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July 19, 2015


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Dear Simon
Thank you. Could you put some more fixed phrases that be applicable in both two parts of writing task?!

Hi,Simon,as my understanding,we can memorise the synonymous words or phrases as much as possible when we are preparing IELTS, which are usefull in all the sections.
Herewith some synonyms I picked up form Cambridge6 Test4 acadamic reading:
ethical judgement= open to criticism on moral grounds;
develop= produce;
potential=be liable to;
distinguish from= recognise the difference between

Hi Simon,

I believe we should also memorise ideas to common topics such as environments, traditions, culture, employment, economic benefits.

For example, we can always use how something is affecting an environment adversely or how something benefits by increasing employment opportunity.

i don't :(

I got a question: Is it okay to memorise and speak all of your ideas if i get a same topic? If the examiner find out about it, will i lose my score? Thank you.

Hi Sir,

Which one is correct :
'health care' or 'healthcare'?

Both correct.

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