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July 31, 2015


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I would like to talk about an outstanding change in my local district which is building a hospital. As far as i know my area in in dire need of a well-equipped healthcare center which i think this gap can be filled with the idea of changing some specific grounds and devoting to create it. Definitely, because of great efforts by the municipality of my home town, local authorities should be obliged to pour incredible volume of money into this remarkable project. The first priority of doing this change is funding appropriately by charities and governmental organization then by hiring well-trained personnel as well as state-of-the-art healthy systems, every resident in my local area will feel a sense of convenient occasion.Indeed, i've always dreamed of improving this district rapidly which allow me to see huge amount of prosperous small community living suitably with their families.So, what makes me so interested in this improvement is fighting against any illnesses resulting in wiping out different types of disasters.


what: the building e.g. the museum, the national library

who: the government, the local, the citizen, the construction, engineering, the architecture

how: the project is supported by e.g. local associations

why- significantly changed,the art of architecture is developing the local, rebuild those buildings is replacing the old one, a lot of students in need, more space for study

I'd like to talk about the development in education system which I really hope to see next time in my hometown. Firstly, It would be the change in educational curriculum. At the moment, the education program focus on only developing students' knowledge and skills. Teachers often ignore students' suitable attitude. For example, nursing students spend almost of their time on studying nursing skills and theory, they do not know how to communicate with patients in the right way.
Secondly, I'm very keen on to be witnessed the change in the relationship between students and teachers. Students will play a more active role in learning, they will set their own learning objectives when studying and teachers support them to achieve their goals. To change this situation, both parents and teachers should collaborate to find the best way to instruct students these life skills.

(All of this is a made up)

• I am going to talk about some developments which are going to take place in areas around the district that I live. There would be some changes as building new high rises in the area, along with the roads and short cuts to the main roads and major routes. High rises are in the number of 7 between 25 and 45 stories with high end design and technology.

• The company which is going to build these high rises is one of the top five in the country, and has a good reputation in building high quality developments from sky scrapers to shopping malls. One of its last works was the improvement that they have done in airport terminal in recent years.

• I am not sure about the exact time of their commencing of the project, but as we saw in different general auditions that the developer had by council and neighborhood in regard to this development, it is going to be somewhere at the beginning of the next year. As they told, the project takes about 6 years to be completed and they are going to start by changing the traffic pattern in the region which facilitates their logistic. Then in early years of the project they are planning to build high rises with 25 stories, later to the end of the period they work on the taller ones of 45 levels.

• I believe these changes would have some advantages along with some drawbacks. On the one hand it can cause to increase the property values in our area with a kind of boom on property prices. There are also some traffic changes in the area that give us a better access to major routes. Of course more people around, give us the chance to meet new people and the council would provide more amenities from neighborhood in forms of new library or rec-center and a closer shopping centers. However, more crowds mean more traffic congestion and pollution as a result.

The change i would like to take place in my city is the improvement of the public transport system. I believe it is necessary because the actual system is to blame of the chaotic traffic and also the high number of car accidents.
This change must include the commitment of many social actors such as local autorities, owners of public transport licenses, bus drivers and most of all the passangers.
Definetly this change wont happen from ay to another, it is a long-term project so we should be patients and adaptables to change.
At the end we will spent less time commuting and in change we are going to improve our quality life

Dear Simon,

Honestly, I don't think it's easy to answer speaking part 2 well with the time limit and particularly under pressure. We're sometimes not familiar with the topic. The process of forming ideas, organising them and express them in a natural, logical way is really challenging! I came across a topic relating a certain type of sports whereas in fact I'm not interested in any sports games at all! At that moment I was totally at loss! The topic did affect my performance afterwards.

Could you please give us some advice on this issue?

Thank you very much.

James Z.

Simon, the tips are really helpful. However, is that possible if you upload some online courses regarding speaking preparation?

While taking about the changes that i would like to see in my local area
- that it would be better if there were one park for the people where we can do exercise, for small children they can play even it can be used as a place for doing yoga and meditation. another things that i would like to here is public library through which student get facility to learn more and they can save their time to go school or college library. there is already a hospital and Buspark.

- I think there must be involvement of local people, then municipality, as well as the one leader from government who can help in built and protect it for a long period of time so that our next generation will use it.

- I think first of all there is a need of financial support plus local people support to built the all these place. It would be possible by unity of people and support from government bodies. For financial support money can collect through each house and rest of money can be collect through government bodies.

-I would like to see this happen because due to the over population increment there is a lack of playing ground we have no any space for doing exercise moreover it is also environment friendly so i recommend for park and in the case of library i think around my circle where i live almost there are huge number of student who are live there for educational propose so think it will help us to having one library near my areas.

well, its a very tricky question. let me think about that.

I think our community needs the park ......
.park is basic necessity for everyone.specifically In our
area where mostly familes are living.

I think the local authorities should consider this requirment
and it should be supported by local community.
specifically like this area, with the extreme weather
the families can go in the park to breath in fresh air
and children's also enjoyed while there are in the home for
the whole day.

for myself, I love to go for morning and afternoon excercise
in the park. I feel relax and try to enhail a lot
of fresh air in the park.

thats it

Hello guys,
I'm Ahmed from Egypt examined IELTS last year and got 6 in speaking. My target is 7.5 at least. Recently I've done a speaking simulation in a local center and it was estimated 7. Looking for a speaking partner seeks the same band, my Skype account is "speaking account".

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