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July 10, 2015


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Hi Simon,
I just got my result. I got overall 7.
I would like to thank you for your wonderful site which is helping students all over the world.
Love from Nepal

1. Because watching films is enjoyable, sometimes it can be educational. People feel relaxed or genuinely interested in the contents in the films. Watching pictures is one of many ways that people seek to compensate hard working life.

2. There are definitely significant changes in the film industry in terms of quality and contents. During my childhood, films were used to shoot indoor with artificial backgrounds, and sound effects were very poor or even just dialogue without any additional effects. Films in that era were not challenging enough to have breathtaking stunts. In addition, when there were not any blockbusters intervening domestic film market, filmed styles and contents used to be very similar and boring with hidden political propaganda. Thank to the developments in technology and the free film market, people these days can watch any films they want with dramatic effects and startling actions with relish. The first blockbuster film I watched was 'The Broken Arrow'. It definitely shocked and fascinated me at that time.

3. Due to the improvements on the quality of stereos and visual effects such as the advent of 3D TV, people start to watch films at home more than before. To some extent, I think this will have a negative impact on the turnouts at cinemas. However, I think people would continue to enjoy outings to cinemas as going to cinemas can be deemed as social events, which can not be substituted by watching films at home.

SOS please does anyone have an idea the most effective method to improve writing from 6,5 to 7 since I am getting 8,7,5 and 7 in the other parts

Congratulations Nepali Girl!


Thanks for sharing your answers so quickly Jing!



Have a look at these 2 lessons:



People like watching films because it is a type of fantacy world.In real life we can not see that type of things.More over it' fun and entertainment for watching films.Some times we learn good and bad things also.

yes i have seen lot of changes in films now than in the past.When i was a child i used to watch films rarely.childhood days i didnot see this much graphic scenes and action secenes.now technology has brought up so many things.now there are so many new features are added to making a film.It is very interesting to see such type of films.

I think that people will not stop completely going to the cinema in future.but there may be less number of people will go to cinema compared to the past days.because today technology can use home viewing improves so that we can make our house in a suitable way.In this we can buy home theatre and big screen tv and it is similar to thetre feeling experience.For exmaple lot of families are thinking about going to cinema with four members is a waste of money.However there young members defentely wants to watch a movie in theatres

1- Why do you think people like watching films?

I think people enjoy going to cinema, because this is a kind of pastime for them after days of work and activities. I believe we all need some times to take off from our usual world and enter to a new world, which usually is possible by watching movies. For some people films have a kind of relaxing effect, even though it be an exciting experience.

2- Do you think films have changed since you were a child? How?

In some areas definitely there were some changes. If we look at the genres we might have the same kinds of movies that we have had before, but the way that they are presented now is more attractive and dramatic. For example, compare the old superman movie with new version of that you will see the differences between what the films were in the past with the one at present. Technologies used in most films released in recent years, have transferred the entire industry to a more attractive and excitement business. We also see some stories that were made movies repeatedly over time, but each ecranisation has its own character and.

3- As the technology for home viewing improves, do you think people will stop going to the cinema in future?

I think in most cases they do, this is the main reason for booming of some new businesses, such as renting movie in recent years, and this is because there is more convenient for many people to stay home and enjoy the same or even better feeling while watching movies. I say it would be more convenient for them because on the one hand, they can save more time and money when they watch movies in their home; on the other hand they also have more freedom to stop and watch different part of the film again and again. However, I believe for younger generations watching movie is more a means of gathering with friends rather than pure watching a film. They like more to have sometimes spending together and most of the time they even don’t remember the film’s plot in the second day.

1) I think people like films because now a days mostly people are busy in their jobs.when they come back from work they want to become relax for a while.some times students also watching English films to improve their English.simply it's a good source for enjoyment as well as for enhancing the knowledge.
2) yes films have changed as compare to the fast.the main factor is technology.with the passage of time new tools are introduced for recording and visualizing the sense.
3) in my point of view it's depends upon the culture and peace of a country.in my country people are worrying about suicide in cinema therefore they are avoiding watching movies in cinema.Also the price's of LCD,TV etc. become reduced therefore people prefer to purchase these gadgets for watching movies inside there homes along with family.

Sir it's my first time to comment on your site.kindly I need your feedback.best regards

many thanks Simon for your precious advice I will go ahead with it

Hi Mr Simon.

Eventually I got my desire results. Now I can prepare myself for PLAB. This site is a great source of information for IELTS. Mr Simon I believe that you are the only tutor everyone needs and this site is great. I'm really thankful for everything you learnt me on this site. No words can actually say how much I'm thankful to you. My advice to everyone is never give up. If others could do it , you can also do it.

