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July 08, 2015


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In today's society, the older people are always having different thoughts about how we should live, think and behave. While, other people think that these thoughts are not useful in preparing youngsters for contemporary life.

there are some reasons behind why the older people are having an old ideas from our youngsters. Take china for an exmple, first older people are having a traditional ideas about the marriage, because of older people think that people should get marry and have a child when they reach a certain age.women are regard 'incomplete' without having a child in her lifetime. Second a single mother with a child without a husband is a disgrace to the family.

Hi Siomn, May I ask you one question: what do you think of my introduction?

Hello Tian, I think your introduction is not fully covered. It is my introduction. What do you think? Appreciate any comments!!

It is sometimes argued that baby boomer generations are unable to adapt the new way of living in 20th century, and their contribution for youngsters is not sufficient enough. I completely disagree with this view for several reasons.

Tian, I my opinion you cracked it. Just add one more sentence to describe your opinion. Thanks

It is often argued that whether or not senior citizens" advice has considerably positive impact on our society.I completely disagree with the idea that older generations can help to improve young people"s lifestyle sufficiently.

i think completely disagree would be more easier,isn"t it?

Disagree completely would be easier, it is quite easy to find more than two arguments to support it.

For example, older generations can impart their skills, experience and values to youngsters, guiding younger generation in their modern life. first paragraph talks about skills, experience, second one says values. Last one describes its limitation such as old people are reluctant to adopt new technology,then rebut it by stating that the interpersonal skills, experience will still remain effective no matter what technology is used.
Finally, conclusion

In today's world, the elderly are more likely to think that young people should live, think and behave more traditional to prevent their unique cultures from dying out. On the other hand, yet, oppenents believe that young generations opt to live, think and behave like citizen of the world. I partly agree with these views for several reasons.
On the one hand, it is difficult to overlook that roughly all countries have completely different traditions and cultures and it is definetely true that this allows people to dwell in more multiple world. Firstly, every year thousands of languages and traditions are vanishing on the grounds of globalization and capitalism. That is why, older generations normally want to protect their cultures in order not to ungergo dying out. Therefore, they try to adopt the idea of living, thinking and behaving more traditional to the young. Logically, this idea could be key to keep rare traditions alive.
On the other hand, nobody can deny that with the advent of technological devices, our world has become more competitive world compared with past. Thus, the young should think, live and behave more globally to keep pace with the consistently growing world. Take business life for an example. So long as employees are eager to work foreign countries, they should be open-minded to embrace generally accepted principles as many companies and attribute being a qualified worker to being a modern person.
In conclusion, in my point of view, being a modern person offers countless advantages in terms of finding job and earing more money.However, life without cultures and traditions next to imposibble for me. That is why, young generations should give a lot importance not only for being a modern person but also for keeping alive their unique traditions.

What do you think about my essay? please comment..

Dear Simon
I would like to ask you one question.
When I plan this essay as 2 part- question,
Should I agree on " it is true that older generations are too traditional in their ways of life"
Should I agree on " some traditional ways of life among older generations would not be beneficial to young people "

And then I disagree in second paragraph as some of their lifestyles are crucial to the today's generation.

Thank you very much for your clarification.

it cant be deny the fact that most of the elderly people encourage their offspring to follow the trdition and customs as they do. many people believe that these ideas will no longer be helpful for the younger generation to live better in this contemporary world. To a large extent I agree to this statement.

there are several good reasons why newer generation should not be forced to follow their ancestors beliefs and views.
1. change is a natural process..evrything is changing..it is necessary to adapt changes in order to survive and succeed. to cite an example , in the past,some tribal groups in my country, India refused to take treatmentment for disease as they believed that it was linked with some spiritual power
2. New innovations and discoveries. children should feel free to think outside the box.empower creativity.exmple. the quality of life style
3.noone has the right to order how others should think

However, we should follow certain traditions for the unity and harmony of our society.
exmple. ceremonies such as marriage should be supported

conclusion.paraphrase introduction

Berke, your essay is bit out of topic for sure which will not give your satisfactory TR.
LR,CC is normal around 5.5~6,
Grammar I haven't take a close look, they are some errors I am afraid.
TR:6, LR:6 CC:5.5 GRA:5.5

1-Arguments to agree:
a) Traditional ways of our living are those which have been tested before and proved their efficiencies.

b)There are more knowledge about that and if there is a failure there will be a solution too, (need example)

c)In most traditional ways good and bad things are well defined, so nobody is harmed.

