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July 04, 2015


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saw in the news
it’s going to be called
the imaginary criminal organization
hasn’t been released yet
will be similar to most of the previous Bond films
I’ve seen the official trailer on TV.
have been cast to play supporting roles
take place in spectacular locations in different parts
always fast, entertaining and fun

Dear Simon,

Would you mind giving me my mark for this piece of writing in the exam setting?

Which period of life brings more happiness. Adults or teenagers?

Write at least 250 words.

It has been a heated debate among sociologists which period of life brings more relish. Although a group of people believe teenagers enjoy themselves a lot, I have a different say.

The most important advantage of being a teenager is the lack of responsibility. They would not probably be questioned by their parents because of hanging out with their peers until middle of the night. They experience first love and heartbreak in this phase, which could possibly assist them for finding a committed partner in the future. In the same time, by applying for a part-time job, they would likely to enjoy the first taste of financial independence. They ,therefore, can dissociate from their families and start their own lives.

Adulthood, however, has many merits which should be taken into account. Because of being fully mature, they can start a family. As a result, they can bring up and look after their children, which could be a source of pleasure. Additionally, maturity gives adults greater confidence in their judgments, so they can make firm decisions independently in their lives.Another important merit of being fully grown up is that adults can establish a committed relationship with their marriage partners. Whenever difficulties arise, their spouses can assist them. When a husband, for example, loses a great sum of money in his business, his wife comes along to overcome financial hurdles by acquiring a well-paid job.

To sum up, I personally reckon that adulthood is the most joyful cycle of life, though it has many hardships.

Hi Simon,
I'm aiming at band 7 in speaking. Do I need to focus on the last question in part2? If I speak too much for the previous 3 points, will my score be under 7?
Thank you very much!

Hi Simon,
I took a test yesterday and in the speaking part, I made a lot of mistakes.
In first part, I can speak fluently. But in the second part, I keep silence a lot and the sentences are not connected. However, in the last part, I used many complex structures and high academic level vocabulary but I'm not sure my answer is direct to the question.
such as
Examiner: What are the disadvantages of the advertisement?
Me: The advertisement sometimes exaggerated the specifications of the products they presented.
Examiner: Haven't your country got a law about that?
Me: Well, there was a malfunction of the law enforcement in the past resulting in the loophole nowadays and many businesses use that hole to propagandize people.

Something like that.

Will I achieve the band 6 in Speaking Section?

Thank you very much :)

2.I used various different verb tenses. Can you find examples?
you were used 5 types of verb tenses at least.
the present tense: I think---- refers to the name/has to defeat in the film
the past tense: I saw
the past continuous tense: was watching
the past perfect tense: (negative formative ) hasn't been released
the future tense : will (predict) I don't know exactly what it will be about ../ it will be full of action scenes

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