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July 09, 2015


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Thanks Simon
Iam nervous and worry about IELTS mock exam with you on Saturday . Actually , I did IELTS exam last April in Liverpool and I have got overall score 6 by following your lessons .However , my target score is 7.5 .
I appreciate your help .

Hi Simon
I have a question to ask you
In the listening test, the tape give us some time to check the answers. However, you suggest we should use that time to look at the following question. May i ask why? My teachers, all of them say we should check the answer rather than looking at the question, when we have the time for doing that
I hope you won't mind anwsering

hi simon
amna here..i really like ur this blog regarding IELTS n have been following it for quite long now but never attempted to post any question before.i wanted to inquire that is it possible that i write down an essay n post or email it to u for the rectification of my mistakes?? do u charge for it? any answer will be appreciated..thanku in advanc

Hi, could you check my writing please?

Hi, Simon
I want to complete IELTS but still now I don't know how to writ , read, speak etc. I'm also new member of this blog. Would you tell me how I can get at lest 6.5 score within 4 - 5 month . I think your site will helpful for my skill development . Thanks Simon bro.


Don't be nervous Nadia - it's only a practice test. See you tomorrow.



Because you don't hear the recording a second time, the only things you can really check are your spelling and whether the answers make sense in the context. You can't check to see if you heard the right answer.

I recommend checking spelling and whether answers make sense at the end - in the 10 minutes that you have for writing answers on the separate answer sheet.

Use the 'checking' time to read ahead, and you'll be better prepared for the next section.


Amna and Roi,

For essay correction, please read the information on the page linked below:




I can't help people individually I'm afraid. You really need a teacher who can assess your particular needs - I can only give specific advice when I've worked with a student face to face.

For general advice, practice exercises, techniques and sample answers, just keep following my blog lessons.

Hi Simon,
I am Elsa, I just received a feedback from my IELTS teacher, and I am so confused now. In my task 1 practice(line graph), I wrote:

The graph compares the changes in aging populations in three nations, the USA, Sweden and Japan, from 1940 to 2010, and projected figures to 2040.


My teacher corrected this paragraph as:
The graph compares the changes in the rate of aging of populations in three nations, the USA, Sweden and Japan, from 1940 to the present, and projected figures to 2040.

my questions are:
1: I remember some teachers said "rate" should be used carefully...and I'd better not use it in task 1 in order to avoid some mistakes.
2: aging of populations? I remember that is "aging population"....

So confused....

Hope you have time to help me with my questions....

Thank you ~

Hi Simon!
I have received my result recently n got writing:6.5, speaking:7.5, reading:8 and listening:9. Do you think it's worth remarking? I need 7 each band :(
Thank you.

Hi Simon, I wonder if you can help me with this task 1 process question:
The diagram below gives the information about the Hawaiian island chain in the centre of the Pacific Ocean.
You can find the picture here
I really want to see this written in your style.
Thanks a lot.

Hi Simon
How do i get a mock test with you?any particular venue or online....need your help dear.

Hi Sharmin,

I don't do any mock tests online. But for information about my 'live' courses and mock tests, visit the website below:


Hi ,plz. Help me in writing task ,

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