shall I write synonyms or similar words under /beside the keyword , is it easy way to think more idea. then plan just beside some of keywords . that is saving the time (plan: 10 mins)??!!any comments or how you work on real ielts ?

Dear all, how you work on real ielts ?

best wishes

Hi Simon,
I have a question about "to order".Does the "order"in the phrase mean to do something as a verb?
thanks a lot!

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