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June 05, 2015


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Hello guys,
I would like to take this great opportunity to write some of intriguing collocations which have been mentioned by Simon.

1-to gain a deeper insight into sth
2-difficult concepts
3-a quiet corner
4-a local library
5-be surrounded by sth

Hi Simon,
I wonder I can use phrases in The English We speak in BBC learning English page for Speaking test?

such as " a sticky situation", or " in black and white" ,... -> is it good for improving my score?

Please help me.

Dear Simon, Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.You are one of the great teachers that I know.I got my required score L-7.5 R-6.5 W-7.0 S-7.5.I didn't go to any classes but just followed your lessons.You are awesome.


Dear Simon

I'm Hatem from Libya, I'd like to improve my IELTS skills.Could you help me,please?

Best wishes


Well noticed Mahmoud!


Hi Mya,

Yes, those phrases are fine for the speaking test, but only if you can use them in a relevant situation. Don't try to force them into your answers.


Well done Priya! I'm glad my lessons helped you to get such good scores!


Hi Hatem,

Just follow my daily lessons. I put all of my best advice here on the blog.

Hi guys,

I would like to practice Ielts speaking with you guys if anyones interested. My skype ID is phuong191286. looking forward to hearing from you

Thank you so much :D

hi simon my speaking is weak plz help me

Hello everyone,
Righteously, the speaking and writing is so difficult that we have got to know a wide range of vocabulary in a correct situation, nevertheless, the practice will so harsh on condition that a man be alone at this target .
Frankly, I would rather getting in touch with someone that like to chat online at Skype or WhatsApp as well .
Skype id : hooman_mirzaee
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I hope to continue some subjected conversations in that social web connectors .
I hope the best score in the main examination for all of you .
With warmest wishes,
As ever,

hi. First of all thanks Simon for great lessons

if anybody wants to work together with me please contact - +994558625356

my aim is to get 7

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