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June 11, 2015


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Hello dear Simon

I really like your introduction , however I'll really appreciate a feedback on mine lol , here's:

The age picture diagrams below compare two countries, France and India in terms of the distribution of various age groups in population.

thank you in advance

Hello Simon and all,
Please tell me what is the "Dear sir/madam" at the beginning of Cambridge writings???
Is this a sentence that we should add to our writing or not???!!!

Second Para:
As we can see, the majority of the population in India was a younger age group which were accounted for 55% of younger and occupied by 65 % of teenager respectively. In France, by contract, the largest percentage was elderly citizen. It was around by 30%. of age distribution.


Many people believe that international tourism has negative implications on their countries. What is the reason for it? What can be done to change the negative attitude towards international tourism?


It is sometimes argued that international tourism brings about certain devastating consequences to many countries throughout the world. Though there are various reasons for this worrying concern among people, several measures could be taken to alter the pessimistic approach about visiting the tourist places in foreign countries. (48 Words)


Dear Simon,

Thank you very much for your brilliant introduction, which is very concise and comprehensive for me.

I wonder if I will lose mark by missing out 'in terms of age distribution by gender'?

My introduction is 'The charts compare demographic data collected from France and India in 1984'. Obviously, I have missed out half of the meaning.

Look forward to your advice
Thank you

Hi simon! My result just went out today and I promised to my self that if ever I will get the score I always wanted, I would go back to this site and thank you!

I personally attest that simon's ebook is worth buying. There's not much in it but the content will really help you develop ideas during the exam.

I expected the ebook to be comprehensive and complete, however, I was a bit disappointed when I got it. I have no choice but I started reading it and followed the instructions eanestly because I paid for it.

Now, I am very much happy to say that I got 8.5 on listening, reading and speaking and 7.0 on much coveted writing. To my surprise not only my writing did improve but my speaking as well. Your ideas in your ebook really work wonder!

To my fellow takers who are still struggling and would like to learn how did I made it, through self review and simon's ebook. I can impart some of my experiences if you email me at ardastra22@gmail.com.

Thank you very much simon!


Thanks for sharing your introductions. I'm afraid I don't comment on people's work here - I receive too many comments, and it would be impossible for me to help everyone. Hopefully it's still useful to read what other students have written.



The "Dear Sir or Madam" part is for task 1 in the GENERAL IELTS test. The lesson above is for the ACADEMIC test.

If you're doing the General test, you should ignore the lesson above and go to the lessons linked below:




Congratulations and thanks for recommending my ebook! As you said, the ebook is quite short (50 pages), but that was on purpose - I don't think we need more than 50 pages of vocabulary ideas to prepare for the most common task 2 topics. I'm glad you persisted and trusted in my advice. Good work!

No, thank you Simon. I was a bit worried when I got your ebook but I realise it is just what I really needed. There was a lot of suggestions and comments on how to get good scores when I searched the google. If I listened to all of them I might ended up with the same score I had last time. What I did, I listened solely to your advice in ebook and read it twice(i got no time really reviewing) and had a quick read before the exam starts while queuing in the baggage counter.

My confidence was boosted and I gained enough and supplemental ideas during the exam. I even used exact words you've given through examples in your ebook.

Guys, try simon's ebook. If you want to pass you have to invest into it. £20 is nothing if you get the score you have been trying for years.

3rd Para:
It is obvious that two charts saw an opposite trend. In additions, French was live longer than Indian over the period. Compared to, french, with increased steadily from the 50-60 years old by the gender of the mid - aged group to the older aged under 85. the figure was about 30% and 35% in gender, until the capacity to close to top when older begin to take its toll. Unlike, India declined with its age by around 4% by gender of older aged under 70.

At the beginning, I was missing one part by gender of introduction.
now I am trying to fix it, rewriting the body paragraph. but I am unfamiliar with linking words as cohesion and coherence That is a big problem with logic, Shall I keep in practice!!??


Dear Simon,

I've got my ielts result, overall 6.0 with speaking 6.5 and the others 6.0.
I'd like to say that thank you so much. I started at about 4.0 score in last year. After six months ago I've learned by myself with the help from your site.

Thank you so much and wish you always happy and healthy.

Dear Simon,
Could I write introduction (using "in terms of") as below:

The chart compares France and India in terms of the age structure of population in 1984.

Thanks so much

Dear Simon,
Is my sentence true?

It is clear that Japan and Germany have the highest number of hospital beds per thousand people.

I wonder whether this sentence true or false. I'm afraid that two things cannot be described as "highest" like this one because Japan - highest and Germany - second highest. Can you tell me if this sentence is acceptable?
Tks a lot

Hello Mr.Simon.I have a question that what kind of writing task 1 we need to write conclusion.
Thank you!

Hi Simon,

In the overview, you wrote two sentences. The first one is Indian population was younger than that of France; the second one is French population was older than that of India.In essence, they are the same.

At the same time, you ignored a key point. France had more wowen,and it is obvious among older people; India had more men, and it is obvious among younger people.

Thank you.

Hi Jason,

Don't worry too much about this. The 2 points that I chose are fine, and your points are fine too.

The technique that I recommend is to choose 2 general points for the overview - there are usually more than 2 points to choose from, but we need to make a decision quickly. On a different day, I might have chosen your key points.

Can we give headings in writing tasks or is it considered bad in terms of marking the writing

The charts compare the percentage of progressively increasing age groups in India and France in the year 1984.

At a glance it is evident that though the percentage in India is higher than that of France in the first age group, the life span in France outstrips that of India by 15 years. In India the percentage is 7 for both genders in the 0-5 age group, whereas it is only half of this in France. But it keeps on decreasing by 0.5 % in the former till the 60-65 age group and drops to the lowest of 1 % in the next category. However there is a slight rise to 2% in the final category of over 70 years irrespective of gender.

In France although the initial percentage is only approximately 3.5, it remains more or less stable at 4 % till the age of 35. There is a minor fall by 0.5 % in the following age group for women followed by a more significant drop to 3 % in both genders in the 40-45 age group. The figures remain steady up to the age of 65 after which the percentage comes down to 2 %. Beyond this age up to over 85 years females outnumber males by around 1%.

Though men and women have the same percentages of life expectancy in India, in France more women outlive men as the age increases.


No, never put headings in your task 1 report or in your task 2 essay.

The two charts give information about the proportion of different age groups separated by gender in India and France in the year 1984.

Overall,India had a significant higher population of younger individuals than France in the given period.Furthermore,the female ratio was higher in France,compared to India where the male-female ratio was almost equal .

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