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July 12, 2015


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Ielts is actually the best craic ever.

Hi Simon,

I'm taking my exam in another 2 weeks and I'm also struggling with time management for Reading. Could you please help give some tips on time management?

Most of people living longer than they used before .what do you think are the causes.discuss positive and negative effect on development of country. I gave exam on 11th July in general and my essay topic is above mentioned I answer this question and talk about foreign countries people who stay there for long time because they got career options and good study there.I think I answerd wrongly of this qus.plz tell me can I loose my marks for out of track answer.

Hello sir,
Can u tell me the difference between each five year cohort and each five year age bracket!!
Also can we write as ; each five year age cohort??

Thanks from each and every follower of this blog for ur valuable help!!

Dear Simon,

I extremely love your writing style, and many your methods have helped me a lot!

But one question about the SPEAKING TEST:
Must we cover all the bullet point on the cue card?

Thank you so much!

thanks for your website. i got band 7 in each section.

if anyone wants to have free advice, feel free to contact me by email. [email protected]


Just be strict with yourself in terms of taking 20 minutes for each part. Also, miss any questions that you find too difficult - don't get stuck and waste time. Get to the end of the test, then go back to the questions that you missed.



There's no real difference. I used the two phrases to describe the same thing, and 'each five-year age cohort' would be ok too.



You don't have to cover every point, but I recommend that you do - it's the easiest way to structure your answer, and the bullet points give you ideas about what to say.

Again thank u so much mr.simon for ur reply!!!

Hi Manu,

I know what you feel, I just took the July 11 exam and I keep thinking have I answered what was asked ...I think based on your answer to the question, you were off track...i am not sure how examiners mark this, will they mark it at all? or will you only loose marks for not answering the question...i hope it plays on your side...best of luck..

a week before my exam i did a mock test...it helps a lot..

Dear Simon,

Thank you so much for your immediate reply!
I extremely want to improve my SPEAKING!
Did you have a set of methods about SPEAKING?

By the way, I took the 11th July test as well, in Sydney Australia! Your Writing technique indeed helped me a lot!

Hope I can get four 7s this time!

Thank you Simon!

Thanks buddy for answer.it is now depend upon my luck.can you give me reading and listening topics also.As I m really worried about my these 2 modules.

Dear Ava I also took the 11th July exam and can't wait results. I hope we will get that score which we need. In writting task 2 my topic was free-time acitivities for young people I taught it mean lessons after class :( Under pressure I couldn't understand meaning of "free-time activities"

I had the same question for the task 2

Governments focus too much on education, they should spend more money on free time activities. Do you agree or disagree?

I was under stressed and did not plan. So I believe I am off track and agonised by that.

Jing me too. I am so worried about my task 2 results and for my reading part. Task 2 questing was easy but under pressure I couldn't understand meanind of free-time activities I just wrote importance of education for young people and how they are stressed.

hi Simon,
I'm new on this website and already use tips from here. I intend to take my exam in December and I wanted to try a mock test to understand my real chances.
please advice if there are any other mock tests in near future or maybe you could recommend where it is possible to try in the UK
thank you in advance

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