2-Arguments to disagree:

a)There are new areas in our life that need new approaches,(needs example to support)
b)Any new ways in our living,thinking or behaving can become a traditional method in the future.
(needs example to support)

3- I think it would be easier for me to write a balance opinion, because there are more room to move.

You are absolutely right Simon, 10 minute thinking and planning is key for a good writing.

Now, I am going to write my essay.

It is true that elder people have a specific way to live life. However, many people believe that that is not sufficient for young people to cope with this advanced world. In my opinion, while I agree that some of the ideas are not applicable in this era, I also believe that there are certain ideas that play a vital role to module young people to deal with this fast and modern life.

There are many traditional ideas that are not useful in this time. For example, in our grandparents time, there was tendency that women have to do households work, but in modern time, both genders have to work to live happy family life. So, old mentality of women's role in our society has broken now. Another example would be that they did not believe in education while in the 21st-century education has become most important part of young people's lives. Such as there are new education fields are available to make bright future in it. Finally, they always prefer to be safe in life, but nowadays, we have to take a risk in every phase of our life such as in education, business and so forth.

Despite the above argument, I believe that there are few approaches that we should take from our ancestors. Firstly, they are more positive toward life in compare to we are now. So, we should have to learn from them that everything happen for good but it depends on how we think for that situation. As someone said, what we think, we become. Secondly, they always prefer to have healthy food. However, this generation like fast and readymade food to save time for other commitments. Finally, old people used to do Yoga and meditation but this young blood does not follow that and instead of that, they like to have late-night club party.

In conclusion, in my view, although there is no doubt that all of the traditional ideas are not able to utilize in this modern time, there are many ideas that we can apply in this modern time to make our young people lives more happy and worth living.

Some people believe that the old people have orthodox mentality, which is not useful to preparing modern generation.Although I accept that the old generation have different attribute of life, I disagree with the statement that they do not have anything to help for the juveniles.I will elaborate my views in the following essay.

points to agree with:
adapting to changes is a necessity in this modern society
ways of old- too confined and restricted eg. roles of women

point to disagree with:
old ways- may have stood the test of time therefore reliable

The older generations tend to have very traditional ideas about how people should live, think and behave. However, some people believe that these ideas are not helpful in preparing younger generations for modern life.
To what extent do you agree or disagree with this view?

It is absolutely true that many older people have traditional opinions about how we should live, think and behave. I completely believe with the ideas that the older generations' ideas are not supportive in making younger generations ready for contemporary life.

Today, there is a clear division between older generations and the younger ones in terms of how to live one's life, including thoughts and behaviors. Some people believe that the conventional ways of the older people does not equip their younger counterparts in the challenges of present day's society. Although the ways of old may still be of value,I believe that it is simply not enough or practical if one is to survive in this modern world.

(how about this for introduction? i am taking my ielts very soon...feedbacks will be very much appreciated..please and thank you! )

The Older Generation is no doubt more experienced and keep traditional ideas about how people should live, think and behave.

It cannot be denied that experience makes a man wise ,but I totally disagree that thinking or behavior can be forced any wise individual no matter how older generation they are . 21st century generation know their rights as in American state children complaint with cops about their parents misuse of their powers. in April 2014 two children below ten years age file a suit to parents for not caring them and to protect their basic rights.

The situation and problems of the current century are not same as previous. The world is changing and innovations are been added up to the each day. Personal likings, concept of happiness and self satisfaction is different among people. In present era people do not getting suggested by any one. So the idea of taking advices from a generation gap is creating an environment of depression where there are plenty of options for each decision of life.

In my opinion the trends and traditions of Older generation are respectable, but the Older generation must also respect the decisions made by Youth generation to coupe up with modern life style. As Older generation learnt from their experience, young generation must be given chance to gain from their own experience.

intro :

It is often argued that traditional ideas have been of no benefits for younger in today's society. while I agree that this is true some of value seems not practical in reality.

Here is my introduction.If someone can give me feedback, I would really appreciate it!

It is true that people of distinct generations have different viewpoints about whether traditional lifestyles and values should be kept in the modern life. I generally disagree that people do not need to modify ways to live and beliefs people should have today.

