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June 03, 2015


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That is great way to write a conclusion.

Thank you Simon

Friends, please review my below answer to this question.

It is true that foreign movies are more popular in many countries of the world than the domestically produced films. While there could be several reasons for this, I believe that government should subsidies the movie making business in order to make them popular in local market.

One of the main reasons why foreign movies are widespread is that they are produced with the latest technologies. For example, the recent Hollywood movie – ‘Avatar’ has been a grand success in many countries because of its excellent sound effects and three dimensional visual impacts. Another important reason is that people are always curious to learn about foreign culture and tradition. Watching overseas movies is very common way to know about the social fabric, fashion and rituals followed by a particular community.

To mitigate the risk of dying local film industry, government should provide incentives to the producers. This is required because local movies represent culture and heritage of the country. For example, a Bollywood movie ‘Once upon a time in Mumbai’ has shown the famous local festivals such as ‘Ganpati Visharjan’ and ‘Janmastami’. This has not only promoted Indian culture but also helped to draw more tourist visiting Mumbai city from overseas. Furthermore, government’s help to local movie industry would also create employment opportunities, and by this mean it would lead to a stronger economy.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that the financial support of government would not only help local cinema to exist, but will make them thrive by competing foreign made movies, which are dominating the market at present.

In conclusion, while foreign movies are more prevalent over domestic movies, the scenario can be changed with some financial contribution from the government.

very good, Jay.


Modern technology has a great impact on our environment. Some say that people should adopt a simple lifestyle to solve this problem, while others argue that the technology itself should provide a solution. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Hi Rajkumar,

I would be grateful if you can review my essay on the topic you have shared above. Please let me know what improvements are required.

It is true that due to many human activities, environment has been damaged adversely. While many people think that such big problems cannot be resolved by individuals’ efforts, I personally believe that every person can contribute significantly to reduce these issues.

On the one hand I can understand the arguments favours that a common man can do little to fix problems such as global warming. One of the main sources of pollution is exhaust of green house gases such as carbon dioxide by various factories. While as an individual we can hardly do anything, the only way to control such environmental damage is that the local government should introduce tough laws which not only punish such factories but also encourage best eco friendly practices.

On the other hand, I believe there are several ways by which every person can contribute in resolving environmental problems. To begin with, every one of us should stop using plastic bags which cannot be recycled. Alternatively, we should use eco friendly shopping bags which are easy to make and commonly available to buy in various shopping malls. Furthermore, we should always be careful to switch off the appliances when they are not in use. For example, it saves more than 50 unites of electricity annually if all home appliances are switched off when properly. By saving energy we can contribute in reducing the use of fossil fuel such as Coal and Diesel.

In conclusion, although it seems that an individual effort is just like a drop in an ocean, in my view the collective efforts by every individual by changing their daily practices to save environment can bring change in the situation.


There few points which you missed in your essay...


Can you please be specific. What was missing and what was required.

this question was given in 16th of may in Tashkent and I did everything Simon taught me to do especially I spent 10 minutes for planning however my writing score was not as good as I expected but anyway I felt a sense of improvement my present score-L-7.5 R-6.0 W-6.0 S-6.5 overall 6.5... I strongly recommend other people to follow Simon's rules and I am sure u will get score that u want...

Big thanks for your help Simon...

I am an IELTS candidate and I have studied your blog for almost two months. Could I talk with you about the task 2 writing criteria” task respond”.

In 21th May exam, I had a question which is very similar as one topic in the blog: http://ielts-simon.com/ielts-help-and-english-pr/2010/09/ielts-writing-task-2-crime-topic.html.
In my respond, I wrote the ideas as follow:

Criminal are usually having poverty problem as they are lower educated , hard to find a job. Their poverty problem is also because employers are generally reluctant to hire people released from prison. As a result, they continue to offend for survive.
Criminal often come from a group with similar background, and as a consequence, re-offending is often effected by their others.
Some re-offenders complain the penalty and show anti-social behaviour.

Government should work with communities to support the released people and help them to find jobs.
Prison should provide some training course to prompt prisoners to lean some practical skills.

This is a cause+solve question, and I remember I answer the cause with a very long paragraph and a shorter one that was one thirds long as the case paragraph. Disappointedly, the score turns out at 6. I am so confused what is the problem about my answer. I read the criteria for several times, and I found there is one requirement which is answer all parts of the question. I guess my problem would be that I did not balance the two body paragraph or I emphasised prison punishment too much, because penalties are not restricted to prison.

Do my analysis make sense? Or might it be I wrote the wrong ideas in the task respond?
Could you please give me some suggestion, otherwise I will keep wasting time and money in doing the wrong thing and not achieve any progress.

Hi Huixiao,

I am not very good at writing but reviewing your essay, there are grammatical errors that needs to be corrected.

Paragraphs should he arranged carefully so that the flow of your essay is easy to follow.

Can some please critique my essay. Thanks a lot.

The popularity of foreign movies are overwhelming compared to the domestically produced films. While there could be several reasons for this, I propose that the government should play a big role in supporting local movie industries by setting aside a fund to help it prosper.

It is unquestionable that in comparison between a foreign and a local movie, everyone will most likely opt for a foreign made. The reason for this is because foreign movie makers invested more money in important areas such as casting, story layout, sounds and cinematography. In return, their movie ticket sales increased significantly. While local movies may present brilliant story, it does not get enough support because its quality is not as good.

On the other hand, if local film industries are funded properly by the government, it will receive more interest from the people. Aside from that, local movies can be promoted well to showcase the talent and artistic capabilities of our own. The government in return will benefit from this too. Our cultural heritage such as our values, history and local festivals can be showed to other people. Moreover, it will draw more attention from people all around the world in promoting tourism. Therefore, not only we were able to produce movies that can top foreign film, but it can be a catalyst to one nation's progress.

In conclusion, though local films today are no match in contrast to foreign made, our government can do a lot to help the struggling industry. If we let it die out, further progress and advancement in other areas will most likely be left unappreciated as well.

hi. Thanks MR. Simon ..I received your e-book, its fantastic with lot of ideas and vocabulary.I had problem with listening,last 3 academic attempt could not able to achieve more than 6 .would you please guide me how to overcome and succeed with 7 or above. I would like to attempt academic module on july 11th in jeddha KSA. ,if anyone plans to attend that day ..please share your tips and strategy

Body paragraph :
-Topic sentences for main paragraphs

on the one hand, in present-day people are keen on foreign film,because of its entertaining, knowledgeable, and culture communication.
On the other hand, it is worth that the government assists the native film industries by subsidizing for the sake of its quality of the film.

Hi Simon,

I just cannot understand this sentence:'I believe that increased financial support could help...'

Do you mean ' increasing financial support'? I think here it means an action, not a result already happened.

Hi Scavo,

I'm using 'increased' as an adjective, just like "a higher level of".

Hi Simon,

Thank you for your response! I got it now!
Best wishes!

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