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July 18, 2015


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Thanks Simon for building up mine and other learners vocabularies.

Hi, everyone.

Could you please let me know what the differences between theater and cinema? In this case, a theater full of people and cinema atmosphere by the way?

Cinema is a particular place where people sit and watch films in a monitor,a theater is that special actors act some plots to audiences online themselver

@ John Le

They are both synonyms. You can say.
A cinema with full of people.
replicate that theater atmosphere.

Thank you Simon for the useful mock exam and the valuable feedback.It was a good idea to have similar exam conditions along with detailed explanation which doubled our exam experience.

1.To protect the copyright, people shall be avoiding download with illegal films as well as an exact replica.
2.It is illegal to download the film as an exact replica due to the copyright.
3.The national museum depicts the works of replicating (duplicate) of the Renaissance .
4.that is his first time to see the movie with full of people, experiencing the theatre atmosphere.
pls correct those sentances , THANKS

thank you share these valuable vocabularies

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