Thanks Simon,
Following your website tips I got remarkable improvement in ielts, especially in writing,reaching 7 from 5.5 in four weeks time span. My recent 2 attempts score in GT are as follows:

From,,, L,R,R,,S= 6.5,5.5,5.5,6.5## 6 to

Now, L,R,R,S= 6.5,8,7,6.5, overall#7.
Thanks again guru.

1.speaking generally, what meakes people interested in watching movies is that they tend to have an entertainment occasion in their spare time. infact, dedicating their times to follow a chain of intriguing events in a film can give them an opportunity to recharge their batteries.therefore, it will be possible for them to be relaxed and convenient.

2.Yes, definitely. As far as i remember they have moved to emotional themes than paying attention to other important aspect of society's concern which is social problems. I mean by utilizing substantial means of technological technics, they are representing some attractive subjects just for absorbing more viewers as well as more profit.For instance, there is a great tendency among film makers to work on family topics which is popular than spending a huge amount of money to produce real problems.

3.Actually, nowadays by spreading technology in the realm of home electronic appliances, individuals are in the hope of staying at their premises watching their favorite movie on their smart,big and modern screen.In other words, it would be possible to see the invasion of consumers to rely on these exquisite devices rather than going to a cinema. So that's why i do think that the prospect of cinemas will be threatened rapidly.

Hi , friends
I need to get ielts 7band score .if some one would like to start speaking practice with me ? my skype id

Congratulations Mahsa and Shahid!

I think that the films was attracted by people to see it is based on a lot of elements. one is an exciting entertainment (blockbuster) the other is commercial appeal the others is a character recognition. If the audience is watching the film they might be think themselves are one character in the cinema.
It is totally different the old-fashion films at the past decade and the modern films . as I can recall the childhood, we were watching the event films with poor productive. for examples, the sound the music.The others. in the films were used a number to describe a hit as the hero in the movie, such as the batman. however, the currently dominate markets films are much better of its quality with special effects by huge budget of the production company. Those are hi-fi of audio, 4-D with spectacle visual effect, which are contributed by pro- productive company relies on technical to complete

Hi guys my score never increase more than 6.5 and I looking for partner if somebody want to do it with me let me know. My skype is : danielcarleone
Waiting for your response:)

Here are my answers, I hope anyone could help me to improve them, thanks.

  1. I think people enjoy watching films because it’s a good way to relax and a popular social activity. Some films that could be attractive are particularly entertaining and fun. Besides, I found people like to talk about the latest films as the conversation topics during their leisure time. People who don’t watching films would have more pressure and tend to be alone in their lives.

  2. Definitely, they have changed a lot. Nowadays, many special effects and fancy scenes have been produced by computer technology. The films like Transformers and Life of PI, they were full of the computer animations. By contrast, the old films were less likely to relay on modern technology, almost all the processes of producing film were handled manually.

  3. Well, yes or no. I agree some people will watch films at home because it’s more convenient and people could use their spare time at night to watch movies. However, some movie enthusiasts will keep going to cinema to watch the movies in order to have the best experiences and feelings such as the huge screen size, terrific sound effects and the vivid environment. And besides this, cinema has been being a good place to have a date for several decades, and I don’t think it will be changed in the near future.

1. firstly, people watch certain films because they want to be entertained, or they want to escape from reality just for hours. secondly, watching films also broaden our horizon and develop a deeper understanding of certain things. For example, many Miyazaki' s films are about friendship, love and nature. Audience receive a warm feeling from the movies.
2. due to the development of technology, there are many special effects, actions are added into today's film. no matter from visual or sounds aspects, today we enjoy more from a good movie. besides, companies are likely to invest more money into their films. it means they often film their movies in different part of world, as well as at spectacular locations. audiences can have a little knowledge about other nations without going there.
3. I do not think so. I believe that cinema in certain countries at the moment are irreplaceable because it is not only a way of entertainment but also a social culture now. Also, movie lovers would love to watch their favourite movies as soon as it is available in cinemas . this also provide a topic of discussion online among young people.

I gave 3 times exam but i didnt get good score.i want to improve my english.what to do.could you help me

Explain why you like the movie.
– What films are popular in your country?
– What films are popular with teenagers and the elderly?
– Why do some people love watching black and white movies?
– Are there any black and white movies screening in your country?
– People spend too much money on making movies, do you think they really need to spend that much to make a good movie?
– Most of the movies have computer-generated graphics, why do you think it is so?
– In the future, do you think computer generated movies will be still popular?
Can you answer these questions

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