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July 29, 2015


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Hi Simon,

I noticed many times there is a special grammatical pattern favoured by many native speakers, which is "adverb + verb". For example,

Poor countries are overwhelmingly located in the tropical regions.
We’ve collectively failed to admit to ourselves what we’re truly like.
We don’t have to wait until the rich miraculously grow magnanimous all kind.

I suppose that's a good way both to express your idea more vividly and also to write in a more native manner. But I fail to imitate that. I have the least idea how it goes. Could you please give us some details about that? Do you think it's encouraged to write with that style?

Thank you

James Z.

James, i noticed it too.

dear Simon,

i need to know if there are lessons that you have removed from this website.i mean that recently i begin to go through your lessons here on this blog from the first beginning,i read the lessons and the comments as well, some comments you made as answers to other candidates' questions contained links, and when i want to open these links i found nothing, like this link http://ielts-simon.com/ielts-help-and-english-pr/2010/03/ielts-writing-task-2-conclusions.html

Many thanks for this great lessons,i have been going through them from the first beginning for many months,they are extremely helpful.

Dear Simon,

I m very happy to share my success in IELTS with 7.0 for Listening and reading and 7.5 for Writing and Speaking...
It became possible by following your guidance for only a short period.
What would have happened if I did this for a longer duration with the reference of your E-book ?
I recommend your site for everyone.
Thank you very much. May God bless you

Hi James,

The important thing is that you are noticing things that native speakers do. Keep reading, listening, and noticing - you'll gradually start to integrate these interesting features into your own language repertoire.


Hi lana,

I sometimes update and/or republish old lessons, so that's why the links don't work. To find a lesson with a broken link, do a Google search like this:

"example search words" site:ielts-simon.com

This will tell Google to search only on my website.


Congratulations Nizam! I'm really happy that my guidance helped you to get such great scores!

need also

When I wrote this essay by myself, I tend to repeat traditional views many times. In your essay, I find good paraphrase for “traditional views” to “other characteristics that are perhaps seen as traditional” and “a more ‘old-fashioned’ sense”.

Dear Simon, I noticed that you didn't give an example on partly agree with more specific way, you only make a statement in general . Am I right?

merci & Danke

hi James,
propositions :in all kinds
or all kinds

I think I will keep an eye on that and build up my repertoire soon.

Thank you Simon!

James Z.

Dear Simon,

I could not understand why the below sentence was written in the past tense. For this question, do we need to refer the traditional people's view in past tense?

older generations attached great importance...
why not
older generations attach great importance...

Hi Jay,

Both tenses are fine. Maybe I should have used the present tense to write about older people who are still alive. My use of the past tense implies many past generations, not only older people who are alive now.

Thanks a lot Simon.

Hi Simon!

May I ask for your advice? Is it okay if I partly agree with this question and explain that I also believe that there are other factors that contribute to the increase in crime? Will I get penalized for introducing a new idea?

"In many countries, an increase on crime has been blamed on violent images on television and in computer and video games. To what extent do you agree or disagree?"

Hi,i am from Baku.
My writing task 2 -
The most important decision of young people should make a career to follow.To what extent do you agree or disagree?
My exam was 1 August and my speaking exam is today.
This website is really useful and i think that it really helped me.Thank you very much,Simon.

Thanks Simon for clearing my doubt.

Hi Simon,
I have been preparing for Ielts academic for last 7 months .I follow your daily lessons & proud to say that I have learnt a lot from you. There is no teacher on Earth like you .Unfortunately I appeared for test first time in June & got band 6.5 .Than as u always say keep working hard & don't give up so I continued .I reappeared in July & this time I was much more confident & expecting good scores. But today I got result & there is improvement in all overall score 7 & even in individual components but 6.5 in writing that dropped my overall score.this time I got very easy tasks & I was sure that I will get good score altleast in writing as I have followed your technique with well explained answers ,relevant & good ideas .So don't know what to do now as still need 7.5 in total .please guide me .is there any way of scrutiny ?

Hi Naureen,

I'm glad you like my lessons!

It might be a good idea to try getting a re-mark of your writing paper. There are no guarantees that your score will go up, but it's worth trying at some point if you keep getting 6.5.

Good luck if you decide to try the re-mark!

Thank you Simon!

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