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July 21, 2015


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I can't believe that someone can make those spelling mistakes. I think that they might feel anxious in the listening mock test so they made those mistakes accidentially. Anyway, thank you for the lesson. I will be careful with spelling word.

I should point out that the mistakes were made by different people (of several different nationalities). One individual person didn't make all of these mistakes.

Well, accidentially or accidentally? :)



IListeningh kind of problem in Listening module for example I hear write spellings but when I transfer into answer sheet I may be wrong like in last listening test I hear 'shakespeare'but I made mistake in spelling also management, countries spelling so sir please send other words Which useful for listening and dictation.

finding interesting parts( keywords) of sections 4 in listening, sections 3 in reading in which are similar to children's books. Especially, science topics, if you are tired, you might be find the time to read those topics as relaxation .


Hi sir,
I have done a listening test in which I found some problems as:
Can u plz say if my answer were correct or not!!

1.poliet employees
2.its very expensive
3.every week

1.employees are poliet.
2.very expensive.
3.each week.

Iam waiting for reply !! Plz reply me!!

yes, I have this problem, I can do well at choose 1 from 4, but make more mistakes in spelling as listening.

Anyone who know this can reply !!
Thanks in advance!!

Hi there,

For ielts listening part in academic training, when it comes to the last name, do we have to put it in all capital letter or we only need to capitalized the initial letter?

Thanks in advance for helping me.

@ Sachin

First of all, its polite not poliet. Secondly, its all depend on the sentence.

Thanks biks for ur answer!!
But I want to know if this answers will do!!

Hi Simon...
You are doing good job and I regularly check your post.
I find difficulties in multiple choice questions specially in Listening... Can you please help me?

Hi, in my writing class almost everyone makes mistake with word goverment instead of government.

Predator not predetor

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