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July 28, 2015


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Thank you very much, Simon
It is a very interesting talk.

their cooperation is very rigid.
are you trustworthy.
homo sapiens :- from where human being developed.
mass animals cant,t cooperate at all.
completely chaos situtation.
completely strange to me.
global exchange of ideas.
concentration camp:- the place where political and aminity people prisoned.
merely to describe creativity.
they all fictional stories.
legal entity.

Hi,simon,thanks for sharing the video,it is a remarkable lecture about the basic difference between human and animals which is imagination.

Hi Simon,

I remember once in your reply you wrote "at the management level" with regard to the organisation of IELTS tests in some countries by British Council, IDP and Cambridge University.

However, I found here they use "on the individual/collective level". I'm not sure which preposition shall I use in this collocation. Could you please tell us which is right?

Thank you

James Z.

Can someone correct my essay for me please?.

Today, high sales of popular consumer goods reflect the power of advertising and not the real needs of the society in which they are sold. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is true that advertisements play a pivotal role in the sale of products. Although, it helps to a certain extent to select goods, I completely agree that advertisements are not always based on the needs of the society.

There are a number of reasons to support how advertisements contribute a major role in the high sale of goods. Firstly, the team behind the advertisement concentrate mainly on vulnerable groups including children and young adults. Hence, they make the advertisements very attractive and colourful. Secondly, it highlights the main features and compare their product with other ones. It can be seen that the popular phone and tablet brands re-invent their new products with in a short period of time with a new feature added to it. For instance, people were queuing hours to buy iphone 6 by holding their iphone 5s.
Frequent advertising makes people to view those constantly and as a result, it influence a person psychologically even if they do not need the product. It will eventually make them feel that they need the product for their future. Insurance, for instance is one of the best example to support the idea. People already benefit the National Health Service are tempt to buy personal insurance only due to the effect of its advertisement. Inadfition, mostly the advertisemts are featured by famous personalities include film stars, sports men or other cartoon characters. They can easily influence people on the society to buy goods regardless of its necessity.

In conclusion,I belive that advertisements has a great influence on people to buy things that they do not need them.

Thanks for adding to the list Biks!


No problem Leo. I'm glad you enjoyed it.



Both are used, and both are correct. "AT" is better if you're describing levels in a work hierarchy (e.g. what level are you 'at' in your company?). There are many other uses of both, so try searching on Google to see what you can find.

Thank you Simon. I'm glad to see your comment. :-)

good job. very easy :)

the human-beings are superior than others objects of mammals, it maintains on the cooperative level and on the collective level are more flexible than chimpanzee, gorilla, moreover, the man had been created to dominate the objects those are based on imagined of the above at the beginning of the world what the free will was the giving gift by the creator. nevertheless, the man had been broken the rules.

based not on... but on...
I believe the future generations can be strengthen by love. One day younger people may feel free that means based not on money what it is everyone to believe, but on the imagination.

very wonderful video, thank Simon!

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