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June 26, 2015


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Gone with wind

I have not planned to see any films that are made already and available in cenima now. But, I am looking forward to seeing a film based on the book called 'fantastic beast and where to find them'. This book is the additional edition of Harry Potter series, and will be supposedly made into a film soon. Obviously, I won't know what the film will be like. Because I love the series of Harry Potter films so much, and watched them many times, I would really like to complete the final episode of this series. The whole set of Harry Potter films contain very complex plots and are full of creativity as well as imagination. In addition, there are plenty of cutting edge sound effects and highly skilled stunts in the films. Therefore I assume this final episode will be as good as the previous ones and may be even better. So I can not wait to see it.

I like 'Gone with wind ' too.

I am not a big fan of films but I always accompany my friend to watch some of Holywood blockbusters. Among them, I am very much impressed with " Titannic movie" and I would like to watch it again in future when I have free time.
It is all about a true story of luxury cruise travel and it's dreadful accident in which many people on boat were killed. It began with very romantic and entertaining scenes, whereas the ending was really a sad and shocking story.
I started to know about this film when it was first produced around 1995, if I can remember correctly. All trailers on TV and the Internet and Billboard advertisement prompted me to see that film.
I would love to see this film or a film with a similar storyline again in future because of its high quality-sound and visual effects( for example, the award-winning theme song and awe-inspiring scene shoot at the front end of the boat) , world- class actor and actress and most of all, its global appeal.

In future i would like to see the film called bahubali.It is a local indian film directed by rajamouli.It is one of the largest budget film made by different producers.

Its all about epic type of film.It related to the king of bahubali/Its very interesting that particular character.The story is referenced from mahabarath and ramanyana stories.

Recently director posted so many videos online.So it is very enthusiastic about those videos.he also relases some intresting news about film how they are making the film and how much time they are spending for completing the entire project.

Because it is a film made with famous actors and most talented director.I would see this type of combol film in telugu language.And also Rajamouli is a director never faced failure till now.we have never seen mulit star film in our language.So eagerly waiting for the film.


I personally wouldn't choose a film that I have already seen. Although you can say that you want to see it again, the examiner may think you have misunderstood the question, or that you're slightly off-topic.

It's fine to choose a famous film like 'Titanic' or 'Gone with the Wind', but it might be better to say that you still haven't seen the film, not that you want to see it again.

I recently passed the June IELTS exam. I used your examples and practice exercises during my review. Your writing techniques, most especially, improved my english writing skills. Thank you so much for creating this website!

A film that really want to watch in a close future is “Frozen”. It is one of the Disney movies was released last year but I was busy and didn’t really have time to watch it .

The movie is about two princesses who live in a locked castle. The older sister has super power that can turn everything she touches into ices. And, eventually people find out about her unusual ability, and she has to go into hiding. That is all I know for now and I ll find out the rest when I watch the movie.

I first heard about “frozen” when I listened to its hit song which is called “let it go on” youtube. I was really impressed by the lyric and how catchy the song was and that was why I wanted to watch the whole movie.

There are several reasons why I want to watch this particular movie. Firstly, I am always a fan of Disney movies . Another reason is that the movie is supposed to be good as it was produced by the most accomplished producer and director. As it said I listen to one of the song in the movie and I predict it might have some moral messages, and it might be about self compassion which is the topic that interests me. The last reason I want to see it is that my closest friends already saw the movie and has been talking about it so it is a good idea for me to do the same thing so I can share this common topic with them.

Hi Simon

Great website and very helpful.

Today I had my speaking test. My part two was:

Describe something you would like to buy in the future.
What is it
What does it look like
Why would you like to buy that

Out of so many cards that I had practised, none of them had referred to this one. But I managed to answer that.

Hope to get a good mark.
Thanks again.

Thank you very much for your advice Simon.

valuable advice, so predict, tense: present/ future merci Simon

Although, I'm not a big fan of the movie's superstar, the gone with the wind is on my Schedule. I would like to see it next month, because of its classical, incomparable, and spectacular locations.

The gone with the wind was describing some of value in the film. There are faithful, loyal, and hired. Moreover, I am anticipating to watch how the woman struggle with hired homeland and how the man pursuing his beloved woman.
Last week, I had been reading the English edition of the story, namely Gone with the wind, but never see the movie.
I'm curious why this typically movie dominate the market for more than 50 years. on the other hand, most of the scenes were shot in the state of Georgia, as well as most accomplished producers. this stereotype movie produced its Global appeal, had been infected not only in America, but also in the world. for example, well- know actor, actress, and the book was a bestseller in the year.
In the future, I plan for a trip of Clayton County, Georgia, and Atlanta, while, to compete with the plot and locations.

My speaking test part 2 was about describing a good news that you watched or heard recently

There are several films that I want to watch in the future, but if I have to pick one I will choose the hollyhood blockbuster from the famous spider man saga: the Amazing Spider Man. It's about a high school boy in New York City who dress like a spider man and has some its features like climbing walls and high building. This guy aims to protect innocent people in the streets of New York city from bad guys like thieves , but then the story get more serious and the spider guy finds himself fighting huge monster. although the film sounds like a One hundred percent action one, there are some romantic and comedy scenes , as the guys fall in love with a girl from his high school. I first heared about the film through ads in internet but then I saw the trailor on tv and I was keen to manage to see it as trailor demonstarte how well the film was produce , and the fact of filming it in the great city of New York gives one the desire to watch it as it countaines some scenes which were filmed in spectacular locations , also the famous actors and actresses counts , to sum up I would say that the movie is a real global appeal that deserves to be watched.

Hi Simon,

I am advised by my teacher to have a list of idioms and learn them everyday so that i can score higher in speaking. is it true ?

1. What the film is called

I would like to talk about Avatar 2 film, which is a sequel film from Avatar. Avatar 2 is a science fiction film directed by an accomplished director, James Cameron and starring by couple of famous Actors. “Avatar” itself is derived from a genetic engineering creature from other planet inhabitant that can control by human mind.

2. What it is about

I suppose that it will be the same story with previous Avatar film, the Avatar 2 from the news that I’ve ever read will focus on how human colonize a habitable planet named Pandora in order to mine a rare mineral. I guess the story still about how human interact with a local tribe of Pandora named Navi, which sometimes it cause conflict and wars between them.

3. How you heard about this film

I actually big fan of Avatar film, I really want to know how film development especially from internet. I read several website how the director delayed the film production a year ago, I quite feel sad to hear that.

4. Why you would like to see it

This film is interest me because this film will display best special effect and an unimaginable beautiful scene from another planet. And also the story is quite interesting, because I still wonder how human can survive in different planet with full of unexpected animal and humanoid people.

Hello everyone,
I will take the Ielts again, and need to improve my speaking score.So Im looking for a speaking partner who can practice with me regularly.You can add me on skype my adress is aldrlmz91@gmail.com

Recent cue card topic is .....
Talk about a movie which is based on future.
* Which is this?
*Who are involve in this movie?
* What is the movie about.
* Why you like/dislike this movie

What should be say
Coming movie or which movie that also watched and showed future.
Old help me sir or someone else


How are you guys

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