Hi everybody. Can you pls check my essay> Thanks
It is true that disciplinary issues have been rising in schools nowadays causing lots of undesirable outcomes, and children should therefore be trained to follow rules properly. Personally I believe that both parents and teachers should play their part in raising children to be disciplined individuals.
On the one hand, parents are certainly responsible for their offspring’s behaviours and discipline. It is no surprise that children spend most of their time playing and learning at home during their childhood, which means that they frequently observe and repeat their parent’s behaviours. If a child was raised in a disciplinary environment in which his or her parents behave appropriately, it would surely be no problem for the child to be self-controlled and disciplined. In other words, parents take responsibility of their child’s discipline by being disciplined people themselves. Sometimes, parents can also make sure that assigned homework is completed before school lessons starts.
On the other hand, children can also learn behavioural rules from their teachers. The main role of a tutor is to maintain the class decorum, and in order to do that, he would have to ensure children behaving well in classes. This means that at schools, children learn to respect rules, work in a team as well as listening to others, all of which can have extremely positive impacts on their discipline and social skills. For example, teachers can set up starting time for lessons strictly, leading to a significant fall in pupil’s lateness and an increase in their time management skills.
In conclusion, there are various ways in which children can learn to be disciplined, and this could be done mostly by both parents at home and instructors at schools.

Pupil's way of thinking, behaviour and lifestyle varied from generations to generations. While I agree that some of the beliefs of earlier generations are not applicable in the current era, I disagree with the point that traditional views of elder people are meaning less to today's younger generations.

On one hand I believe that some of the traditional beliefs of older generations might hinder our economic growth as well as rights of freedom. Women for example restricted to houses and household work.Women don't have freedom of speech, choice to take decisions of their own or empowering themselves.This doesn't holds good any more in the current era and now women are part of our society. Gender equality is in lace and women too enjoy freedom of work, living for their desires and make their dreams come true.

On the other hand traditional diet, lifestyle recommended by prior generations holds good today too. Following those principles defenetely allows today's generations to lead peaceful and comfortable long life.Eating at proper timings, including pulses, greens and avoiding junk food, ready made packs people live healtheir. In addition to this traditional practices of Yoga and Meditation keeps body and mind under control. This also motivates to lead peaceful and stress free life.

In conclusion, in my opinion Young generations should continue listening to age old practices from our elders and they should analyse and follow the practices still helps in the modern society.

Please feel free to give suggestions or comment on this essay.

It is irrefutable fact that people's view about life has changed significantly over the centuries.First of all,older people are less enthusiastic and less willing to welcome modern change.For example, they can persuade young generations to ignore using new technological devices.Furthermore,they have some traditional beliefs that are not justified and appropriate for our modern life.Thus,many old people support the view that there should be some restrictions on women's behaviour and also claim that only responsibilities of women should be cleaning,cooking and taking care of children.

my first sentence is out of topic,isn't it,please answer me.I mean,over the centuries should be generation to generation or not?

It is well-know that older generations are likely to be conservative about lifestyles and behaviors of people today. However, some argue these ideas are no longer suitable in preparing young people for modern life. In my opinion, both sides have considerable reasons which will be discussed in this essay.

Firstly, some traditional ideas from previous generations, I believe, are better for educating adolescents. It is, in fact, in modern society, young people become increasingly emotionless in relationships with friends and families which slowly deteriorate their family values and spiritual lives. This, in turn, results in currently isolated culture among people and potentially in next generations if the trend was not stopped. By equipping young adults with conservative ideas in this case, the situation can certainly be mitigated. Thus, it is obvious some older generations’ life ideologies still needs to be preserved in modern day.

However, some of these old-fashioned philosophies can adversely affect the development of modern civilization. Because of being trapped in conservative ideas, some seem not accept the changes of society. For instance, in many countries, the governments do not support gay marriages and punish the homosexuals in spite of people’s awareness across the world. This, I believe, should be terribly wrong to teach younger generations as it invalidates civil rights and stagnates the progress of positive civilization movement. As the result, it is understandable such outdated ideas are no longer suitable for educating future generations.

In conclusion, while traditional ideas are still necessary for young people, some outdated believes, in my view, need to be discarded.

It is true that the elder population often have conventional views and lifestyles.Although I accept that there are customary practices which are obsolete,I believe that some of those traditional ideas are beneficial to the younger generation in the modern society.

Hey Simon
Can I ask you a question?
What are the differences between partly agree essay and discursive essay + opinion.
Please reply me soon I am going to take the test on Saturday

It is controversial whether or not traditional concepts and values possessed by the older generation should be utilized and integrated into modern lifestyles pursued by young people. Although, I think some traditonal ways of nurturing the younger generation should be highly encouraged, to a large extent, young people should be prepared to keep pace with the fast changing and globalized world.


