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June 07, 2015


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Dear Simon,

This is a great idea. Please can I ask:

1. Do you give a band score in each section?
2. Where do the materials used in the listening and reading come from? Are they from Cambridge IELTS books or do you make yourself?

Thank you
Best wishes

Dear Simon,

Cambridge IELTS 9 book, Listening Test 4, Ques. No.-26

[Write no more than 3 words and/or a number]
the answer I wrote- 'In small groups'
but in the answer sheet its written-'groups'

Could you please explain me why it would be just "groups" rather than "small groups/in small groups"

Thanks in Advance

Hi Jing,

Yes, I'll score every section.

I want the tests to be realistic, so I'll use past papers from different sources.


Hi Mir,

I don't have that book with me now, but your answer would probably be fine. In the Cambridge books, they don't show every possible answer that would be accepted.

Hi Simon
It would be great if you could do that online for those who are not able to come in Manchester, like your video courses.

thank you so much Simon

Yeah, I wish I were in Manchester.

Hello friends,
Anyone fill IDP test in australia on 1 august.

Hello It sounds a great idea having this mock exam especially because I can come to Manchester and sit the exam .Please can you tell me Simon if there is a dead line to register.I am waiting to see my IELTS result on Friday .Will it be possible after that date?thank you very much for your efforts and feasible initiative

There's no deadline Maya, so don't worry.

Hi simon,
I live in India.
Therefore, could I take this mock online?It would be beneficial for me.It would be so nice of you if you ponder over this matter and arrange an online version too....because students going through your blog are scattered all over the world.

how about in London, simon?


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It's would be great if you can do mock test via online too, because a student like me may not be able to go to MAN to participate the session of mock test. Hope later you can create online mock test for us too.

Anyway, the mock test is really a good idea to measure students' progress after studying IELTS!

Thank you Simon!

Hi, Simon, it would be great if you could organize online mock test. Many people could try. I would like to try, just to see my real chances. If you organize, can you please inform us somehow about it ( the price and all things we have to do). Thank you

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