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July 01, 2015


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Hi, Simon! I want to buy your IELTS ebook but i can't pay for fee by VISA. I don't know the reason why my account is not accepted. Moreover, do you have any writing correction services? I mean I will send you my email attached some essays I wrote and you will correct them. If you have, let me know your fee. I hope you will reply as soon as possible.

Hi Thuy,

I think you emailed me, and I replied to you there. If that wasn't you, email me at ieltssimon@gmail.com.

Hi Simon

Can you tell me the differences between CAE ( Cambridge advance exam ) and ielts

Hey everyone im looking for a speaking partner as well.My skype name is adrlmz.you can add me if u want to improve ur speaking skill.

I currently teach Turkish as a second language, I would also like to get CELTA qualification to be able to teach English Language. To be able to get on a CELTA course I need to either CAE or IELTS 7. Which one shall I take? Is one easier than the other? Anyone know? Thanks.

Please can anyone help me in ILTS writing about graphs ..... I need 7 in the exam . Thanks

Hi Simon,
i want to improve the writing modules, i am getting 7 in all other three but getting 5 in writing.
i want to get 6 in writing skills, could you please tell me the small tips to get hight marks, so that it could help me to get good score,
please help me in this

thanking you

with Regards,

Hello Simon, nice to meet you. Hope u have a nice day.
So, i have a question want to ask you. I'm very happy if you could ask me, just a small question. Thank you in advance.
My question is when write task 1, I often start with the sentence : A glance at the graph provided reveals................ So, is it possible to do that cause I read in a book Write Right that it's a band 7 sentence. So, what do you think? or should I start with just normal way?
I'm so confused. Please help me.

about Ielts book10 Reading many questions infer more logic regardless this type of questions cause and effect . so my friends we shall be able to develop the language for answer . BLESS

can any one help me i need 7 in all section, but i m not fluently in English.can i achieve that score?

Hi everyone , is there any comma after the THEREFORE AND THUS?for ex am ple
Thus,it has consideravly negative effects.

Hi Simon i stuck on score 5 and i need to get 5.5 or 6.Can you give me some suggestion?
thank you=]

Hi Simon

Can you please help me in writing task 2 ..

My email is sadam88ali@gmail.com


Hi everyone,

Please think carefully before making a question. I don't know why someone can ask something just like "how to get band 5 (or 6, 7)" ? There are many articles Simon has written and you guys should read before asking.

Anw. Hope everyone will get high scores.

Thank you Simon for your work.

Hi Simon
Can i send my some essays I wrote to ur email:ieltssimon@gmail.com?If i have to pay some fee to u ,let me know that.thx :)

hello my name is kavaljeet singh. i am struggling to make structure general writing task 2. My email id is skavaljeet@gmail.com

Hi Simon.could you help me how to write essay task2 step by step and also I need to feedback

Hi Simon ,i'm from vietnam,i would like to buy ebook task 2. How can i buy

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