It is true that there is an argument whether we should take an advice from old generations. There could be several reasons for both perspectives why this is the case, and I partly agree with these views for several reasons.

There are various reasons why many people find an advice from the old acceptable. Firstly, our society has been partly changed instead of totally revolution compared in the twenty years ago, so that suggestions from old generations are not out of fashion. For example, in terms of the dinner manner, old teachers is teaching university students how to eat politely which is an essential course in University of Cambridge. Secondly, the way of thinking of old generations has been tested hundreds of times, still being useful in the 21st century. For instance, they can teach young generations how to make a right decision and what an attitude should be treated to study and work, or how to overcome difficulties, such as students gaining suggestions from their senior doctor or supervisor.

However, there are many reasons why people disagree with the view above. The principle reason is that some customs is being changed. For example, more people tend to get married after finding a steady job, and the prevention from their parents might be useless and unacceptable. Furthermore, many old generations in China think that women should not be encouraged to work outside, which is likely to limit the modern female's freedom and ambition.

In conclusion, I believe that people should take the wide and acceptable advice from old generations, and young generations should learn to judge whether the suggestion is true or not. (273 words)

Please feel free to get any suggestions and commons, especially for grammar! Many thanks!

I think we should keep our ideas simple and avoid being philosophical which is harder to write. My response is "partly agree".

- Live: older generation tends to be less mobile and confined within their neighborhood; however, there are opportunities beyond our living region and country thanks to the development of transport and cross-country collaboration.

- Think: older generation tends to stay away from computers and do things by themselves; however, computers can help us to be much more efficient thinker.

- Behave: older generation tends to interact directly via face to face meeting and hand-written letters; however, means of telecommunication and the Internet now can connect people over long distances at any time.

Disagree: there are unhealthy aspects of abusing the technologies of modern life and older lifestyle retains many values for a humane society.

It is true that old people have their own standards about how a person should function in societies, which means he or she has to live, think and behave certain ways. My view is that these perceptions are no longer suitable in the 21st century and not useful for young generations.

The rapid changes in family structures make it difficult to apply old rules in modern households. The most obvious change is the role of women in the family. In the past, wives were supposed to not only obey their husbands but also handle most of the housework and childcare. Although many mothers still expect the same behavior in their daughters in law, it is no longer the case. It is because many women, nowadays, ask for equality, and expect their husbands to share the workload in the family so that they have time to gain qualifications and pursue a career. Thus, if the old rules were forced upon women, there would be uproar about equal rights.

At social level, opinions of the elderly are sometimes not appropriate to apply. For example, 20 years ago, female was expected to be feminine and male should be masculine. This expectation has changed tremendously due to the acceptance of other sexualities other than male and female, and it has been common to see feminine men on the street nowadays.

In conclusion, I do think that the ideal ways of life, behavior and thoughts of people from old generations are not appropriated to apply in current time. Therefore, young generations will not gain any benefits from learning them.

It is common to find a diverse life value, behavioural pattern and lifestyle among different generations because of the continuing advancement of societies. Some people believe that there is little meaning to prepare the youth for modern life. I partially agree with this opinion, given the fact that some conventional experience and ideas are as valuable as many of the new ways advocated by younger generations.
It is undeniable that young people today are quite different from last generations in a number of ways.it is not uncommon for them to work, communicate and live quite differently from their seniors. Take career path for example, young people are more adventure compared with older people, thus they are no longer willing to keeping a long-term working relationship with one company, but either starting their own business or finding other jobs as they like. Besides, the young people are more technical-oriented than the older group, sending emails or face-to-face communication has given way to digital networking lifestyles.
However, last generations also accumulated rich life experience that is useful for any generation to apply to. Some living philosophies such as getting and sleeping early is one of these should be valued on. Numerous studies have proven that people tend to live longer and healthier via adapting to such traditional lifestyle, even though the younger generations often regard this as a sign of being old and refuse to behave accordingly.
In addition, last generations also have philosophies to pass on in terms of how to survive in competitive societies. For example, to be equipped with a cooperative mindset with a humble attitude in workplaces is essential in my culture, yet this tradition has been replaced by a much aggressive and selfish characters mostly found in the youngsters with a strong ego. Consequently, this might compromise the performance of any teamwork, because corporation is always an essential culture in most companies regardless of modern or old.
In conclusion, I believe that young people live with their own personality as well as adopt some good merits that are beneficial to them.

Friends, please find my answer below. I will be thankful if you can provide your feedback.

People have different views about whether or not the beliefs of traditional ways of life and behavior are still relevant in building current generation’s modern life. In my views, while many suggestions of old generation are still applicable in today’s time, there are some that have become unnecessary.

The traditions are the result of the wisdom of many generations, which are tested and proven to be the most suitable approach of livings after considering various factors such as weather, availability of resources and social fabrics of the local place. Elderly people know these facts very well because of their experience and the way they overcome difficult situations. For example, in hot countries like India cotton cloths are often suggested by the senior people to young individuals, because cotton tends to have cooling effect against heat and sweat. Therefore, such conventional practices will find their place in today’s advanced lifestyle.

On the other hand, I can understand the arguments against the conventional thinking and practices. Some of them were acceptable based on the situation of the past. However, our lifestyle keeps on changing and therefore we need to act, behave and think accordingly. Today, we live in more comfortable houses and we tend to do less physical work than we do in the past. Therefore, food as an example should have more protein content rather than carbo-hydride, because people require mental strength than the physical energy. Considering all such factors, young people should follow only that advises of elderly people, which are still relevant in today’s environment.

In conclusion, it seems to me young people should wisely choose those traditional values and lifestyles which still suite their modern life rather than blinding following them.

The older generations tend to have very traditional ideas about how people should live, think and behave. However, some people believe that these ideas are not helpful in preparing younger generations for modern life.
To what extent do you agree or disagree with this view?

It is sometimes argued that tradition-oriented life styles and behavior have nothing to do with the training of youngsters in a way that may require living in a fast-paced world. I completely agree with this statement.

In my opinion, traditions that had been settled down by our ancestors are absurd to get considered in this revolutionized world. To take a living style of our predecessors as an example, teenagers in past centuries were bound to remain in nucleus families. However, younger generations are more likely to live independently nowadays which helps them to develop a variety of attributes in their personalities ranging from a higher level of confidence and sense of responsibility to dealing with a real world. These hands on experiences help them to be better trained for challenging world. If these offspring were forced to follow the conventional ideology, they would have missed-out of these much needed traits which are crucial to become a successful member of an egalitarian society.

It is also argued that conventional values will restrict teenagers from thinking globally. So, it will make them the narrow minded adults in terms of accepting different people from different cultures and backgrounds. For instance, our forefathers were highly reluctant to do shared business with traders of different ethnicity in their time period. This ended up in limited trades. Therefore, I would also argue that teenagers should be given the broader view of this universe with immense awareness of global issues, different languages as well as conflict resolution. It will allow them to broaden their horizons in regard of understanding of this increasingly interconnected world. As a result a prestigious place in the job market and a prosperous future will be assured for them.
In conclusion, I believe that traditional ethics should be ignored as it cannot assist in making our younger generation the productive members of a competitive society

It is common to find a diverse life value, behavioural pattern and lifestyle among different generations along with the continuing advancement of societies. I partially agree that there is no need to prepare the youth for modern life, given the fact that some conventional experience and ideas from last generations are as valuable as what advocated by younger generations.

It is undeniable that young people today are quite different from last generations in a number of ways. Take career path for example, young people are more adventure compared with older people, and they are unlikely to keep a long-term working relationship with one company, but either starting an undertaking or finding different job. Another common change is that young people are more technical-oriented than last generations, sending emails or face-to-face communication has gradually given way to a digital networking lifestyle.

Some life experience accumulated by last generations is, indeed, useful in educating new generation. Living philosophies such as getting and sleeping early is one of these that should be valued on. Numerous studies have proven that people tend to live longer and healthier via adapting to such traditional lifestyle, while young generations often regard this as a sign of being old and refuse to behave accordingly. In addition, last generations also have plenty of life experience to pass on in terms of how to survive in competitive societies. To be equipped with a cooperative mindset with a humble attitude in workplaces is essential, yet this tradition has been replaced by a more aggressive or selfish disposition. This, consequently, might affect the performance of a team and jeopardise the interest of the company they serve for.

In conclusion, I believe that young people should live with their own personality as well as follow some good merits that are beneficial to them.

en francais

I want to ask that if I am writing essay on fast food .what would I write _ for or against the statement

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